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Dream Breaker - Chapter 66

The Swimming Emperor(10)

Could it be that Nam Hae-soo's wife, 'Park Han-hee,' deliberately approached me to drag me in?

Anyway, it didn't matter.

'What's important is my judgment.'

Even if she asks for help, it's up to me to refuse.

"Thank you for meeting me!"

"Well... the story seems to be long, so shall we go to a cafe?"


We moved to a small alley cafe with few customers.

"Ms. Park Han-hee, what would you like to drink? I'll buy it."

"No! You took the time for me, so of course, I should buy it! You choose, and I'll pay."

"Um... the largest size yogurt smoothie, please."

"Yogurt smoothie venti size, and iced Americano with an extra shot for regular, please."


After ordering drinks to our preferences, we sat facing each other at the cafe table.

'I just swore not to take advantage of women for free...'

Did it break right away?

I need to fix this freeloading attitude as soon as possible.

"My boyfriend, who is also my senior, his father was a national representative in the past. And now he sits in a high position with strong influence."

"I see..."

"Since I found out about that fact, it became difficult for me to refuse my senior's requests. Let's go home together, let's go to karaoke, let's go to the movies... And these demands gradually became more blatant."

"I see."

On the surface, I sympathized with Park Han-hee's story, but I thought I should also listen to her senior's story.

'She could have approached him first, aiming for his halo.'

I shouldn't be swayed by just one side's argument.


"Recently, he took me to his car, saying he would take me home, but then he went down a strange road."


"I was scared and ran away when his car stopped at a traffic light. And since then, I've been afraid of all his actions."


"Please help me."

If all her words are true, shouldn't it be more logical for her to seek help from the police rather than me?

So I asked.

"Have you consulted with the police or a lawyer?"

"I've thought about it. But what happens after? My senior might get off with a warning, but I'll be thrown out and won't be able to continue my athlete's life."


I had thought I should listen to her senior's story as well.


'When she married Nam Hae-soo, Park Han-hee was a model!'

She gave up being a track and field athlete because she loved running. What if the reason she gave up wasn't due to a lack of skill, but rather her senior's tyranny?

It all made sense.

"Many people doubt Kang Moon-soo's records, and it's being kept quiet, but rumors are already circulating that he's a sports genius who will sweep the Olympics."

"Oh, really?"

I didn't know that. I thought they were just treating me like an invisible person because they were so quiet.

"Please help me."

"I understand why you chose me out of all the men."


"You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend and protect you, right?"


Park Han-hee answered in a crawling voice, fiddling with an empty coffee cup.

'It's a dilemma.'

Her emotional appeal couldn't sway me.

The only concern I had was whether it would be better for 'the wife in reality' to be in danger to provoke Nam Hae-soo, who was disguised as another person.

That's it.

"Oh my! The cup is empty. What would you like to drink?"

"Iced cafe mocha... Ah!"

"Yes! I'll order it and bring it back~"

Park Han-hee quickly stood up and ran to the cafe staff before I could stop her.


"Here you go!"

"...I'll enjoy it."

The iced coffee in front of me looked like a poisoned chalice.

'I have no choice.'

Wouldn't the 'future husband' come to help if Park Han-hee was in danger of giving up her dream?

Or, there's a possibility that he would come after her when she gives up her dream of being a track and field athlete and becomes a model as planned...

"Can I call you casually?"

"Ah! Yes!"

"Feel free to call me Han-hee."

"Thank you so much!"

"Thankful? I'm the one who's happy to have a great girlfriend."



Let's hope that Nam Hae-soo, disguised as another person, gets jealous.

* * *

As the Olympics approach, directors and officials are very concerned about the athletes' self-management.

Smoking, drinking, illegal activities, travel, gambling...

They don't think dating, which inevitably leads to going out, is good either, as catching an infectious disease could prevent participation in the Olympics.

"Spread your arms and stay still. I'll spray the disinfectant."


"You went out and came back, right? It's a quarantine policy."

