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Dream Breaker - Chapter 61

The Swimming Emperor(5)

After swiftly escaping the ruined scene due to the attack of the Blade Demon that cut through the rocks and steel like a piece of cake, I found a cheap place to stay nearby.

"1 night, please."

I carefully opened the jewelry box I had placed in my bag.

Squeak -

"... It's worth the effort."

If I had planned to stay in this era for a long time, I would have bought land.

Rising sea levels, rising water temperatures, wars, desertification, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, resource depletion, and abnormal climates...

Because many countries will disappear and new cities will be built due to the upcoming disasters.

If I gradually buy that cheap land that hasn't been developed yet...


'I have enough for living expenses.'

I wasn't concerned about wealth since I only had to find and persuade the Emperor of Swimming, Mr. Nam Hae-soo.

The carefree Baron Amolang.

It's a lesson I learned from being active as a founding contributor to the great empire in the world of dreams. When I wake up, everything disappears - wealth, fame, power, and status.

Including love!

"Sigh... Suddenly I feel depressed."

On television, news flashes continued to talk about the sword-wielding attacker who assaulted me and the soldiers who were on duty at the coastal guard post.

(The identity of the unknown creature is...)

(The whereabouts of the young man in his 20s who was chased...)

(Al-out efforts to recover the disappeared bullet casings...)

In Choi Kang-min's dream, the monster called 'Blade Demon' was well-known enough to have a distinct name.

However, in Nam Hae-soo's dream, it was treated as a newly discovered life form or mutant!

It didn't even appear in Song Seon-young and Kim Eun-jung's dreams...

'What's the difference?'

I wanted to know more about the monster that threatened my life twice, but the information was too scarce.

Limbs that cut anything.

Reflexes that block bullets at close range.

Skin as hard as steel.

The vitality to endure even with a pierced brain.

Silver blood that reminds one of mercury.

Movement that ignores friction.


I had learned quite a bit about the combat aspect due to my direct experience, but everything else I knew was from what the Earth Defense Force had told me in Choi Kang-min's dream.

'It's a shame.'

If I had known I would encounter the Blade Demon again, I would have investigated more back then.

I also reflected on my careless attitude of not preparing a weapon to protect myself because I was too focused on treasure hunting.


(To the soldiers who bravely fought...)

(One rank promotion and 9 days of vacation...)

(The surveillance cameras at the scene were destroyed...)


I turned off the television that started repeating the same news, took a shower, and lay down on the soft bed.


Although my physical strength was still abundant, the mental fatigue from the life-threatening tension was significant.

A changed mindset from before.

The thought that I could die as many times as I wanted because it was a dream disappeared, and I became obsessed with life.

It's like,

'It feels real.'

I'll take a good rest today and start a full-scale search tomorrow.

* * *

South Korea, a country on the brink of survival due to the world's lowest birth rate.

However, it was impossible to travel around the country looking for the 'Emperor of Swimming' no matter how desperate the situation was.

So, what was my solution?

It was to pay and request a detective agency.

"You want to find someone?"


Detective agency.

A company that helps with cases or problems that are difficult to solve alone.

A representative figure would be Sherlock Holmes?

However, being a 'detective' is a very rare aptitude, making it difficult to request one, but this country is overflowing with detectives.

"What is your relationship with the person you're looking for? An ex-girlfriend, childhood friend who moved away, a benefactor who saved your life, your wife's lover..."

"Is that important?"

"Yes. Recently, a detective agency I know had a hard time because of a strange client. They went to find an unfamiliar woman and ended up in court for invading privacy by exposing her affair."


I understood the cautious attitude of the detective whom I met right away without making a phone consultation or reservation.

"If we're involved in a crime, we'll be punished too. Not knowing is not an excuse in court."

"Crime? Isn't exposing an affair a righteous act?"

"Unless it's a legal couple, investigating someone else's private life is considered a crime."

"What if that person is a criminal?"

"Criminals are people too. And having an affair may be a reason for divorce, but it's not a crime. Adultery Law was abolished in 2015."


This era seems to be very tolerant of affairs.

"What is your name and age?"

"Here's my ID."

Shoo -

I showed the detective my newly issued ID card from a few days ago.

"Hmm... Mr. Kang Moon-soo?"


"What is your relationship with the person you're looking for?"

"I don't know."

"Excuse me?"

"I have amnesia. So I only know the name and age of the person I'm looking for."


The detective, who looked uneasy, stroked his chin as if in thought.

"You don't have to do it if you don't feel like it."

There are many detective agencies. There must be at least one detective who would take my suspicious request.


'It feels odd.'

Nam Hae-soo, who would have known his own aptitude and the future of the world, could not be found on the internet.


If he had become a swimmer or a track and field athlete, he would have swept the Olympics once again, and if he had invested in real estate and stocks, he would have become a huge wealthy person in the long run.

That's why I didn't understand this situation of requesting a detective agency.

"What kind of information do you want about the person you're looking for? Actual residence, contact information, financial status, family relationships, career, workplace..."


"Excuse me?"

"Please just verify if this person actually exists on Earth."

"...That's a very unique request."

"If you find them, please take a picture as evidence and show it to me. I vaguely remember their face as well."

Since it was a request to just confirm if they were alive, there was no risk of liability for the detective agency.

Did they catch on to that?

The detective's expression changed.

"Please tell me the name and age. You should be able to check the results of the request by tomorrow afternoon."

"Nam Hae-soo. 25 years old."

