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Chapter 61 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Raid (7)

Malia is a smart woman.

This place is in a completely different direction from where the monsters are fleeing, meaning I'm much further away from the students and teachers of Constel.

Therefore, it's realistically impossible for me to stop those monsters. She must know that.

In other words, despite knowing this, the fact that she's still informing me means there are no other alternatives.

[Frondier, it's thanks to you that the monsters are fleeing. But still,]

“It's not over yet.”

I thought quickly. There was no time. Right now, the students and teachers are chasing and repelling the monsters, but from what Malia has said, it seems like the scale of the monsters is considerable.

Soon, they will scatter and some will escape. If even a few invade the village, the ensuing tragedy is certain.

At most, I have a few seconds until that moment. I need to find a solution within that time.

My thoughts accelerated. I recalled all the abilities I've gained so far.

Among everything I have, something, anything.


I bit my lip.

The word "impossible" kept crossing my mind more than any method or means.

How could I, who am much further away than the students of Constel who couldn't stop them, do anything?

No, I can do it. I don't know how, but find it. Find a way. Somehow. I've always managed until now. I'm used to unexpected incidents happening.


[I'm sorry.]

I heard Malia's voice.

Why is Malia apologizing?

[You defeating the Chimera, I saw it myself. I hate to start with such news.]

It's not something Malia should apologize for. She did her part.

Malia was monitoring both here and Constel through sensory sharing.

She must have been encouraging the students and continually instilling hope in them. Considering the progress here with me catching the Chimera, she would have managed the students' physical and mental strengths.

She fulfilled her role well.

It's something only I must do.

I must, somehow.

“You are truly, very lonely.”

A voice suddenly flew in.

I flinched and turned toward the voice in surprise. It was Philly.

Philly spoke with a calm and orderly demeanor.

"Ever since we first met, you've seemed to know everything."

"...Ms. Philly."

"You always fight alone. The human sloth, Frondier."

Philly called me by that nickname.

It wasn't meant to mock me. She had seen right through my weakness associated with that nickname.


I lifted my head.

I always thought, assumed, and acted alone. But this time, I couldn't do it by myself.

However, with the current Malia.

"Mom, can you still see the monsters fleeing?"

[Hmm? Yes. I'm on the rooftop of the Constel's main building.]

I can't chase them, but they are still in sight.


"...Is it possible to share your senses the other way around?"

[You mean, you want me to show you the view I'm seeing?]


[It's not impossible, but even if you see it, what can you,]

As soon as I heard that, I ran towards the Tower of Elysia.

Philly's voice trailed behind me, sounding surprised.

I entered the tower, climbed the stairs, and stood on the rooftop.

"Show me now. The view Mom is seeing."


Malia didn't ask further. Perhaps because time was urgent, and she trusted me.

Soon, a new view filled my sight. It was a rather strange sensation.

My left and right eyes were seeing different views. It seemed Malia had applied her sense sharing to my left eye.

Just as Malia said, I could see the fleeing monsters. And the students chasing after them too.

At the front, was it Aster as expected? His figure on horseback stood out.

"Okay. Then I'll hang up now."

[You have a plan, right?]

"If things go as I think."


I put away my phone.

There wasn't much time left. Soon, the monsters would move out of Malia's sight as well.

I invoked the Black Lotus.

Weaving, Obsidian.

Rank - Divine

Khryselakatos, Lokiera

I wove Artemis's bow and arrow and pulled it taut.

The target was the massive swarm of beasts visible from Malia's perspective.

The distance from which I was shooting with the bow was shamelessly far.

But divine weapons make such shameless acts possible.

- Sure Hit: Ensures the user hits the target they aim for.

Trusting in that shamelessness,

If anyone else saw, they might think it a foolish act of aiming at nothing,

I released the bowstring.

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