"Even so, I think we're spraying too often..."

"Please understand. If Kang Moon-soo doesn't participate in the Olympics, many people will lose their jobs."


"Ah, yes."

Park Han-hee's prediction became reality in just two days.

(South Korea's Superboy Kang Moon-soo!)

(The Olympics' most promising athlete!)

(Athlete with everything except looks!)

(Kang Moon-soo's unofficial records...)

(The government is doing its best to protect Kang Moon-soo!)


Full-fledged support and attention.

There were also many suspicions about drugs, enhanced humans, and aliens, but I had no intention of getting involved with them.


With the help of the quarantine officer, I sprayed disinfectant all over my body and entered the athletes' village track and field stadium.


"Oh! It's a relief to see you healthy today! Kang Moon-soo, you can use the disinfected track 1."


Other athletes were training far away from track 1, which I was scheduled to use.

First is quarantine! Second is quarantine!

I could tell they were very concerned about my safety, as it was certain I would win a gold medal if I just went to the Olympics.


Park Han-hee called my name from afar and waved her hand.

As if to show everyone.

"Work hard."

I also waved back in response.

But perhaps because we weren't really dating, it didn't feel as exciting as when I saw Song Seon-young in my dreams.

"...Kang Moon-soo."


I looked back at the director, who seemed very uncomfortable in a bright white quarantine suit.

"Are you dating Park Han-hee?"

"It's been a few days. Han-hee's older sister takes care of my swimming."

"Hmm... I see."

"Is there a problem?"

"No, I just asked because you two seemed close. It's nothing, don't worry about it."


The director's voice, saying it was nothing, was very serious.

What did it mean?

'Wow! That's fast revenge!'

As soon as Park Han-hee rebelled against her ex-boyfriend, the senior, there was a move to remove her from the athlete's list.

'Should I ask casually?'

After setting an unofficial world record, I spoke nonchalantly.


"...Huh? Oh! That's really fast! Just be mindful of your health!"

"Is Han-hee a good runner?"

"Well... I don't know since she's not my responsibility. Why? You want to go together?"

"If possible."

Even though I didn't ask about the Olympics, the conversation naturally continued.

"If Park Han-hee has the skills, there's no reason not to go."

"I see."

And the director didn't notice his mistake at all.


"Who is Kang Moon-soo...!"

A young man who entered the track and field stadium looked for me with an angry tone.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Han-hee's boyfriend! Ah! You're Kang Moon-soo! I'll say it just once. Stay out of my sight."


It was surprising that no one stopped this man's remarks, but it was even more surprising that no one, not even the director managing the athletes, stopped him.

My once-quiet heart began to race.

"Se... Senior..."

"You be quiet. Let's talk separately later."

The self-proclaimed boyfriend glared menacingly at Park Han-hee.

I called out to him.

"Hey, turtle. Can you stop ordering my girlfriend around?"

"What?! Does this punk want to die...!"

"Try to kill me. Turtle. If you can catch me."

"You're dead!"


The turtle, with his eyes rolling back, charged at the rabbit.

* * *

"You're kidding, right? You're the fastest human in South Korea?"

"This punk...!"

He was quite fast since he was selected as a national representative, but it was only for a moment.

"Turtle, when will you catch me?"

"Huff, huff!"

He soon got exhausted and couldn't even step on my shadow.

"I showed you mercy."

I stood within a hair's breadth of him and maintained that short distance.


Realizing that he was being toyed with like an adult playing a prank on a child, the man's face turned red with humiliation.

He desperately tried to catch me.


And then, he stumbled and fell.

"Hey, when will you catch me?"


As the winner, I looked down on him, and the man, whose eyes met mine, let out a frustrated scream.

From strong to weak.

From genius to dullard.

He couldn't bear the feeling of powerlessness he had never experienced before.

"What now?"


I don't enjoy tormenting the weak.

I had been trampled on like a bug by the magical boy Choi Kang-min. I didn't want to become the same kind of monster.


