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Chapter 33 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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It seems like the limit really has come.

Sybil's arms trembled.

But I didn't have the energy to even lift a finger. I was struggling just to stay standing.

"It's alright."

But I reassured her.

I had a plan.

A plan based on guesswork, and I wasn't sure if my body could handle it.

But it was a shot worth taking.

Serf still hadn't noticed.

Checkmate was right in front of me.

Serf had only been giving simple orders since he got here. All he'd said to me so far was to kill myself.

That meant he couldn't give Sybil specific orders.

At best, he could tell her to kill a certain person or stab a certain person. That was the limit.


I called out Serf's name somewhere in the distance.

"Do you really want to kill me? My family, the Roach, won't stand for it."

"Hah. I don't care. I'm not a noble or a commoner. I don't belong anywhere. The nobles can't touch me. I'll just hide in the shadows until the 'revolution' comes."


'Alright, Serf.'

I'll do what you want.


Weaving the Void

Grade - Divine

Khryselakatos, Iokeira

I spread the Weaving without moving a finger.

Khryselakatos and Iokeira. They were each Artemis's bow and arrow.

The two of them were created without my hands.


To my surprise, they appeared right in front of Sybil. Right in front of Sybil, who was still quite a distance from me.

I could see them clearly in Sybil's eyes, even without using Obsidian.

This was the power of Menosorpo.

It allowed the caster to manifest their spells anywhere within the range of the rune.

Even if I couldn't lift my hands.

Even if I couldn't move a single step.

The weapons I created with my Weaving were born far away from me.

"W-what is this?"

Sybil was flustered by the bow and arrow that suddenly appeared in front of her.

"Take it."

I said.

Sybil spoke, sounding exasperated.

"I-I can't move, remember!?"

"Take it and shoot me."

Upon hearing my words, Sybil's expression froze. She looked at me as if I was speaking madness.

Indeed, to others, it certainly sounds like madness.

"Ha ha ha ha! Frondier, you've lost your mind! Sybil! Do as Frondier wishes!"

Serf's voice could be heard.

Serf's command is 'kill me.'

Which means, shooting that arrow at me is something Sybil could do.

"Fr, Frondier?"

"Trust me."

"Tr, trust you? I don't want to kill you!"

Sybil vehemently shook her head.

I smiled.

It's okay. It really is okay.



"What is fate to you?"

"Uh, what?"

Sybil, who receives the love of fate.

She knows it too.

All the situations aligning as she desires. Everything that doesn't hurt her.

"You are receiving the love of fate."

"…Even if that's the case! My fate only protects me. It doesn't care about anyone else! I can't trust it. I mean, it will hurt you!"

Honestly, I am surprised to see Sybil like this. I thought of her only as an annoying villain.

But she still doesn't know.

What kind of existence she is.

"Sybil, like it or not, fate is on your side."

"But, but for others."

"I told you. It's on your side."


To Sybil, who still finds it hard to believe, I said.

"Sybil. Don't be dragged around by fate. It's already beneath your feet."

"Beneath my feet?"

Sybil is not a character swayed by good fortune.

If she were such an easy villain, she wouldn't have been so infamous among the Etius gamers.

Fate is not above her.

It might seem like fate is giving her what she wants and looking down upon her from above because Sybil loves it.

But as I said.

Fate is always there, presenting itself for her.

It's not that Sybil is following a good fate.

Fate adores Sybil.

"Sybil, what situation do you want?"

"…Together, all of us, to leave this place unharmed."

"Yes. That's what will happen."

Sybil bit her lip hard.

Holding the bow and arrow set before her, she pulled it taut, aiming at me.

"Really, is it okay?"

"Of course."

"You, you, if you lied, you're really going to die by my hand!"

Unfortunately, I can't grant that wish.

If it's a lie, I will be shot with an arrow and die here.


As if she couldn't bear to watch, Sybil closed her eyes tight and released the bowstring.

The arrow flew straight toward me.


Whether Sybil is receiving the love of fate or not.

I don't believe in fate.


• Grade: Divine

• Description: A bow made by the god of blacksmiths, Hephaestus, and given to Artemis

Ability Details >

- Women Only: Due to a request by Artemis, only women can draw the bowstring.

- Sure Hit: The arrow always hits the target aimed by the user.

Because of such a bow.

The arrow, which had flown directly at me, took an impossible trajectory, missing me by a whisker, and


It flew into the forest, making a short sound.

Silencing the forest air in an eerily quiet manner.

And with that.

I slowly, tilted.


Sybil rushed over and caught me.

Her movements seemed freed.

Serf had been hit by the arrow.

It's the second time today.

Being embraced by Sybil.

'This way, I'm the one in debt…'

My consciousness didn’t last long.

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