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Chapter 28 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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After Frondier left.

For a long time, Daud silently gazed at the magic circle drawn by Frondier.

Sybil was standing by his side.

"...Dad, are you still looking at it?"


In response to Sybil's words, Daud pointed to a corner of the magic circle with his finger.

"It was Frondier. He started drawing the magic circle right there."

The location was at the edge of the square.

Frondier started drawing the magic circle there with a short dagger, creating its shape.

"And as I said, he drew an extremely large magic circle. Right here in this square."

"Yeah, it's impressive that he remembered a magic circle this big in such detail, isn't it?"

"That too. And one more thing."

"One more thing?"

Daud asked Sybil as if posing a problem.

"Sybil, if you were to draw a magic circle, where would you start? Assuming you were to replicate something this huge."

"......Um, from the center?"


"Exactly. That's the usual way. It's perfect for balancing the magic circle. But Frondier drew it from the edge. He drew the outside first, then filled in the inside. Why?"

"......Well, I don't know?"

Sybil shrugged, unable to grasp the idea at all.

Daud said,

"Frondier knew the exact scope and spacing of the magic circle. Almost completely covering this square with a magic circle without a single error. Do you realize how extraordinary that is?"

That's not simply memorization.

It goes beyond the memorization of the shapes and symbols of the magic circle, it's also the designing of the overall size of the magic circle, the spacing of each symbol, and their placement.

"I don't know if this can be called memorization. If you call this 'memorization', then what humans have done up until now is not even memorization."


Sybil exclaimed, her mouth open.

It was impressive enough to memorize the shapes of the magic circle, but to have the spacing and dimensions of all the parts in your head as well.

"Hmm, at first I brought a kid with no energy, but now I see something."

"What? Really?"

"He’s good enough to be chosen."

Sybil's face turned red in an instant.

"Stop saying that! How many times do I need to tell you that it's not like that!"

"Don't be so embarrassed. Even I’m starting to look at him in a new light. Although my mind hasn't completely changed. What am I supposed to do with those sleepy eyes..."

"Why do I understand everything else you say but not this?"


Whether it was good timing or bad, the doorbell of the front door rang.

“Hmm, a guest. I'll be right back.”

"No, I'll get it!"

Sybil stomped over, her voice still full of anger.

'Seriously, what am I supposed to do with my father's excitement!'

When she opened the door,

There was a man standing in front of the door that Sybil didn't know.

"Hello, Sybil Forte, is it right?"

"....... Oh, hello? Are you a guest of my father?"

"No, I came to find Sybil."


Sybil tilted her head as she looked at the man with a gentle smile.

The man's voice was gentle, and his face was like looking at a harmless herbivore.

"I apologize for the intrusion. This is my introduction."

The man pulled out a business card and handed it to Sybil.

Sybil checked the business card.

[Serf Daniel]

- Indus Member No. 9


Sybil quietly looked at the unfamiliar name.

"Yes. Have you heard the name before? We are Indus, created to oppose the aristocrats' sense of chosen people."

"...What business does Indus have with me?"

Upon Serf's words, Sybil recalled what the organization Indus was about.

In the world of Etius, where class exists, discrimination due to class is always a trailing issue.

While most people do not even recognize this discrimination as discrimination, Indus was made up of those who felt the injustice of discrimination practiced by nobles and royalty and raised their voices for improvement.

This organization was open to anyone, not just Constel students but also commoners. This man, Serf, in front of her, probably wasn't a Constel student either. He looked to be over thirty at face value.

To Sybil, her perception of Indus was neither good nor bad. It was true that she hadn't been very interested.

However, the influence of Indus was so significant that there was a saying, "An enemy of Indus is an enemy of the common people."

That's why Sybil, indifferent as she was, knew about such an organization.

But as a commoner herself, she considered the existence of such an organization not a bad thing.

"I'll be straightforward. Would you consider joining us at Indus?"


Therefore, she felt neither good nor bad about such an offer.

It was unexpected and somewhat surprising, but not an unpleasant feeling. She could join depending on her mood, or not.

Her thoughts changed with Serf's next words.

"You could join the 'revolution' now."

"A revolution?"

"Yes. A revolution to abolish all unfair discrimination and leave only complete fairness and equity."

Sybil's mind raced.

Somewhere, she felt uneasy.

He seems to be intentionally getting on her nerves, all the more so.

“…Specifically, what does ‘revolution’ entail?”

“You’ll find out naturally if you join us.”

What is this, a con artist pitch?

Something comes to mind when he says commoners.

Edwin von Behetorio’s golem incident. The incident where he assaulted numerous students using golems.

However, it was revealed that a majority of the students had systematically harassed Edwin. The motive was simply because he was a ‘fallen’ ‘noble.’ The name of that organization was ‘October.’

Surely, this place called Indus isn’t trying to do something similar?

“By any chance, is there something suspicious going on in Indus?”

“What do you mean by ‘suspicious?’”

“Eliminating discrimination and then targeting and harming a noble?”

Sybil was blunt.

Serf looked troubled. However, he was still smiling.

“We simply want to amplify the strength and voices of the commoners.”

“Are you or are you not doing it?”

In response to Sybil’s sharp inquiry, Serf’s smile grew wider.

“──That sort of method is also one way of doing it.”

“I will decline your invitation. It was a long way to come. Please go back.”

Sybil respectfully bowed her head as far as she could.

At that gesture, Serf let out a helpless sigh and turned around. Sybil silently watched his unhesitating footsteps.

Serf suddenly spoke while he was walking away.

“Oh, by the way, there is something I should tell you.”

As he spoke, his profile was in shadow, making his expression unclear.

“To borrow Miss Sybil’s words,”

However, he is still clearly smiling.

“Our next ‘target’ is Frondier de Roach.”

“…What did you say?”

“I’m just letting you know.”

With that, Serf left.

Sybil felt an indescribable discomfort crawling around the edges of her cheeks.

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