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Chapter 90 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery


The three-headed dog from mythology.

I've heard that having three boys is as challenging as guarding the gates of hell, like Cerberus.

The child with the ice cream gives me a puzzled look. There’s no need to explain this to the child. I smile and hand back the postcard with the stamp.

“There, I’ve stamped it. Now you only need two more.”

The child checks the postcard, smiles broadly, places it on his stomach, and gives a belly-button salute.

“Thank you!”

“Oh, so polite. Be careful not to fall and don’t drop your ice cream.”


Ji-yong was away for about 15 minutes.

In that time, I must have stamped over 50 times. Just sitting and stamping – I never knew it could be this exhausting. I now understand how tough airport immigration officers must have it.

As I’m dealing with kids and trying to catch my breath, a shadow falls over my face.


Is this a dream?

Why are these people here?

“It’s been a while, Painter Ban.”


I jump up from the chair.

“Madam? What brings you here?”

“Ho ho.”

Behind Lady Kang, I see Chairman Yoo smiling.


“It’s been a long time.”

Min-young, who was linking arms with Lady Kang, winks and says.

"Can you please explain the artwork, Painter Ban?"

Wow, is the chairman of such a large corporation really here to see the exhibition? Well, it makes sense that a big corporate CEO would be interested in art. But I never expected such important figures to be mingling with the regular visitors at this messy scene.

"Of course, right this way."

Then Chairman Yoo firmly grabs my arm.




The chairman wants his stamp too. I didn’t realize that.

Quickly stamping his card, I lead the three of them into my section.

Standing in front of the first painting, I observe the expressions of the three. Due to the low position of the painting, they have to bend slightly to view it. I was about to comment on the placement of the artwork but close my mouth as I hear Young-ju’s voice shouting through the curtain.

"Jeong-hoon, you’re here!"

Ah, this is insanely chaotic.

But the people I truly want to show these paintings to, the ones I’ve poured months of effort into, are not the chaebol family. It's the visitors attending the exhibition right now.

I politely bow to the three people, who are only looking at me.

"I’m sorry, but the people I really want to guide have just arrived."

Min-young looks greatly shocked. She seems to wonder who could possibly take precedence over the W Tree Hotel chaebol family. I bow again and step out through the curtain.

In the distance, where the gaze of the visitors converges.

I see a line of people holding each other's shoulders, walking in.

Some with closed eyes, others with unfocused stares, groping their way.

Children look at them with curiosity, and their parents caution them not to stare. When a group of over fifty visually impaired individuals appears, the visitors' attention is instantly drawn to them.

Thankfully, being in an art gallery, everyone respectfully makes way for them.

I wave to the teacher leading the students at the front, signaling them to come this way.

"Over here, teacher!"

Hearing my voice, the chaebol family, who had stepped back outside the curtain, also emerges.

They too are surprised to see the sudden arrival of a group of visually impaired visitors.

Chairman Yoo furrows his brow and mutters under his breath.

"What in the world..."

Min-young demands an explanation.

"Painter Ban, shouldn't these people be guided to Artist Jung Soo-han's section? His area has all the paintings..."

Just then, Lady Kang raises her hand to silence her husband and daughter.


As I watch the teacher slowly guiding the students, I turn to look at Lady Kang. She quietly observes me and then breaks into a broad smile.

"If it’s a concession like this, I can definitely make it, ho ho. You’re going to explain the paintings to these students, aren’t you you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Then we’ll just listen from behind. Let's go back inside."

Chairman Yoo looks somewhat puzzled but follows his wife obediently, as he always respects her words.

I glance at the three as they re-enter through the curtain and smile to myself.

"Lady Kang is always so quick to understand."

I realized while painting her portrait, but she really is quick to grasp situations and make decisions. No wonder she's the power behind growing the hotel to this extent.

The teacher, having brought the students to my section, wipes his sweat and sighs.

"Phew, we're a bit late than the scheduled time. As you know, getting on and off takes a lot of time. Please understand."

"No, not at all, teacher. You've done so much hard work."

It’s impossible for one teacher to guide so many visually impaired students. Naturally, their parents are also there, and among the students, I see my brother Ji-hoon, and among the parents, I see my mother's face.

I want to acknowledge them right away, but I suppress the urge.

This place and exhibition are for everyone. I'll acknowledge them later.

"Everyone, this way! There's a safety bar installed on the right wall, so let’s hold onto that and move!"

As I open the curtain and enter, the chaebol family is still standing in front of the first artwork.

Lady Kang is smiling brightly, Min-young is still bewildered, and Chairman Yoo looks confused by what’s happening.

I take the hand of the student at the front and slowly step back.

"Slowly, take it easy."

I give Young-ju a nod as I send the students inside. It's a signal we agreed on earlier: not to admit general visitors while the visually impaired students are viewing. This is because the students, not wanting to bother others if someone complains, would feel embarrassed.

Finally, after the last student enters my section, the curtain of the exhibition hall closes.

In my exhibition hall, only the visually impaired students and the chaebol family remain.

My exhibition truly starts now.

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