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Chapter 54 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Yes, that's the problem.

Me, who interfered with Renzo, being on Elysia's side doesn't make sense.

This is where it gets important.

Alex just referred to me as 'the one who interfered with Renzo's plan.'

If he knew I had cut off Renzo's arm, he wouldn't express it like that.

In other words, Alex currently believes the false information I sent to Constel.

This is Alex's vulnerability.

During the midterm practical exam, Renzo switched all surrounding drones with fakes to avoid getting caught for kidnapping Aten.

Because of that, no one in Constel witnessed Renzo's crime.

Yes, no one.

Not even Alex and Elysia, who are on Renzo's side, saw the situation at that time.

"That's not true."

"What, what did you say?"

"Lady Elysia had been planning to kidnap Aten from the moment she confirmed that I was acting with Aten. But she wanted a more certain method. That's why she also pulled me to her side. To minimize the possibility of anything going wrong."

"But, the plan failed."

"Yes. Even so, it failed. It was discovered by Pro Eden Hamelot. Why do you think that happened?"

"Why, you ask..."

The look of confusion on Alex's face is quite amusing.

Alex rolled his eyes at my words, then suddenly opened them wide as if he had realized something.

Finally, Alex reached it.

The false truth I had concocted.

"Could it be... No. That can't be. Lady Elysia wouldn't..."


I fell silent for a moment.

Knowing that silence would make the bluff more effective.

And then, I slowly began to speak.

"Lady Elysia is suspicious of you."

"That can't be! You're lying!"

"The only possibility that could ruin this fail-proof plan was you. You, who knew all of Lady Elysia's plans in advance."

"That goes for you as well!"

"Everyone knew I was acting with Aten. Moreover, I was the one who informed others about Renzo's intrusion without being caught by Renzo himself. Do you think that's possible?"

What an irony.

This lie was originally a clumsy attempt to hide the fact that I had cut off Renzo's arm.

Now, I'm using that 'clumsiness' to pressure Alex.

"…It's not me. Lady Elysia will understand once she hears my story."

"Lady Elysia said she needs clear evidence."

"What evidence are you talking about?"

"Mr. Alex, are you really Mr. Alex?"


At Alex's question, I narrowed my eyes.

"Lady Elysia suspects that you were 'replaced' at some point."

"Replaced, you say..."

"Are you truly Mr. Alex?"

The world of Etius is one where both magic and science exist at a high level.

Changing faces and bodies to impersonate someone else. It's not easy, but it's certainly possible.

Meaning, Alex has been 'switched' by someone else without Elysia's knowledge.

The real Alex is either trapped somewhere or dead, and the current Alex is a third party unknown to Elysia.

...That's the fake scenario I've created.

"Nonsense! I am Alex!"

"If that's the case, then you must be aware of the plan."

Of course, I know all of Elysia's plans.

The problem is that the reason is 'because I played it in a game.'

For such a reason, no one within Constel can be persuaded.

Therefore, the one who must convince the teachers of Constel is not me, but Alex.

──Speak, Alex.

Choose the path that eases you.

I'll create a cradle-like grave for you.

Alex clenched his jaw as if biting his teeth.

He spat out passionately.

“Of course! It's a ‘raid’!”

“What kind of raid?”

“To lure in monsters to attack Constel!”

“What do you mean?”

“To spread ‘Rafflesia’, a large-scale rune, around Constel and attract monsters to Constel!”


“To eliminate Aten Terst and Roderick Terst!”

After Alex’ loud exclamation, there was a brief silence.

I finally dragged it out.

Elysia's ‘raid plan’.

As Alex himself had said, Elysia intended to use Alex to set up a rune that would summon monsters to Constel.

Once the rune is activated, the monsters will attack Constel indiscriminately, putting all the students inside Constel in danger, including Aten.

And Elysia knew that if Aten was in danger, Roderick would come to her rescue.

She planned to kill both of them in one fell swoop by crushing them with a wave of monsters.

That's it.

The quest alarm that had previously appeared on my smartwatch.

The plan Elysia had come up with was the main quest, ‘Raid’.

No matter how desperate I was, the reason Alex could reveal the plan so freely was because he was confident in his soundproofing magic.

That was Alex’ final mistake.

I glared at Alex for a moment.

The final stage of acting.

I smiled with relief and said,

“Fortunately, Lady Elysia’s concern was in vain.”

“……Of course.”

“Then I’ll go back. Proceed with the plan as planned.”

I said that and walked past Alex and entered the classroom.

It’s important that I 'passed by' Alex.

Alex had just missed his last chance to kill me.

When I opened the classroom door,


Two women were standing at the entrance of the classroom door.

“Let's talk.”

It was Malia and Jane.


Alex was momentarily taken aback at the sight of the two, but soon he regained his composure and said,

“What are you talking about?”

Alex tried to act dumb.

He believes in the soundproofing magic that he has in his classroom.

Malia smiled and pointed to her ear.

“Did you forget about my ability?”

Malia’s bloodline ability, ‘Sensory Sharing’.

It allows you to share one of your five senses with someone else.

If you share hearing, you will be able to hear what the person you are sharing it with hears.

In this case, soundproofing magic is meaningless.

Because what I hear, Malia hears too.

Alex had an earthquake in his eyes, not knowing what had happened,

Finally, after some time, he finally realized and the expression he had when he looked at me was truly magnificent.

“You son of a b*tch……!”

What did you hear a moment ago?

Not a son of a b*tch, but a rat bastard.

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