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Chapter 63 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Temporary Teacher (2)

“……Hell yeah…….”

Someone shouted.

A mixture of tension and excitement showed in the eyes of the students. All the attention they had for me had completely disappeared.

Azier is the object of envy for everyone in the Constel.

The fact that I, his younger brother, am subjected to such contempt and disregard is largely due to Azier's influence.

…No, the overly lazy Frondier himself was the main problem, yes.

"Although it's a short time, or rather because of it, my teachings will have nothing to do with the existing combat techniques."

Azier spoke. His attitude was as if he would disregard everything we learned up until now. The students seemed to like this.

I guess they’re expecting a special lecture unique to Azier.

……But I spar with Azier almost every day, so I can see the future of these students.

“From today, you will learn ‘the basics’ themselves. Forget about killing intent.”

I bet they’ll encounter an experience that combines ‘suffering’ and ‘boredom’ perfectly.

“Then, I should show you a demonstration first.”

After saying that, Azier slowly scanned the students.

I wonder who that emotionless gaze will choose. Will it be me? I feel like I can hear the sound of the students’ heartbeats.

“There, you.”

Azier pointed at Aster.

“What’s your name?”

“Aster Evans.”

“The best one here. Come out here.”

The students thought, Sure, whatever. A few glanced at me for a moment, probably thinking that he’d show favoritism and call on me instead.

They think so leisurely because they’ve never learned under Azier.

“This will be a light spar. My weapon will be my bare hands, and I won’t hit you. Try to land a single blow on me. You can use whatever weapon you want, and any means necessary.”

“Except divine power, right?”

“Even divine power is fine. However,”

Azier's words sparked a light in Aster's eyes. His clothes billowed, and his hair turned stark white.


A trivial, dry sound.

Aster was sprawled on the ground, Azier's finger on his neck.

"It would be nice if you could use it."


Aster didn't respond. His eyes were blank. He didn't understand why he was lying down.

To an onlooker, it seemed like a simple sequence of movements, merely tripping and falling.

As long as the students think that way, they too will roll on the ground countless times.

"Shall we try again?"


Aster rose spiritedly.

Azier asked, "Why do you think you were lying down just now?"

"......Because I was taken by surprise."

"That's one way to put it. Let's go again."

Azier signaled the start and walked slowly.

This time, Aster didn't use his divine power but reached for his sword sheath instead.

He judged that opening his divine power took too long.

And then, a thud again.


Aster found himself on the ground once more, but this time he quickly regained his composure and stood up.

A sense of humiliation was evident in Aster's eyes. He knew why. I felt the same way.

The fact that he was lying on the ground and not knowing how it happened was irritating, but.

What was most infuriating was that there was no pain. It was as if an adult man had carefully laid a child down. He hadn't imagined there could be such a gap between them.

"Why do you think you were lying down?"

"......Because the teacher is faster than me."

Aster offered his answer, acknowledging his inferiority. I wanted to praise his honesty, but.


The answer was wrong.

"Let's go again."

And after several repetitions, Aster began to exchange a few moves, but.

The outcome was the same. He was on the ground again, still without any damage.

Azier's expression remained unchanged. It was exactly the same as when he had entered. There wasn't even a hint of disappointment as he looked at Aster. His face conveyed that this outcome was to be expected.

How much despair must that face cause his opponents, I wonder.

"Repeating until you realize is fine, but today, we have a suitable demo candidate."

Damn it.

I cursed inwardly.

Somehow, I knew it would come to this.


Azier called me. All eyes turned to me.

"Come forward."

As I slowly walked out, I felt like I truly became the human sloth, Frondier.

I don't want to do this.

"...Uh, teacher."

Someone raised their hand and spoke.

"What is it?"

"Can Frondier really be a match?"

As they said, most were looking at me with skeptical eyes.

Even Aster couldn't fight properly, and here you are trying to step in, their looks seemed to say.

Azier calmly said,

"It's just a demo. It's not about the level of skill."

Some seemed convinced by Azier's words, and some were not.

It didn't help that I was Azier's brother, fueling suspicions that he was favoring me.

Well, they'll see soon enough what happens to me.

"Frondier, as usual during training."


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