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Chapter 42 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Dragon Heart (3)

This was troubling.

It wasn't just about preventing the score from being divided, it was also because I didn't plan on teaming up in the first place.

Ideally, I wanted to try using Weaving.

Of course, I can't use it recklessly with the drones flying around, but it'd be better than being pushed to the lower ranks.

Because I can't afford to be in an unfavorable position.

If I do it right, I might even be able to destroy the drones discreetly.

Since the drones are broadcasting their activities, the students aren't keeping an eye on them, so they're not indestructible.

However, if Aten is with me, all those thoughts will come to naught.

Well, since Aten is much more skilled, I might just get through this.

"I'll be counting on you, Mr. Frondier."

"Yup. I'll be counting on you too."

As I replied, I quickly scanned the forest.

Hmm, this field.

Seeing it with my real eyes, it feels both refreshing and welcoming.

"First, let's set up a base camp."

"A base camp? The practical exam isn't that long, you know?"

"It's not a real camp, of course, but we need a place to keep the evidence of defeating the monsters."

"I see."

I began searching the area with Aten, who nodded obediently.

...... I've noticed this recently.

My body seems to instinctively crave laziness.

I've only walked a few steps, but I already feel sleepy and tired.

I guess it's a habit my body has formed over the past ten years.

Without me noticing, the energy drains from my eyes and my expression grows gloomy.

But I have to do what I have to do.

I pick a few plants as I walk.

Aten, who saw this, asked,

"What are you doing?"

"Gathering herbs."

"What kind of herbs are they?"

"Medicinal herbs. They help heal wounds."

They're not particularly effective, but they're easy to make and can be used right away.

There's no point in looking for rare herbs in a place like this where there's no medicine-making facility.

"Mr. Frondier, have you studied herbology?"

Aten asked with a surprised look.

Studying herbalism can help interpret plants.

Initially, you might only tell if something is poisonous or not, but later on, you can even grasp specific effects.

Of course, I shook my head.

"I just, already know."


Aten's purely admiring gaze feels burdensome.

It's not a lie. I've seen it countless times in the game.

It might actually be the most honest thing I've said since coming to this world.

While walking, we dig up useful plants and look around for a place to camp.

I also pick any edible fruits.

When Aten asked 'how do you know if it's edible or not,' I simply said, 'I just know.'

It seems there's an added sparkle in Aten's eyes looking at me.

"…I guess rumors can't be trusted after all."

Aten suddenly said that.

Looking back, Aten smiled sheepishly.

"I've heard some bad things about you."

"Is that so."

According to the rumors, I was supposed to be just baggage.

Doing nothing but aimlessly following around, too lazy to do anything and always looking for a chance to nap.

That's the character they must have imagined.

"But it seems rumors are just rumors. You might look sleepy, but..."

"It's not that I look sleepy; I am sleepy."

"Is that so?"

Yawning even as I speak.

My eyes are already half-closed.

Still, keeping my eyes half-closed seems to somewhat relieve the sleepiness.

...Though it's mostly just a feeling.

"So, about our base camp, wouldn't a cave be better?"

Aten asked.

I shook my head.

"No, it's too dangerous."

"Are the monsters in the cave that strong?"

"It's not the monsters that are the problem, it's the people."


Aten tilted her head in confusion.

I looked into her eyes.

Her eyes held an expression of pure ignorance.

‘Is she really a princess?’

"You heard during the explanation. The monster materials need to be brought to the teacher at the end of the extermination time."

"Why is that?"

"Why do you think? If you obtain monster materials, you can just settle it right there."

"This field belongs to Constel."

There's already one filming drone flying around us.

It's checking everywhere for the students' safety, so settling the monster materials should be simple.

But that's not what happened.


Aten seemed to understand and made a sound.

She said,

"Does that mean the materials could be stolen by another group?"

"Right. That's why the cave is dangerous. It's too conspicuous, and there's hardly a place to hide the materials. If we get high-scoring materials, we should keep them on us, but the miscellaneous ones need to be hidden somewhere."

For the same reason, the places to hide the proof of extermination shouldn't be too obvious either.

Rather than plains or grasslands, inside a forest. A place with lots of grass and branches.

It's okay for the camp's location to be exposed.

It would be better if it could be hidden, but one must be prepared for it to be discovered.

The important thing is the monster materials, not the camp.

There's no better place to hide them than a forest.

When hiding something, it's more efficient to choose a place that's naturally disorderly and complex, rather than tidying up the surroundings to make it not noticeable.

"Professor Alex gave a long speech before we started."

-When facing danger, you cannot always guarantee to have strong and reliable comrades by your side.

"That meant it's important to work well with anyone, but to put it more simply, it means there are hardly any trustworthy people in society."

The purpose of this practical test is to give a pre-experience of what society is like for a combatant.

The first-year students at Constel had their fair share of combat training, despite their youth.

But becoming a Pro demanded much more.

That was the aim of this training.

"This isn't a punitive expedition. It's a contest."

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