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Dream Breaker - Chapter 72

The Swimming Emperor(16) To Protect the Nation!

What if you fall asleep, despairing over your wrong choices and the grim reality, only to wake up and find yourself back in the past?

Everyone would think the same thing.

'This is an opportunity.'

Without doubting why such an opportunity was given only to oneself, one would simply think that they could change the past.


Park Han-hee called me, feeling that the conversation was out of place.

"I'll explain later."


Nam Hae-soo seemed to feel that my introduction was insufficient.

"A shaman? Did you see the future or something?"

"Do you have a conscience? Does that future seem possible?"


As of now, there is no possibility of Nam Hae-soo marrying Park Han-hee.

Surprisingly, he was already married while he was jealous of me dating Park Han-hee. He had a lot of dangerous relationships with female singers and actresses.

'It's impossible.'

Park Han-hee, who likes me, wouldn't give birth to a child of such a man as Nam Hae-soo.

She would know that very well herself.

The same future will not come.

"Mr. Hwang Hae-soo? Please leave now. I have to leave for the Olympics tomorrow, according to the schedule."

"...I'm sorry for the intrusion."

It was difficult to continue the conversation in a place where many eyes were watching.

Nam Hae-soo withdrew obediently.


As soon as he left, Park Han-hee urged me to explain.

"No one knows about my past. I got a new resident registration card because of my amnesia. I don't even know who I am."

"I know that already."

My personal information was dug up as I became famous.

Although there was no dirt to be found, the fact that I had no past led to rumors of me being an alien.

The rumor still floats around.

"As soon as I saw that man, some of my memories came back."


"My memories are still fuzzy, so it's hard to give a detailed explanation, but I'm sure he's a very wicked person."

"I think I would know that even without an explanation."

Taking away someone else's happiness and life can never be justified.

"Moon-soo. If more memories come back, be sure to tell me."

"I will."

As I felt before, amnesia is the best excuse to ignore all cause and effect.

* * *

The South Korean national team received a passionate farewell from the airport as they departed.

"Kang Moon-soo! Kang Moon-soo! Kang Moon-soo...!"

"Long live South Korea!"

"Cheer up! Kang Moon-soo, the athlete~!"

"Moon-soo oppa! I love you!"

Among them, my popularity was truly unparalleled!

Was it due to the recent unpleasant incident that caused the government and civic groups to pay more attention?

Even though I hadn't won a single Olympic gold medal yet, I was being treated almost like a 'national hero.'

"Your popularity as an athlete is incredible."

"I'm surprised too."

"If Han-hee doesn't put in more effort, she might lose you."

The swimming coach sitting next to me spoke quite loudly.


Park Han-hee, sitting on the opposite side of me, immediately reacted.

"Oh, are you worried?"

"N-no, I trust Moon-soo!"

"That sounds like you're not confident."


"I never thought I'd see my sister cling to a man. What did you say before? Men are..."

"Please! Just shut up!"

"I'll think about it if you introduce me to a decent man."

"You wouldn't even accept it if I did."

"It's just that I didn't like them...!"

"You were always the one to break up first."



The sisters waged a battle of nerves with me in the middle.

"Shh! Quiet."



The sisters, belatedly realizing that the eyes of other passengers, athletes, and coaches were focused on them due to my remark.

"We're, we're sorry."

"We're truly sorry."

After apologizing several times and bowing their heads, they finally quieted down.

I should have felt more comfortable being caught between the sisters, but...

I couldn't.

'Is this plane... alright?'

In the world of the romance fantasy novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of a Count>, even though I suffered from severe seasickness when I took a boat, I didn't feel anxious. Because I knew how to swim. There was a sense of relief knowing that even if I fell into the sea, I could survive.

But what about now?

If the plane explodes in the sky or crashes, I would just face death without being able to do anything.



"Is this your first time on a plane? You seem a little nervous. Ah! You might not remember because of your amnesia."

"No. It's my second time."

I immediately denied Park Han-hee's cautious question, trying not to give off a dismissive nuance.

Once for a family trip.

It was then that I first realized how small my existence was in this world.

'I really realized it then.'

I knew that when looking down from a tall building, everything, including people, looked small.

But the sight of the 'tall building' I lived in becoming smaller than a fingernail?

The sky above the sky.

The one flying above the runner.

The galaxy above the solar system.

Until then, my self-esteem had pierced the sky, but it humbled me like dust and made me a modest person.

"When was the first time?"

"I don't remember."

The reason I was nervous was that I was on a plane from an era with insufficient technology.


Modern planes don't have such noise or vibrations. It just didn't feel reassuring because of that.

"I am a little surprised."


"The Moon-soo I knew is always calm. When fans flocked, when gangsters attacked, when the police pointed guns..."

"So, are you disappointed?"

"No. I just thought Moon-soo is like me. He felt a bit distant until now."


As she said that, Park Han-hee gently leaned her head on my shoulder.

She wasn't skilled enough to be selected as a national representative, but she was able to accompany me as a special companion.

"...Did it get better?"

"Uh... No."

Thump, thump.

I felt a slight strain on my heart from being nervous in a different way.

'I can understand Nam Hae-soo a bit.'

Nam Hae-soo, who started a new life, married a young aspiring entertainer who was a social newcomer, but it seemed he wasn't satisfied.

The reason I'm concluding this?

It's because I was doing something similar.

Song Seon-young.


Every time I found myself unconsciously comparing them to my 'ex-girlfriends,' I wanted to hit my head.

"Cheer up."

"I have to."

Nam Hae-soo must be very confused by now.

* * *

"How could you use my daughter's name...!"

