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Chapter 31 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"The golem of Edwin that caused the loss of many members from the Constel’s group 'October' who were receiving support from our Indus. It was Frondier who destroyed it. At the time, it seemed like a minor issue and was overlooked, but looking back, it's clear that was also Frondier's doing. And even then,"

"…he was barehanded."

Such evidence makes it credible that Frondier is using aura.

But, the incompetent Frondier using aura, and barehanded at that.

"How could a human sloth like Frondier use aura?"

"He must have received divine power. It happens sometimes. Someone who catches the eye of a god by some chance or another occasion. Recently, I heard Frondier has been actively participating in classes? It's certain he received divine power."

…Indeed, is it aura received with the help of a god?

"If the opponent uses aura, it's dangerous even in numbers. Serf, it seems you've gathered mercenaries, but put Frondier in a disadvantageous situation on purpose. Create as much evidence as possible that Frondier killed or kidnapped a child. Killing comes later."

──Considering Gregory's report, when he blocked the arrow just now.

Frondier was barehanded.

It wasn't that he caught or swatted the arrow away with his hand. The arrow clearly broke and fell in mid-air.

It's aura received with the help of a god. He could easily block something like an arrow.


Frondier plunged back into the mansion. It must be true that there's an escape route inside.

If he crawls through the narrow escape route with a child, even without Serf doing anything, plenty of evidence will naturally accumulate.

It could even turn into a picture of Frondier kidnapping a child.

Serf's gaze turned towards the burning house.


Following Serf's command, all the mercenaries entered the house.

Clearing away the embers and smoke, he barely discovered there was an underground.

And the moment je descended underground, searching for the escape route.


One of Serf's eyebrows slightly quivered.

To anyone, it would appear as an escape route. No, it had been an escape route. But now, it was collapsed.

Stones had fallen from above, blocking it completely without any gaps.

It was collapsed from the inside after Frondier had entered.

Serf shouted.

"Go out and find it! Such escape routes can't be made long! They couldn't have gone far!"

* * *

"Huff......, huff......"

I was crawling towards the escape route, with a child on my back.

I used my outer garment to tie the child securely so he wouldn't fall.

After blocking an arrow, I grabbed the child and ran to the basement, entering the escape route and collapsing the entrance.

Before that, I laid the child beneath me and created a shield with my Obsidian above us.

Then, using my sword, I collapsed the entrance and blocked the falling stones with the shield.

The child had fainted, perhaps due to the shock of that moment.

...But that wasn't the only reason.

The events had been too overwhelming for the child's heart to endure.


When I blocked the arrow flying towards the child, I created a shield with weaving to block it.

It wasn't because my reaction speed was exceptional.

Self, that bastard sure knew how to shoot an arrow. If the child was hit by an arrow in front of me, it would be much easier to make me the culprit.

'Ugh, it's damn painful.'

When I broke the entrance, I wasn't unscathed either.

The shield didn't completely cover my body, and my head, arms, legs, etc., were hit by stones, causing severe pain.

Even the parts protected by the shield weren't damage-free.

Because of this, every time I crawled, the grazed areas throbbed and burned. Sweat, or perhaps blood, dripped down my body.

The escape route was longer and narrower than I thought.

...How much time had passed?

As I awkwardly crawled forward, anxiety crept in.

What if the enemy catches up to us?

What if they have a bomb? If they collapse this entire exit.

Or they might have already found this exit and could be waiting ahead.

My heart races. My breathing is rough.

Blood drips from the scratches all over me, indistinguishable in the mix with sweat.

But eventually,

"...We're outside."

The end of the escape route. Light leaks in from afar.

Even if enemies are lurking ahead, the only way for me is forward.

I grit my teeth.

Holding the necklace Black Lotus in my hand, searching for a suitable weapon in the workshop.

And when I reached out towards the exit.



My outstretched hand was grabbed, and I was forcefully pulled.

Damn it, had the enemy already arrived!

Just as I was about to exert strength in my hand holding Black Lotus.


Suddenly, I was embraced by someone.

I was dazed, my vision momentarily whitened.

But, the scent.

A familiar fragrance I had smelled before.

That time.

After defeating the Slevb in the dungeon.


The scent from when I carried her.

"You’ve arrived safely."

Sybil smiled at me.

I couldn’t comprehend.

"How did you get here?"

I asked, and Sybil glanced back.

Someone was standing behind her, in front of me.


There stood Elodie de Inies Rishae, looking at me with a complex expression.

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