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Chapter 53 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Unable to watch any longer, Aster spoke up.

Aten next to me just makes a dumbfounded expression.

Robald raises his head at the voice calling him.

He smiles broadly in relief after confirming it's Aster.

"Oh, Aster, what's up?"

"What's up with you? No, what did you do?"

Robald sheepishly scratches his head at Aster's words.

"Well, hahaha. I failed and I'm supposed to take a make-up exam, but it's so boring, you know. I'm in the middle of escaping."

Robald says this with a carefree and refreshing smile.

His face is so radiant that you forget he's committing a crime.

"Robald, Her Highness is here."


Robald notices Aten next to me.

One of the reasons why I brought Aten.

Because she can easily stop Robald from escaping.

At this point in the game, the player has probably become good friends with Aten.

Aster and Aten are both hard workers, so the fact that they go to the training room together is actually a good excuse to trigger this event.

Of course, this sudden quest has nothing to do with Frondier.

It's an event for Robald and Aster to establish their relationship.

If handled well, they become rivals, and if not, they become enemies. So, it's quite dangerous for a sudden quest.

But with Aten, I can get through this event safely.

In the worst case, Robald and Aster's relationship could deteriorate further, so this lessens that risk.

"……Tsk, I see. No matter the country, being rude to Her Highness is,"

Sighing as he thinks about this, Robald says,

"──Sometimes you just have to do it!!"

And charges at me.



Workshop No. 17

Grade - Common

Wooden Staff

I swung the weaving I took out from the workshop as best as I could.

It's the longest reach among the melee weapons I have.

And then,


Clean hit.

A blow landed precisely on Robald's temple.


Robald fell down.

[Sudden Quest Success]

- You have successfully stopped Robald.

And the quest notification ringing without any consideration.

Yeah, I know I stopped him.

‘Shouldn't it have turned out like this?’

Sure enough, Aster and Aten were staring at me with wide eyes.

Normally, if Aten is there, Robald obediently listens and gives up on escaping, but I don't know why it turned out like this.

‘Is it because of me.’

I don't know what kind of wind the existence of Frondier has blown to Robald, but it seems he had some strange thoughts.

The plan went a bit awry, but since I stopped him, it's done.

...It should be done.

* * *

We brought Robald to the infirmary.

After exchanging awkward greetings with Malia, we laid Robald down, and a little later, a teacher came to the infirmary.

The teacher frowned as soon as he saw my face.

It was Alex.

Alex, famous for siding with the common people in Constel.

To him, Frondier would be the most disliked type.

"......Good job, Aster. And Aten."

Alex turned his gaze to me and thanked Aster and Aten.

"Master, it was Frondier who stopped Robald."

Aten showed a displeased expression.

"......I see."

Could it be that he didn't expect them to take my side? Alex seemed a bit flustered.



Robald woke up.

Even his awakening was noisy. We paused our conversation and looked over at Robald.

According to Malia, he was only suffering from a mild concussion, so we expected him to wake up soon.

And so, Robald blankly scanned his surroundings until he spotted me.



Then, silence followed.

Upon seeing me, a flash of anger crossed his face, then confusion, as if he was etching a question mark in his mind, followed by a look of deep contemplation in Robald's eyes.

He soon asked me.

“You're Frondier, aren't you?”

He knew me, as I thought.

“Yes. Frondier de Roach.”

“……I'm Robald Lieff.”

And he extended his hand to me.

What an odd conversation this was.

Nevertheless, we shook hands.

Robald wore a provocative smile.

“I'll return the favor of this humiliation next time.”

“Sure. Prepare something new for next time.”

At my provocation, Robald let out a sigh but his smile remained.

Robald, after all, likes strong people.

From his perspective, being knocked unconscious by my strike seemed to actually raise his opinion of me.

Though it was unintentional.

“Robald, why did you suddenly threaten Frondier?”

“Well, no, I heard rumors that Frondier has been accompanying the princess.”


It's true we've been acting together recently, but saying it like that makes it sound bad.

“Like you've got something on the princess.”


“So, I thought if I gave this guy a beating, maybe the princess would think better of me.”

At Robald's brazen statement, Aster sighed and asked.

“……And while she's at it, she'd overlook your fleeing act?”

"Ha! It's like killing two birds with one stone, a very logical decision indeed! Hahaha!"

...Logical, but foolish.


Alex called out to Robald.

His sharp, piercing gaze was just an added bonus.

"From breaking a window to attempting escape, I can't just let this slide this time."

"Ugh. I'm sorry, sir."

"I'll be contacting your parents."

At Alex's words, Robald's face turned pale instantly.

"Please, anything but that!"

"Take this chance to reflect on your reckless behavior around the school."

With that, Alex turned his back.

Just as he was about to leave, he gave me a brief glance.

"…Frondier, you'll receive a proper reward from Constel. Well done."

Without a hint of praise in his expression, Alex left the infirmary.

I watched his back for a moment.

"I need to use the restroom."

I got up.

I gently pressed down on Aten's shoulder as she tried to stand up and follow me.

"Why are you trying to follow me if I'm just going to the restroom? Take this chance to get closer to those two."

Specifically, with Aster.

Aten made an openly displeased face but soon sat back down.

Following me to the restroom must have seemed ridiculous to her too.

Especially since the training room is in the opposite direction of the restroom.

If Aten talks to Aster, she'll eventually see Aster's true character.

Meeting like this often might even undo the spell Philly has cast.

──And meanwhile, I must carry out the most important purpose of my visit to Constel today.

I handed Malia, who was sitting in the infirmary, a note.

The message on the note was brief.

'I'll start now.'


I'm going to catch the rat inside Constel.

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