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Chapter 31 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

While Park Jung-won took away the 'Toothless Cat' who was causing a fuss.

"Thank you. Thanks to Sung-hyun, we avoided a big trouble."

Woo Kyung-soo said.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled faintly.

They avoided a big trouble.

That was the right expression.

Seo Yena was the most important artist in Team 2, which Woo Kyung-soo managed.

If she sang a plagiarized song, her image could have dropped in an instant.

Jo Sung-hyun prevented that situation.

It was natural for Woo Kyung-soo to be grateful.

"I'm also grateful to Chae-yoon. Really... she's pretty."

She moved her eyes and looked at Chae-yoon and said.

Chae-yoon was already a little known inside Pan Entertainment.

Yumi's album was released today, and even if that wasn't the case, Woo Kyung-soo was the team leader of Team 2.

There were many people who would tell her the news.

"Thank you."

Chae-yoon bowed her waist and thanked her.

Woo Kyung-soo smiled at that.

Jo Sung-hyun glanced at Yumi.

Yumi giggled and came one step closer to Jo Sung-hyun with an awkward smile.

"I'm sorry. Oppa. Chae-yoon said she knew the song, so I got a little excited and jumped out right away."

"No, it was a good timing. If it wasn't for Yumi, I would be at the police station right now."

Jo Sung-hyun said with a smile.

It was sincere.

If Yumi hadn't brought Chae-yoon out, Jo Sung-hyun wouldn't have been able to stand it, and he would have punched the 'Toothless Cat'.

'What was he thinking, talking about home education?'

He still can't understand.

He was worried that Chae-yoon might have been hurt, but seeing Chae-yoon still smiling, he felt a little less worried.

Yumi sighed softly and moved her eyes.

At the end of her eyes, Seo Yena's eyes met.

Yumi gasped and bowed her waist.

"Hello. Senior."

"Yeah. I came here watching your music video. It came out well."

"Thank you."

"The title song itself was well chosen. Wasn't the 'Toothless Cat' song originally talked about as a double title song?"

Seo Yena asked.

Yumi nodded her head without any thought and opened her mouth.

"Yes. But Sung-hyun oppa said that the song didn't suit me well, so we decided not to do it."



Yumi answered obediently, wondering why Seo Yena asked again.

"He must be good at his job. Seeing how he avoided the bomb."

"...Uh. He's good at his job."

Yumi hesitated and answered.

She was not insensitive.

If Seo Yena talked this much, it meant there was something.


"Huh, huh?"

Woo Kyung-soo, who was talking to Chae-yoon, raised his head at Seo Yena's sudden call.

"When did you say my manager was going to be found?"

"It'll be soon. There's no one suitable to do it."

"Is it okay if it's not our team?"


She said that and glanced at Jo Sung-hyun, and if he couldn't understand, Woo Kyung-soo wouldn't have been able to sit in the team leader's seat.

Woo Kyung-soo shook his head, thinking that the situation had become complicated.


"It's not that it's not possible, but shouldn't we see the situation and decide first?"

"What do you mean, see the situation and decide. I've been without a manager for a week already."

"That's because you..."

You threw coffee at your manager.

Woo Kyung-soo barely swallowed the words that came up to his throat.

Seo Yena was generally cranky.

And on the day when she exploded, it was really hard to handle unless it was a team leader level.

It was exactly a week ago.

Seo Yena had a point where she had to be cranky, and there was a mistake by the manager.

But the manager didn't expect to be slapped with coffee.

When something unexpected happened, the manager couldn't handle it and ran away.

Woo Kyung-soo felt a sigh coming out of him, seeing Seo Yena pretending not to know anything, even though she knew the situation better than anyone else.

"Anyway, not now, let's talk later."

Woo Kyung-soo looked at Jo Sung-hyun and said.

Jo Sung-hyun didn't bother to open his mouth or anything.

He thought Woo Kyung-soo would explain it well.

He felt like he needed caffeine after dealing with the 'Toothless Cat'.

He turned his head slightly and looked at his coffee in the conference room.


It must have cooled down.

He touched the caramel macchiato and, sure enough, the cup was cold.

"Ah, oppa. Chae-yoon said she wanted to drink coffee, so I talked her out of it."

Yumi's voice was heard.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled and nodded at her words, which sounded proud for some reason.

"Thank you."

He said that and took a sip of his coffee, and Seo Yena opened her mouth with a smile.

"What? The coffee must have cooled down. I'll buy you another coffee. Let's go."

He looked at her, who was smiling, and Jo Sung-hyun hesitated.

The Seo Yena he knew wouldn't show such a look.


Jo Sung-hyun made a strange expression, and the answer came from the side.

"Chae-yoon wants ice choco!"

Yumi waved her hand at Chae-yoon in panic, but Chae-yoon didn't understand the signal.

She just rubbed her head against Jo Sung-hyun's leg with a bright smile.

"Okay, our baby wants ice choco, and I can see that Yumi likes Americano. How about you?"

Seo Yena looked at Jo Sung-hyun and asked.


"Daddy likes caramel makkiki!"

Chae-yoon answered brightly.

Jo Sung-hyun laughed at Chae-yoon's words, even though he was confused by Seo Yena's sudden action.

How cute it was that she couldn't pronounce caramel macchiato and said caramel makkiki.

He smiled and picked up Chae-yoon.

"I'm fine with the cold one, but if you're going to buy me one, I won't refuse."

"Of course. When will you ever drink the coffee I buy you?"

Seo Yena said as if it was obvious.

Jo Sung-hyun gave an awkward laugh.

With that, he went down to the first floor with Seo Yena and checked the chart on his smartphone.


90th place.

It's on the chart.

Yumi was a rookie who was steadily expanding her recognition, and this was a pretty decent result.

There were two songs from Yumi's album in the top 100.

There would also be exposure from the music video, so maybe it could go up a bit more.

"I hope you can keep the charting status."

Jo Sung-hyun muttered.

Anyway, Yumi's album was, the future was the real thing.

As Yumi continued her activities with this album, her sound source performance gradually increased.

In the end, she was able to climb up to the middle-upper rank.

It means the song itself is good, and of course Jo Sung-hyun had no worries.

He just smiled.

Without imagining what would happen in the future.

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