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Chapter 80 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Holding a Solo Exhibition (3)

"What is this absurd dream?"

I woke up from a dream that had taught me nothing but unpleasant scenes, frowning deeply.

In my dreams so far, I have always watched the lives of the masters, learning their thoughts and philosophies. But what was that dream just now? Ordinary people feel pity when they see the struggles of disabled people and get angry when someone makes derogatory remarks. But in my case, it's more intense.

It's because there is someone I love in my family who is disabled. Maybe that's why this dream was particularly upsetting.

I gritted my teeth, recalling the stern face of my father that I had seen in the dream.

"That's also a father."

It's true that Toulouse-Lautrec's lower body became like that due to an accident, but that accident was something an ordinary person would have just slipped off.

He had suffered from a disease called Pycnodysostosis since childhood, a condition that makes bones so fragile that they can break from a slight bump. And this disease is hereditary.

The ignorant people of the Middle Ages did not hesitate to do crazy things to protect their bloodlines and wealth. From the 12th century, they practiced incest under the pretext of preserving the bloodline. Toulouse's parents were cousins, and even his maternal and paternal grandmothers were sisters.

'In the end, the cursed child had inherited a curse created by the incest of his family.'

The very people who were the cause of it cursed the child and locked him in a room. I usually don't curse, but at this moment, I couldn't help but swear.

"Those bastards."

To feel sorry for giving such a disease and to care for him all his life would still not be enough, and yet, what is this?

I sighed and shook my head in disbelief.

Then, looking again at the ongoing exhibition, I could see one of his famous paintings, 'The Bed.'

The series of lovers on the bed was a frequent subject of Toulouse, but this painting was especially famous.

What is the painting about? Actually, it's nothing much.

A man and a woman lying on a soft bed, seemingly asleep, trying to forget a hard day.

It's not like the paintings of the Renaissance era that portrayed the beauty of the human body through the naked forms of men and women.

The two are covered with a warm blanket up to their necks on the soft bed.

But why is this unremarkable painting famous?

The two people sleeping in the painting are not actually a couple. They are both women.

At that time, poor women in France survived by becoming prostitutes. They received many emotional wounds from men and started loving each other among women who could understand each other.

The reason the two seem like a couple in the painting is because the one facing front has short hair, cut and sold by a poor prostitute.

People in the Middle Ages could not understand homosexuality, and even the paintings of Lautrec depicting them were not understood. But he continued to paint those who were marginalized. Perhaps it was his desire to project his own experience of being marginalized in the aristocratic society due to his disability and to draw others who were marginalized in society.

Honestly, I myself do not understand homosexuality.

But if I don't understand, I just don't do it. I should not criticize others for being different.

No one has the right to marginalize others.

I stood for a while looking at the painting.

I still don't understand at all.

Why did this gallery show me such a dream?

A dream whose meaning I can't grasp at all.


Artist Company office, Paju.

Our company is busy as usual today.

Jiyong and Yeonjeong are intently watching the laser shoot out as they run the recently purchased 3D printer, creating something.

Jiyeon, having successfully completed the exhibition catalog at the Seoul Arts Center, is now busy searching for a contemporary art catalog for the retrospective exhibition of artist Kim Whanki at the Hoam Art Museum, which she was assigned after the previous task.

Yeongju is printing something and giving it to Jiyong, instructing him on something.

In this office, I'm the only one who seems idle. I feel a bit guilty about it.

"Hey, Young-ju."


"Isn't there something I can do?"

"No, just take a rest."


Is it because I just visited the museum? Why does being told to rest feel like I'm being left out? I pulled my chair up to the PC with a slightly dissatisfied expression and picked up the mouse, intending to look up some current social issues on the internet.

Then, I hear Young-ju's voice.

"Ah, Min-young's secretary called."

Huh? Min-young? But we finished talking about the theater. Is there something else?

"Did she say why?"

"No, just that you should call the secretary's office when you have time."

She should have told me sooner, I was dying of boredom.

I immediately picked up the phone. I know the secretary's office number, so I can call right away. The phone rings just once before it's answered.

-Hello, W Tree Hotel Hannam secretary's office.

"Hello, this is Ban Jeong-hoon."

-Ah, yes. Hello, Mr. President.

Hmm, this voice.

It's the voice of the person who came with Min-young when I was commissioned to paint the ceiling and made the area off-limits to staff. Back then, I thought she was a prickly person, but she sounds very kind over the phone.

"Yes, you called me?"

-Yes, Mr. President. Were you thinking of having a solo exhibition?


What is she talking about all of a sudden?

"A solo exhibition?"

-Yes, Mr. President. The board thinks that since the theater is becoming a hot topic, we should keep up with exhibitions and performances. We are currently scouting musicians and performance teams. We thought of having your solo exhibition from March 1st to May 23rd next year. It's also been approved by President Yu.

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