Even when he tried to assassinate Kang Moon-soo, the man who touched his ex-wife Park Han-hee, he wasn't as flustered as he was now.


His legs kept trembling as if reflecting his uneasy feelings.

"Chairman. The target has just left the country."

"...Are the preparations done?"

"No problem. The chairman's great will to worry about the future of South Korea won't be hindered."


For the future of South Korea.

Nam Hae-soo returned to his youth, when he had only thought about the Olympic gold medals, ignoring the crisis of the country.

He had come this far with just one thought: to prevent the imminent national crisis.

"Don't blame yourself."


"In order to correct this corrupt country, we need a hero like you, Chairman. That's why everyone voluntarily went to prison."


The secretary completely misunderstood the reason for his serious expression.

Nam Hae-soo did not correct him.

'I wasn't wrong.'

Knowing the future of his beloved country, he had done a lot.

Investing in defense companies to strengthen national defense, and disposing of politicians who would ruin the country in the future by disguising it as suicide...

He had silently fought a lonely battle that no one recognized.

Of course,

"Only Chairman Hwang Hae-soo can save the country from its downfall."

"That's right."

Now, numerous sympathizers were by his side to protect him.

Their abilities may vary, but their love and concern for their country are second to none.

"You just need to give us the order, Chairman."


"Do you still have concerns?"

"Kang Moon-soo."

"Ah! This time we'll..."

"No. We must capture him alive. I have something I want to ask him."


"Capture him alive, no matter what. Tell them that any mistakes will not be tolerated."


Nam Hae-soo anxiously awaited the outcome.

* * *

It was too quiet.

"...What's going on?"

Not long after eating the in-flight meal, I was hit by drowsiness. So, I fell asleep right away without even using the eye mask provided by the airline...

When I opened my eyes, the inside of the plane was as quiet as a mouse.



All passengers, including the sisters sitting on either side of me, were motionless, deep in sleep.

There was no one going to the bathroom to empty their bladder, and no one watching a movie without sleeping.

'Is it normal for an old-fashioned plane to be like this?'

It couldn't be.

I only hesitated for a moment about calling a flight attendant.


Being careful not to wake up Park Han-hee, who had fallen asleep with her head resting on my shoulder, I got up quietly.



It wasn't that I was seeing things or being overly sensitive. First-class, business-class, and economy-class passengers were all sound asleep, unaware of anything.

It was not a normal situation.

'Is this a new occult?'

I decided to look for the flight attendants who were nowhere to be seen.

Step by step...

Looking left and right, preparing for any surprise attack, I headed towards the front of the plane where the cockpit, first-class, and kitchen were located.

"What is this...?"

The flight attendants were huddled together in a corner of the first-class section. And I saw men pointing guns at them...

It was an emergency situation for anyone to see.

'Does the captain know?'

If the captain, who is controlling the plane, is also part of the same group, it's very serious. There's no guarantee that this plane will head to its scheduled destination.


The secret rebellion would be over if the plane landed normally, but they didn't consider that and proceeded anyway.

In other words, the destination must have already changed.

"You. Go and check."

"There's no way they're awake already... Alright."

The conversation was heard.

"There could be someone else who didn't eat the in-flight meal."

There was a girl who looked like a middle school student hiding behind the flight attendants.

"Uhm... Captain. Isn't that dangerous?"

"Do you think the gun is just for decoration?"

"Ah! I forgot. We have guns."

"Hurry up and go."


"Wait! If the gun is taken away, it'll be a headache, so leave it behind."

"Huh? If I leave the gun..."

"Are you crazy! Do I have to explain everything from one to ten? Hide a stun gun in your pocket."

"Ah! We had that!"

"...If you see an awake passenger, knock them out with a stun gun and bring them here."


Entrusting such an important task of monitoring the passengers to an immature subordinate?

The man called the 'Captain', who was cursing at his subordinate, didn't look very competent either.

"Get back quickly."

"Don't be nervous."

Including the rest who were relieved that they weren't given the annoying task.

The reason the flight attendants were suppressed by these pathetic people was purely because of the 'gun.'

'Here they come!'

There was no time. The business class where I was sitting was very close.

If they find out the seat is empty, they'll all rush to catch me at once.

'I'm also worried about that.'

There was no way to avoid the surveillance cameras installed throughout the plane.


I reduced the sound of my footsteps and then sprinted to the economy class at full speed.

From now on, it's a race against time!

I prayed that the inexperienced subordinate would thoroughly check the kitchen, bathroom, and second-floor cabins, and then,

"Excuse me."


I carried a woman around the same age as the athletes on my shoulder and returned to my business class seat and sat her down.


Even the seatbelt was perfectly fastened.

'Wow! She doesn't wake up like this?'

Seeing her not waking up while I was carrying her, it seemed that the sleeping pills in the in-flight meal were very strong.




The sight of the three women sleeping side by side.

It looked more natural than when I, a man, was sandwiched between the sisters.


I seated the economy class passenger further back than the empty seat where the woman was originally sitting.

Two more times in the same way!

Finally, I successfully lured the inexperienced subordinate to the rear of the plane without being detected.

"Hmm... Let's go back- Whoops?!"

I, who was hiding close to the partition, ambushed the unsuspecting man.


I grabbed his mouth with my palm to prevent him from screaming, not giving him a chance to take out the stun gun hidden in his pocket-


I twisted his head and broke his neck.

"...That was clean."


I moved the easily disposed-of monitor to a corner where he couldn't be seen.

'Should I start a survival game?'


Holding the confiscated stun gun in my hand, I moved forward.

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