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Chapter 55 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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“…Well, where should I start.”

Maria slowly opened her mouth.

It was too much information at once, but she listed them one by one.

The culprit, Princess Elysia, the attack of the monsters, the targets are Aten and Roderick.

Every time Maria revealed information, the surrounding professors' expressions gradually turned to astonishment.

“…That’s a lie. Princess Elysia…”

Someone made a natural exclamation.

“Then we just have to get rid of the rune attracting the monsters, right? Wasn’t it called ‘Rafflesia’?”

“It’s impossible.”

Someone flatly denied the proposal of a professor.

It was Binkis, the professor of summoning magic and magical engineering.

“From what Miss Maria said, the culprit has already set a schedule for the plan. That means there’s a high probability that the rune is already complete.”

“Is that a problem? Even if it’s complete, we just have to damage the circuit.”

“If we do that, I think they’re prepared to activate the rune. If that happens, there might be even more damage than when we didn’t know the plan. Because the inside of Constel will be in the most chaotic state.”

The professors’ faces turned pale at Binkis’s words.

Ismaya asked.

“So what should we do? Should we just watch as the enemy’s plan proceeds?”

Binkis bit her lips at those words.

After a moment of thought, the words that came out of her mouth were unexpected.

“…Yes, that would be best.”


“We have to wait for the enemy to start their plan, and aim to stop that plan with minimal damage.”

That is.

The 'Raid' by Elysia cannot be stopped now that it has progressed this far.

Let the plan commence as it is.

But knowing there is a plan allows us to be fully prepared.

"So the most important thing is, we need to ensure the enemy doesn't find out that we know their raid plan."

"Yes. To the outside world, Constel must appear as ordinary as ever."

Everyone nodded in understanding at Binkis's words.

"We need to seek help from those around us. It must be a select few, to avoid detection."

Requesting help from those nearby, a select few.

Those two keywords naturally drew the teachers' eyes to one person.

It was Malia de Roach.

Roach, a household with tremendous talents, including Enfer and Azier.

"I'll pass the message along."

Malia spoke with reluctance.

Jane asked, "What about the students?"

At that question, everyone fell silent.

They were teachers, protectors of the students.

But if the students were informed about the plan, it was clear Elysia would find out.

Moreover, whether Constel could be defended without the students.

Even if it meant reducing harm to the students,

"All activities in Constel will proceed as scheduled."

A heavy voice broke the silence.

Everyone looked at him.

It was Chancellor Osprey.

"Nothing will change."

His voice was firm, leaving no room for objection.

When Osprey spoke like this, the conclusion was as good as decided.

All the teachers nodded.

* * *

In a room in the Roach mansion, I remained deep in thought.

There was no way to know exactly what measures the teachers would take regarding the assault.

But at least the minimum defenses would be prepared.

And most importantly, the 'raid' itself could not be stopped.

Despite all attempts with Aster, it couldn't be prevented.

It only led to more sacrifices.

So, my role is slightly different from the others.

If it can't be stopped, the instigator must be eliminated.

There's only one way.

'Kill Elysia.'

Elysia is the destined villain, after all.

If not killed now, she will only become more troublesome for the player as time goes on.

However, there had never been a possibility.

Aster attracts too much attention and is entangled in too many relationships, making it surprisingly difficult to move freely.

Feeling constantly monitored, any frivolous act could arouse suspicion.

Elysia, at the time of planning, was not in the royal palace but was assessing the situation from her tower.

It was impossible for Aster to leave Constel in his body and reach that place.

But if it were me.

If it were Frondier.

If it were me, unnoticed by everyone at this moment.

"……From here on, it's an unknown path again."

The mastermind behind the Aten assault incident, the accomplice, the subsequent plans, and even the way to thwart them.

Up to this point, everything proceeded as I knew.

But from this road to subduing Elysia, it's entirely unknown.

"……Well, it's not like it's anything new."

Have things ever gone entirely my way?

Even in the game, I couldn't handle everything and failed.

Failure is familiar.

In games, as in reality.

[Main Quest: Raid]

- A massive invasion of monsters will occur in Constel. Be prepared.

- If not properly dealt with, there's a possibility of losing named characters.

I checked the smartwatch once again.

The main quest I hadn't seen in a long time.

It's been quite a while since I received this quest.

……That means they've given us plenty of time to prepare.

The raid is imminent.


I have a place to go today.

To obtain the best ally in preparation for this assault.

It was a very appropriate time.

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