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Chapter 43 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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I couldn't say anything in return.

Normally, I would've at least said something sarcastic, but my lips wouldn't move, not even a twitch.

It seemed like my appearance piqued Renzo's interest.

"……You know me?"

At Renzo's words, Aten glanced at me with the corner of her eye.

"Do you know this person?"

"I don't have time to explain. He's an enemy. We wouldn't stand a chance against him, no matter what we do."

"……I can tell that much just by looking at him."

Even during that short conversation, Renzo slowly approached us, and we retreated just as slowly.

"What do you want with us?"

I forced myself to speak.

I needed time to think.

A chance to escape.

I didn't know if such a chance existed, but it would be better than doing nothing.

"Oh, I'm not interested in you. I'm after the princess next to you."

"Did you make the students disappear too?"

"Yeah. I laid down a barrier. A barrier that prevents approach. It naturally redirects people in another direction. They won't even realize it's happening."

A barrier that prevents approach.

Somehow, you don't feel like going there, it doesn't feel right over there; it creates a place that you 'unintentionally' don't want to go to, with seemingly little thought.

It might not be as effective in the city center, but in an open field like this, the barrier would be quite effective.

"Why? What do you intend to do with the princess?"

"I don't know. I'm just doing a job for money."

"……You were paid enough money to kidnap a princess?"

"I'm not sure? I just took a decent amount of money for it."


The man lowered the sword he had been carrying on his shoulder.

The vibration felt even from this distance made its weight palpable.

"Money doesn't really matter to me anyway. I did it because it seemed fun."

Yes, that's the kind of man he is.

It's a phrase often used for troublemakers, implying they cause problems wherever they go.

What if an unmatched powerful figure went around doing such things?

Such an absurd joke is personified in Renzo.

Renzo has no beliefs, dreams, or goals.

He does things because they seem fun to him.

With a mindset akin to that of children, he wields his absurd power.

That's why he's a villain.

He knows what he's doing is evil, but he doesn't care, making him the closest to true evil.

"Kid, so you're not my concern. I just need to take that woman next to you. Well, I heard it wouldn't matter if she ends up dead, depending on the situation."

"Is that 'fun' for you?"

"No. What happens afterward is what's fun. Kidnapping the princess, or maybe killing her. The fun part will follow no matter what."

Damn it.

All the teachers at Constel, the entire Royal Knights, are coming to kill this man, and he thinks that's just fun?

"Do you think I'll just quietly follow you?"

Aten said with displeasure.

At that, Renzo blinked a few times.

"Well, is that so?"

He said.

Aten's eyes flared coldly.

Cooling the surrounding temperature, her white hair shone brightly.

Aten extended her hand.

Ice Magic 3rd Form

Instant, Range, Amplification

Glacier Mist

The magic unfolded right where Renzo was.

Glacial Mist, instantly lowering the surrounding temperature and freezing the target.

With that magic unleashed all at once with a triple-cast, Renzo was instantly frozen solid.

"Frondier-shi! Take this chance to escape!"

Aten hurriedly called out to me.


But it was less than a moment before he was defrosted.

Renzo moved so naturally,

As if he had never been hit by magic.

He shook off the ice crystals clinging to his clothes and said,

"As expected."

His incredibly nonchalant face,

To the observer, is simply terrifying.


Aten stretched out her hand again and gathered her mana.

I put my hand on her shoulder.


"What is it?"

"You're the one who should escape."

I lightly pulled Aten and stepped forward.

Hoo, I took a deep breath, almost a sigh.

In this practical exam, I've never had such a ridiculous event even once.

Is it because Aten is with me, or because Philly is moving more aggressively than in the game?

I don't know what kind of butterfly effect is happening,

But this just proves how ridiculously broken Etius is.

"Run away when you get the chance."

Aten must not die here.

She does a great job as an elemental mage, but she has a more important role to play.

She has yet to realize her talent, but Aten is an incredibly capable healer.

Right now, she doesn't even know the basics of healing magic, but someday she'll figure it out.

So, if Aten dies, it's game over for us eventually.

That said, it would still be a surefire way to lose if I died.

'My chance of defeating Renzo.'

That's absurd.

It's not even worth thinking about.

'The chance of Aten's escape succeeding.'

Extremely low.

I told Aten to run away, but I didn't expect it to work.

Renzo is relaxed right now. Not slow.

Even if I were to give her a big opening and let her escape, the moment he decides to, he would be able to catch up to her in an instant.

'The possibility of reinforcements arriving.'

...That's all I can count on.

No matter how much the main screen currently focuses on the central area where the boss is being fought, it would be strange if Aten didn't show up at all.

Even Renzo knows that, but I doubt he's thinking about it that deeply.

From Renzo's perspective, it doesn't really matter whether the princess is kidnapped or not.

After all, his goal is just 'entertainment.'

So, here I am, just buying as much time as I can.

While Menosorpo is still activated.

Taking a deep breath,

I reached up to the black lotus hanging from my neck.

And with all my strength, I crushed the black lotus.

Weaving, Obsidian

Rank - Divine


Artemis's arrow.

I drew an arrow in the air and aimed it at Renzo.

The bow 'Khryselakatos' is still 'female-only', so I still can't use it.

The only way I can use it is as a temporary measure, by borrowing the power of Menosorpo.


Even in a situation where a Divine-ranked arrow is aimed at him, Renzo only throws me a dry compliment.

I said.

"Falling Rain."


• Rank: Divine

• Description: An arrow crafted by the god of blacksmiths, Hephaestus, and given to Artemis. It forms a pair with Khryselakatos.

Ability Details >

- Rakuu (Falling Rain): It shall rain

With those words.

The arrow instantly multiplied countless times, filling the area around me.


At those words, the arrows truly became rain.

And poured down on Renzo.

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  3. "He knows what he's doing is evil, but he doesn't care, making him the closest to true evil."

    I believe that those not self aware are closer to true evil, they embody hypocrisy meanwhile the self aware ain't gonna sugar coat it.

    1. If they aren't self-aware that what they are doing is evil, isn't that more of a case of blue and orange morality? Like lovecraftian gods who "kills" humans for seemingly no reasons, or who operates with different rules of thinking. Like would an animal who kills or grapes be evil?