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Dream Breaker - Chapter 70

 The Swimming Emperor(14) - Who are You?

What would it feel like if another man showed excessive interest in my girlfriend or wife?

'It would be very uncomfortable!'

I'd want to cut that man's throat. And I feel the same way.

If there had been a man approaching Valentine, he would have been executed by the name of Count Amolang!

'But this is different.'

In reality, Nam Hae-soo and Park Han-hee are a married couple, but they have no relationship here. Besides, it was despicable to claim her as my woman secretly.

Emperor of Swimming?

He's a petty coward who doesn't deserve the title of emperor.



"Moon-soo! Look over there! The sea is emerald! It's so pretty!"

"...It is pretty."

I'm tired of the sea now.

"It would be so nice to walk on that beach just the two of us..."

"We can't help it."

Park Han-hee, sitting with me in the back seat of a luxury car following the police car like an escort, was slightly disappointed.

Still, she has been excited since before departure. She knew how to enjoy the atmosphere of the trip.

'A trip...'

Would searching for the legendary sword in the romance fantasy novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of a Count> with Valentine, along the river and in the cabin, be considered a trip?

I couldn't enjoy it comfortably as I was captivated by the determination to find the legendary sword.

"Player Kang Moon-soo."


The bodyguard who would drive for us while Park Han-hee and I were traveling glanced at me through the rearview mirror and spoke.

"Please be careful."

"Is there another underworld thug jealous of me?"

"Please be careful."


I responded with a smile, looking at the bodyguard's eyes reflected in the rearview mirror.

'Look at this?'

I was planning to use public transportation because I didn't know how to drive at all, but the government lent us this car and provided a driver who also served as a bodyguard after receiving our travel notification.

The problem is this car.

Can I guarantee that they didn't plant any eavesdropping devices?

As evidence, the driver can only say clichéd words like "be careful."

And his gaze.

I could tell that he was aware of the invisible watcher.



"Let's have fun."

"Huh? Of course!"

It seemed like the trip would be much more enjoyable than I expected.

* * *

Following the government's quarantine guidelines, we couldn't go to crowded places even if it was a free trip.

Beach, amusement park, swimming pool...

We finally took the time to go on a trip, but it meant we couldn't even step outside the hotel!

'But we need to be careful.'

I obediently followed the rules because I wanted to avoid a situation where I couldn't participate in the Olympics due to carelessness.

More than anything,

"It's ridiculous! We're stuck in the hotel!"

"There's not much time left for the Olympics. We can't help it."

"I know, but...!"

Park Han-hee bit her lip and exploded with anger.

'This is too much.'

Telling us to stay inside the hotel because of the epidemic is excessive interference.

Isn't this confinement rather than a trip?

But I followed it.

It's because Nam Hae-soo, who is blinded by rage after losing his future wife, wants this development.

"The room is nice."

"Wow! There's an outdoor swimming pool too!"

"It's an open-air bath."

"Ah! I've never seen it before."

"They must have put some thought into it since we can't go outside."

"It seems like it!"

It seemed to be the best room in this hotel.

Small movie theater, open-air bath, pool table, computer, king-size bed, bathtub...

The price was terrifying, but with the government's support, I could use it for just 10% of the regular price.


I naturally looked around every corner of the room.

'Is it natural that I can't find it...'

I thought that hidden surveillance cameras or eavesdropping devices might be somewhere, but as a non-expert, I had no way to find them.

They might not be there at all.

I might be overly sensitive to the bodyguard's warning to be careful.

"Moon-soo! Come over here quickly! The view is really nice!"

"...It's beautiful."

The hazy sky and sea polluted by fossil fuels of the old era.

In the modern era where only ideal politicians exist, global cooperation and efforts have restored the Earth's natural environment.

Pollution-free fuel, poaching ban, space development, water quality improvement, eco-friendly power plants...

So, wherever we go, we can guarantee to see a more beautiful landscape than the old times.