"Hey, turtle. Use your imagination from now on. What would happen if I declare that I'll give up the Olympic gold medal because of you, who can't even win a bronze medal?"

I'm going to thoroughly trample on him until he understands the heart of the weak.

"Are you crazy?!"

"Why do you think I can't do it?"

"There's no way you'd give up a medal...!"

"I never said I'd give up. No one would want that. It's just you who will disappear."


The man, who belatedly realized my intentions, widened his eyes.

"If you understand, from now on..."

"You're crazy. That will never happen. Do you know who my father is? You're the one who should be careful-"

"Please do it. Go to another country and win a medal with a different nationality."


He messed with the wrong person.

In this world, I am a stranger wherever I go.

I have nothing to fear.

"Then your father will probably be stripped of all his dignity. Isn't it thrilling just to imagine?"


"I have many countries that will welcome me. I plan to win about 50 gold medals."


Did he realize that even his confident threats didn't work on me?

He started to cry pitifully.

"Turtle, if you want to beat the rabbit, you have to crawl quietly."


"Don't get in my sight. If you want to go to the Olympics."

I am not a kind rabbit.

* * *

News that the Olympics will proceed as scheduled despite the spread and concerns of the epidemic!

It also meant that my stay in the world of dreams wouldn't be extended.

But would that really be the case?

I was a bit anxious.

I was also starting to get interested in this hellish world...

"Moon-soo, are you watching the news on your smartphone again?"

"It's interesting."

"Is politics interesting?"

Park Han-hee, who continued to act like my girlfriend even after her senior calmed down.

She looked at me strangely as I laughed while watching the news, expressing interest whenever she had a chance.

"It's fascinating."

"What is?"

"Look at this. A politician was caught denying that he received sexual favors at a luxury pension. Isn't it fascinating?"

"Uh... not at all. It's a common thing."

"I see."

Park Han-hee and I lived in very different worlds.

'Maybe I would...'

Would I get used to this world where there is no P's aptitude test if I live here for a long time?

I still couldn't understand Manager Seo Hye-joo, who defended the old days.



"Do you have to keep watching the news?"

"Well, it's not that, but they keep nagging me not to go outside."

Since moving from the hotel I got used to, to the athletes' village for accommodation, I felt like I was under surveillance 24 hours a day.

"Are you out of your mind?!"

"I don't have a family to make excuses for, like other athletes who go out often because their families are getting married or sick."


I'm in a situation where I'm just waiting for Nam Hae-soo to come find me.

"I want to run together."

"At this time?"

The sky was dark.

"There are streetlights."

"Hmm. It's late, so there won't be many people watching..."

"It's not my intention to advertise that we're dating in front of others. I really want to run with you."

"Train together?"


"Then why?"

I don't understand her intention.

"Because I like you."


What is she talking about?

"Moon-soo, do you want to date seriously?"


"...Tell me the reason."

"I still can't forget my ex-girlfriend. It's a secret who she is."


"You don't have to believe me. I won't force you like the turtle."

"...I'll believe you."


Park Han-hee's tears burst out at my blunt answer.

"It's, it's okay. Sob!"


I made her cry, but it's not my fault.

...Is it?

I don't know.


"I'm sorry."

"You don't have to apologize anymore. It's not something you have to apologize for. Do you want to go out for some fresh air?"

"That's a bit..."

In this awkward atmosphere?

But Park Han-hee, with her eyes red like a rabbit, did not back down.

"Am I less fun than the news?"

"Let's go quickly!"

I didn't want to make her cry again, so I vigorously waved the white flag.


"...Oops! I almost forgot my hat!"


"Where are you going?"

I quickly put the hat, which I didn't like its careless attitude, on my head and opened the front door.


A piece of paper that was stuck between the door fell at my feet.

"What's this..."


"It's a letter."

"Could it be, a love letter?!"

Park Han-hee, who became very sensitive because of me, got excited.

"You can look at it if you're curious."


"A stranger sent it."

I finally found him.

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