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Chapter 38 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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“Data on the Golems?”

“Yes. Do you happen to have any left?”

The next day, I sought out teacher Binkis after school.

Binkis, the original owner of the golem that Edwin had used.

She looked at me and hmm'd, tilting her head.

"Sure, it's still here, but what will you use it for?"

"Could I possibly record something like a technical demonstration?"

"Record? Oh, you have a WizardGram, don’t you?"

...How did she know.

Was WizardGram originally a famous item?

I've never heard or seen it in the game.

"Then there’s no need to record. I'll send you the data. You can view it through the WizardGram."

Oh, how convenient.

I took out my WizardGram.

"Wow, you've got a good one."


"Look at the mark on the bottom. There's only one magical product company that uses the 'Eagle' mark. And that company boasts the highest quality in all its magical products."

Just as Binkis said, there was an eagle emblem engraved on the bottom of the WizardGram.

Indeed, this eagle was the emblem of 'Hitchcock.'

I might not have known about WizardGram, but I know the company Hitchcock.

"So? What technique do you want to see?"

"The Falling Edge."

"You, my boy, have big dreams, don’t you?"

Binkis said, laughing as she transferred the data.

Good, now I can view it on the WizardGram anytime.

Just like Azier said, my body isn’t ready yet, so I shouldn’t try to imitate it recklessly; for now, just watching is enough.

Learning by sight comes first.

"Thank you, teacher."

"Sure, it's nothing. But, hey, Frondier."


"How long is she going to stay like that?"

At Binkis’s words, I turned around.

Behind me, Aten was standing as still as ice.

Today, as always, Aten had accompanied me.

And I diligently ran away.

It was almost useless, though.

Aten should be sticking with Aster, not me.

Why she's following me around like a puppy when she's such a crucial part of Aster's strategy is beyond me.

And when I try to introduce her to Aster, She turns into that icy character from the games and can't seem to communicate properly.

So, to the passing students, our relationship must seem quite odd.

The empire's princess is tailing the worst of reputations, after all.

The rumor spread like wildfire in just one day.

When Aten was singled out, she blinked her large eyes several times before opening her mouth.

"──Ah, me?"

"Good, you're alive. You were so quiet I thought you were a statue."

Teacher Binkis jested.

"I've heard the rumors are rampant lately? That the empire's princess is doggedly following Frondier? What's this, what's this? Frondier, did you charm the princess in just one day?"

"Not at all. I don't know why either."

I naturally answered that way, but Aten looked thoughtful, her gaze drifting upwards.

And then she said something terrifying.

"Charmed... if possible, I'd like that to happen."

"......What, what did you say?"

This time, even Teacher Binkis was taken aback.

"If possible, I'd like Mr. Frondier to have charmed by me,"

"Teacher! Thank you for the data! We'll be going now!"

I dragged Aten out with me.

Ignoring the stunned face of Binkis as we left.

"Frondier, where are you going?"

"To the library, to the library!"


"Why, you ask? Midterms are coming up. Are you okay?"

Honestly, I'm more worried about Aten than myself.

With exams around the corner, she suddenly transferred schools.

Aten said, gracefully placing her hand on her collarbone.

"It's fine. Wealth isn't based on grades."

"You mean it's not fine at all?"

And don't make dangerous remarks.

It sounds like you're going to bribe the examiner with money.

‘Aten acts like this, but she's actually a hard worker when it comes to studying.’

With an intellectual air as cold as her appearance, Aten is actually quite average in terms of intelligence.

Originally, when she first transferred here, she barely passed the midterms because she was so busy fighting with Aster.

She couldn't even study because she was chasing after me.

She doesn't even seem interested.

"Ah, damn it."

Why do I have to do this?

"Follow me. I'll teach you to study."

If Aten's grades drop, I'm in trouble.

If she fails the written part of the midterms, she'll have to retake the written exam after the practical exam.

There's an event during that retake period, and Aten is essential for it.

Aten's eyes widened briefly in surprise at my words.

Then she said.

"I was following you anyway."

"I know!"

"And the idea of Frondier-ssi teaching me is hard to imagine."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I apologize. I'll rephrase that. I don't have much faith in it."

"Haven't you ever heard that you're too honest and hurtful?"


At my words, Aten made the most surprised expression I had ever seen.

"How did you...!"


I'm starting to get annoyed with this kid.

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