"Thank you. I'm enjoying this luxury thanks to you, Moon-soo."

"Don't worry about it. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have thought of coming. What can a man do alone?"

"Th-That's true...!"

* * *

Suddenly, Park Han-hee's face turned bright red, and she turned her head towards the window.

"Han-hee, can I take a shower first?"

"Taking a shower?! Why?!"

"Well, we went outside and came back in."

"...Ah! That's right! Yeah! Go ahead! I'll take a shower after you!"


I immediately undressed and entered the shower.

'Are they listening well?'

I'll test the patience of Nam Hae-soo, who is wearing the mask of power.

* * *


As I was about to come out of the shower, my smartphone rang.

An unknown phone number.

It's not a huge secret since I've spread my mobile phone number all over the athlete's village.

'But why now?'

There is no athlete or official in the athlete's village who doesn't know that I am on a trip.

Even unrelated people can learn about my personal life through reporters who are interested in it.

They don't know where I'm going on the trip, though.

"Aren't you going to answer it?"

"I'm on vacation."

"It could be an important call..."

"If it's really important, they'll come to the hotel."

"Is that so?"

"That's right."

"I envy that about you, Moon-soo. Whenever I get a call from the coach, my whole body stiffens with tension."

"Why? Because they scold you?"

"Not that, but... they always have something to say that I'm lacking."


It's probably because Park Han-hee's performance isn't at the Olympic level. Her aptitude is not as a 'track and field athlete.'

But it's not hopeless.

She has just graduated from high school, where she spent much more time sitting at a desk than running. She has just started as a track and field athlete.

If she diligently builds her body while improving her strength and flexibility that she neglected due to her studies, she will be reborn as an excellent athlete in four years.

I believe so.

"So these days, I keep having this thought. Do I deserve to be Kang Moon-soo's girlfriend?"

"That depends on that guy Kang Moon-soo's taste."

"What is it?"

"...It's definitely not being an Olympic national representative."

"What else?"

"I'd like my girlfriend not to have any financial debts."

"That's not a preference."

Park Han-hee gave me a reproachful look with a very incredulous tone.

* * *

Seeing her gloomy expression lifted just now, wasn't that a success even though it was a disadvantageous topic for me?

"Aren't you going to shower?"

"I'll shower after hearing your preferences."


"Hurry up and tell me."

As soon as I heard that Nam Hae-soo was rejected by Park Han-hee at the entrance exam academy, I thought it was strange.

How could Emperor of Swimming Nam Hae-soo not know the preferences of his wife, Park Han-hee?

There must be a clear reason why Park Han-hee accepted Nam Hae-soo's confession and decided to get married.

Appearance, ability, personality...

But Nam Hae-soo confidently challenged her and was coolly rejected.

"I got hit hard."

"If it's a secret, you don't have to say it."

"No. I'll tell you. Because I really want to hear Moon-soo's preferences."


I feel cornered.

"I'm... um... I'm shy to say it suddenly!"

"You don't have to."

"I will."


"I don't know how to express it, but I think I'm attracted to a man with a mysterious atmosphere."

"What do you mean?"

"Um... Usually, I can tell just by looking at their tone and expression. Why this man likes me."


Is it because she has been popular with men since she was young due to her pretty appearance?

She started with the premise that men liked her.

"But I don't know about you."


"You're not uninterested in me, but you don't try to get to know me. In this case, usually, it's a wolf who approaches me just by looking at my appearance..."

"I'm a wolf too."

Song Seon-young and Valentine, whom I dated for a while, are the evidence.

"But you don't stare at my body. Like my chest, buttocks, legs..."

"I look discreetly like a gentleman."

"You don't do anything naughty."

"I held your hand, didn't I?"

"Look, Mr. Kang Moon-soo. It's way past the age to be excited about holding hands."


It was natural because I was using her to find Nam Hae-soo.

