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Chapter 45 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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“Your attack patterns are too simple!”

Renzo shouted.

The movements he was using to dodge Mjölnir seemed to become smoother, as if to prove his point.

Of course they would. I was just directing Mjölnir to head toward wherever Renzo was.

It was a bothersome guided missile, but even Renzo wouldn’t be able to dodge it forever.

I was almost dead after taking one punch from Renzo.

I would die no matter how or where the next attack hit me.

I had already reached the point where death was just a hair’s breadth away.

“Now it’s my turn.”

Renzo growled.

Mjölnir flew toward me and was caught by my right hand.

I put strength into the hand that was gripping Mjölnir.

If he dodged this attack from me, it would be Renzo’s turn next. I definitely wouldn’t be able to dodge or block it.

That’s why this attack absolutely had to hit.

Our eyes met. His gaze was fearless, as if he was daring me to try and hit him.

I swung Mjölnir horizontally. Seeing that, Renzo bent his body down.

In theory, there was no way that attack would hit him.

Renzo’s smile deepened.

──Mjölnir thrown repeatedly from afar.

As though I didn’t want to engage in close combat.

That Mjölnir was the only weapon I wielded.

As though I didn’t have the capacity to use any other weapons.

I desperately hoped and wished that Renzo would believe that.

Void Weaving

Rank - Legendary


[T/N: Weaving in the air without Obsidian is Void Weaving ]

With my original mana, Gram can be sustained for about 5 seconds.

I swallowed the Dragon Heart, but most of its power was invested into Mjölnir.

With the tiny bit of mana I had left, I wove Gram for exactly 0.5 seconds.

My Mjölnir, swung horizontally, had never been aimed at Renzo in the first place.

Try to avoid it, Renzo.

It is a blade that can never be avoided.


Mjölnir passed by Renzo, who was bent over, and struck the handle of Gram, which was formed in the air.

Gram spun once in the air.


After cutting off Renzo's right arm, it disappeared.

Just as I said before.

There's no way a human body could withstand Gram.


Renzo blankly looked at his empty right side.


I said.

"There's no need for the likes of you to feel recognition."

* * *

'What the….'

Aten couldn't believe the situation unfolding before her eyes.

Frondier had cut off Renzo's right arm.

Even Aten, who was an outsider, couldn't understand how that was even possible.

Frondier had swung at the air, and Renzo's arm had been cut off.

That was the only way it looked.


But that didn't matter.

She didn't know who Renzo was, but she fully recognized the overwhelming power he possessed.

Definitely one of the strongest on this entire continent. Frondier had cut off the arm of such a person.

The 'Human Sloth, Frondier' of Constel.


Renzo turned his eyes from his right arm to Frondier.

His arrogance and irritation were gone, replaced by a flame of hatred.

“Can't you see my left arm is missing!?”

Shouting this, Renzo charged at Frondier.


Aten shouted.

Frondier could neither dodge nor block Renzo's attack.

And if she were to be hit by the next attack, Frondier would definitely-

Aten stretched out her hand, but it was definitely too late.

……But even faster than that.

Evans family's martial arts

Ellen Evans' unique sword technique

One Strike.

Something flew faster than that.

A figure clad in blue aura flew from behind Frondier.

The black sword in her hand was enveloped in a blue aura.

Her entire body formed a straight line, as if it were a single frame from a paused scene.

The strike that flew through the air didn't even form a parabola, but shot straight towards Renzo in a clean, straight line.


Swish, the sound of the wind grazed Renzo's neck.

Renzo barely dodged and backed away.

One woman stood in front of Renzo, as if protecting Frondier.


A calm voice.

From between her fluttering, long brown hair.

Gentle eyes looked at Frondier.

“Are you okay?”

It was Ellen.

Frondier turned her dazed eyes to her.

“……I've been waiting for backup, but.”

“You didn't think it would be me?”


Frondier smiled wryly, his face covered in blood and sweat.

Ellen caught a glimpse of him.

"What are you?"

Renzo directed his feverishly intense gaze towards Ellen.

"Do you wish to die alongside me?"

Even though Renzo had lost an arm, Ellen found him a formidable opponent.


"Hey, stray dog."

Another voice flew towards them.

A man, looking so ordinary as if he could be found anywhere, walked up casually.

Seeing him, Renzo's eyes widened.

"...Eden Hamelot."

"I wondered where you were scavenging trash from this time."

Edan's cold gaze pierced through Renzo.

"You're still not dead, I see."

"Cut the crap."

Their eyes shot at each other.

As if merely their gaze could wound, they were fierce and sharp.

"You won't be able to run away this time."

"You think you can catch me? Have you ever succeeded?"

"That's why, this time, I'm not alone."

As if Eden's words were a signal,

People began to appear from all around Renzo.

A legion of steel, with silver armor, spears, and swords lined up side by side.

The Terst Royal Knights.

And leading them, a woman.

It was Philly Terst.

Philly had led all her escort knights to this place.


Philly directed a bewildered gaze towards Frondier.

Philly didn't know much about Frondier.

From a few conversations, she thought he was quite intelligent.

But even without knowing much, there was one fact she knew.

It was impossible for a student of Constel to cut off Renzo's arm. It was an event that would not happen even if the heavens and the earth turned upside down.


"Renzo, there's no escape now."

Eden's words were true. A look of defeat spread across Renzo's face.

After confirming this, Eden walked towards Frondier.

Eden bowed deeply in front of Frondier.

"...First, I apologize. And then, endless thanks. What you've achieved today is unprecedented within the empire,"

Eden's words were cut off. Nothing had happened to him.


The body of the person he was speaking to tilted.

The first to rush forward was Aten.

She alone knew the condition of Frondier's body.

It wasn't just exhaustion.

Not collapsing due to being unable to withstand the fatigue.

Like a doll whose string had been cut, Frondier just tilted.

As if all the flame of life had been spent.


As his body fell,

It was as if,


A sound was made.


Aten Terst.

It was a huge shout that she had never made before.

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