"There's a possibility that it will be difficult to take an evidence photo by tomorrow since they would have to be outside. And in this case, there will be an additional fee."

"I understand."

They could lie without properly investigating. It's better to be sure, even if it costs more money.

"How about the deposit? There's a discount if you pay in cash."

"Then I'll pay in cash."


The settlement money given by the government was already running out.

'It's a headache. A gold shop? An antique shop? I should have sold it to find out!'

Let's find out where to sell the jewelry box at a high price until the results of the detective agency's request come out!

* * *

According to the results I found on the internet, the old era had a big difference from the present in terms of policy.

'The relics belong to the state...'

So the citizens' ownership rights of the relics are not recognized, and they are not properly compensated.

The purpose of preventing the outflow of relics is good, but if the compensation is minimal, people will undoubtedly not report the discovery of relics to the government.

Like me.

"Here it is."


It's unreasonable to expect sacrificial patriotism from a citizen who hasn't even been here for a week.


"I heard rumors that you do great work in retrieving stolen relics from abroad, so I came looking for you."

"You've come to the right place!"

The elegant hobbyist showed keen interest in the jewelry box.

"This item is..."

I diligently explained while recalling the memories of visiting the museum with my parents holding their hands. That way, they would increase the price a bit more.

Clap clap!

Then I even got a standing ovation.

"Amazing! You're a young man with great knowledge!"

"Thank you."

"Oh my! You know the history and artistic value of this so well that I can't slash the price!"

"Well, it's true that I know a little bit, but who could have discerned its value at first sight other than you, sir?"

"You're good with words too!"




We exchanged pleasantries and smoothly completed the transaction!

* * *

Since I was looking for the Emperor of Swimming, I consistently checked articles related to the Olympics.

'It's unfamiliar.'

This was because athletes over 30 years old did not retire and continued to be active as first-team players or national representatives.

The cause was a lack of talent!

So they kept using the veteran players who had passed their prime.

"It can't be helped."

P's aptitude tester can lead a boy who has never touched a soccer ball until the age of 19 to become a great soccer player.

However, in the old era, even if someone had a natural talent for soccer, they would end up as an ordinary office worker without the 'opportunity'.

Politics were even more terrible.

(Indicted on bribery charges...)

(Strongly denies allegations of sexual bribery...)

(Imprisoned for spreading false information...)

It's common for politicians to criticize other countries with excessive patriotism and cause controversy, but it was my first time seeing news about politicians committing crimes.

Character, conscience, and integrity.

Among the aptitudes, 'politician' is the one that looks at humanity the most.

'Does Manager Seo Hye-joo like this kind of world?'

I couldn't understand it.

"Mr. Kang Moon-soo. You've become quite stylish in just a day."

"Thank you."

On my way to the detective agency, I stopped by a hair salon and a department store to invest in myself.

The detective took out a thin stack of documents from his desk drawer and said,

"The results of your request are here."

"I'm already looking forward to it."

I was curious about what Nam Hae-soo, who had given up on being a swimmer and chosen a new life, was doing and where he was.

"Nam Hae-soo. 25 years old."


"He's not here."


"So considering Mr. Kang Moon-soo's amnesia, I investigated similar peers."

"Ah, yes."

Wouldn't it be possible that I got Nam Hae-soo's age wrong?

I wasn't expecting anything at all.

"This man is Nam Hae-soo, 22 years old."

Shoo -

The photo handed over by the detective showed a man, who looked like a college student, dozing off on the subway.

"...That's not him."

The face was completely different.

"How about this one? Nam Hae-soo, 29 years old."

Shoo -

The second photo was an officer wearing a South Korean military uniform.

"...This person is not him either."

"Then the person Mr. Kang Moon-soo is looking for is not in South Korea. There's a possibility that they emigrated or changed their name, but that will cost extra."


I thought it might be possible that he's not here, but I didn't expect him to be really gone.

'Did I think too easily...'

I thought I could find Nam Hae-soo quickly if I had the money.

Reality was different.

"What would you like to do?"

"...Please investigate. How much more should I give you?"

"It's a service."

"Service? You clearly said there would be an additional fee..."

I couldn't believe it was free.

But the detective smiled comfortably as if it wasn't a joke,

"It's customer management. The competition in this industry is fierce."

"Ah, yes."

"Be sure to check carefully when you request a detective agency next time. If you get caught using illegal means, the requester will also be punished."


"And you need to specify the request content accurately. If you don't want to experience an unfair situation of making a similar request twice."

"Thank you."

This detective agency seems to have really reliable customer management.

"Should I come back in a few days?"

"You don't have to."

"Excuse me?"

"Because the person Mr. Kang Moon-soo is looking for doesn't exist on Earth. He didn't emigrate or change their name either."

"Did you already investigate...?"

"That's why it's a service. I was hesitant to take money without any results."

Shoo -

The detective showed me the documents that seemed to be evidence of the investigation.

「Search Results: 0」


"Please come back if you have any difficult situations next time."

"Yes. If I have any, I will definitely come back."


I paid the promised fee and left the detective agency.

'This is driving me crazy.'

If the Emperor of Swimming, Nam Hae-soo, doesn't exist on Earth?

There's only one answer.

Just like Kim Eun-jung, who became Angelina Chimac, the protagonist of the romance fantasy novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of the Count>.

It means that Nam Hae-soo has also 'become another person'!

"Hehe... Finding a dolphin would be easier, right?"

I'll have to completely revise my plan.

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