'I know.'

I'm a terrible man.

"...But it's okay. I decided to understand. It's because you can't forget your ex-girlfriend, right? I can wait until then. But I won't tolerate flirting with other women."

"I’ll Keep that in mind."

I don't intend to become a terrible trash either.

"Now it's your turn."

"Are you saying that any man who doesn't care about you is fine?"



"Yeah. It's a lie if I say I don't look at appearance and ability, but the most important thing is confidence."


"I can't feel the charm of a timid man. Ah! But no bluffing. I really hate that."


I don't understand why Nam Hae-soo was rejected.

"Alright? Now it's your turn!"


"What's your preference?"

Park Han-hee's eyes were filled with a strong will to definitely listen and speak.

I slowly answered, looking up at the ceiling of the room.

"A woman who teaches me."

"What is that?"

"I'm attracted to professional women who teach me what I can't do."

"...A teacher?"

"Except for office workers."

I learned swimming from Song Seon-young, who was a swimming athlete by aptitude, and whose mother was a former national representative, and I learned fencing from Valentine, who overcame her physical disadvantage and became an outstanding knight.

"What about appearance?"

"I'm a wolf."


"I'll exercise my right to remain silent. I don't want to be buried in society."

"I'll keep it a secret."

"Still, no."

I can never say it in a place where eavesdropping devices are hidden.

"...Then tell me this."

"Tell me."

"Comparing me to your ex-girlfriend, who's prettier?"


"Similar? That means your ex-girlfriend is prettier."


"I'm going to shower now! And don't peek. I'm not pretty!"

With her pride hurt, Park Han-hee went into the shower with a towel.


The sound of locking the shower door inside sounded as loud as thunder.

"She's upset."


Then, the smartphone rang again.

The same phone number.


"Why don't you answer?"


My friend, who had been still like a hat so that Park Han-hee wouldn't suspect, was mumbling on the bed.

"I want to see your face."

"Molang, Molang."

"No? Does that mean I'm wrong?"


When I ignored the call and didn't answer it to the end, the smartphone went quiet.

'I've come to the intended

Hazy sky due to fine dust.

A sea contaminated by radioactivity.

A sudden helicopter.


At first, I thought it was a mountain rescue helicopter, but it was hovering in the air without moving.

Is it a broadcast filming?

I was about to dismiss it and move on.



My body reacted before my head.


I rolled on the floor and hid behind a wall where the helicopter couldn't see me.


There was a hole the size of a fingernail in the window that had been fine just a moment ago.



"...I'm fine. Thanks. I survived because of you."


The helicopter, which had completely lost sight of me, fled away.

'A sniper!'

Cold sweat flowed down my forehead, which had almost died in vain.

"Moon-soo! What was that noise?"

Park Han-hee asked from the shower.

"...It's not nothing, but you can take your time and come out."

"What do you mean? Wait! I'll shower quickly and come out!"


It made me think again.

Nam Hae-soo.

How great a person has he become to be able to do such bold things?

Gangsters, helicopters, snipers...

It was an incident that happened in South Korea, where even women could freely roam outside at dark midnight due to good public security.

'Does he think he's become a god?'

He is nothing more than a weak human captivated by a sweet dream.

That fact,

"I'll make him realize soon."

"Moon-soo, what do you mean by making him realize... Why is the window like that?!"

"A bug came in."

"A bug?! Where in the world are there bugs that break glass windows! We need to report to the police right away...!"

"Wait. We don't need to report-"

Ding dong!

The room doorbell rang.

"This is the police! Athlete Kang Moon-soo, please open the door!"

How did they know there was an accident?

There was a foul smell of conspiracy.


"Han-hee, start recording a video on your smartphone now."

"Did you already call the police?"

"No way."


Park Han-hee, who noticed something strange, picked up her smartphone.

"Are you ready?"


"I'm opening it."

From now on, it's a life-or-death battle of public opinion.

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