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Dream Breaker - Chapter 75


The Swimming Emperor(19)  For the Motherland!

Everyone regrets their past mistakes and wrong doings.

Even those who claim otherwise cannot confidently say that their past selves were perfect.

The same went for Nam Hae-soo.

"This is an opportunity."

In the past, swimming was his whole life. That's why he didn't hesitate to bring down his competitors who stood in the way of his success.

The Emperor of Swimming.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he built this title by stepping on others.

'This time, it's different.'

As he grew older, his perspective broadened, and he realized how vast the world was.

Politics, economy, culture, diplomacy, science...

It was different from his childhood when his mind was filled with swimming alone.

"Real estate speculation..."

"Announcing an apology to the nation..."

"Suppressing the rally..."

Nam Hae-soo, a former swimmer, was not interested in politics, but he was not unaware of its consequences.


He couldn't help but know because it affected everyday life such as taxes, welfare, and public order, even if he didn't want to know.

"I have to stop it."

The only person who could prevent the same tragedy from happening again was himself!

He had to stop politicians who would ruin the future of South Korea from advancing at all costs.


In a capitalist society, there's almost nothing that can't be done with 'money.'

'I have enough capital.'

Unlike Nam Hae-soo, who was born in an ordinary family, his new body, 'Hwang Hae-soo,' was a third-generation chaebol.

Thanks to the chairman, who had completely lost interest in his son, who was nothing but a face, doting on him as his 'grandson'!

What followed was simple.


"Oh! My cute little one!"

"Can you give me some pocket money?"

"Hehe! Tell me quickly what toy you want..."

"I want to buy land."


"It's a rice field, so it's cheap now. But when the development restrictions are lifted, it'll be hundreds of times more expensive."

"Real estate investment at the age of five... Where did you hear that?"

"I studied it."


It was an eye-popping price for ordinary people, but from a chaebol's perspective, the land was very cheap.

If the price doesn't go up?

He could just sell it later.

"If you give your grandpa a kiss on the cheek, I'll think about it."


"Hehehe! That's nice."

For a chaebol, a loving grandson's kiss was a good deal.

And that land really saw its value skyrocket 50 times a year later when development restrictions were suddenly lifted, and a subway station and landmark were built.


"I can't believe it."

"I want to buy something."

"Hehe! Tell me anything. It's the money I earned thanks to my cute little one. I'll even buy you a real airplane."

"I want to invest in a movie."

"A movie?"

"Yes. I also want to buy more land."

Nam Hae-soo had confidence in the film industry.

Even if he didn't know about politics, he enjoyed cultural life to some extent. He knew the titles of movies that had been hugely successful.

"Which movie company?"

"It's a little-known movie company and director. But I'm sure it'll be a huge hit."


Unlike land, the film industry was not easy to invest in.

If the company went bankrupt, the investment could not be recovered. Even more so if it was an unreliable small and medium-sized enterprise.



"...Alright. It's your money, so use it as you please!"

"Wow! Thank you!"

"Oh, my cute little one. Are you that happy?"

"Yes! Grandpa is the best!"


As much as he took the risk, the returns from the film industry were beyond imagination.

200 times? 300 times?

Thanks to the abundant funds, they were able to produce movies much more comfortably than before, resulting in a huge success.

"Thank you!"

"You're my benefactor!"

"I'll work hard."

Thanks to the successful movie, the actors who had jumped from obscurity to stardom shed tears of gratitude.

And these connections,

"Show gratitude to my grandson."

"Hello! I'm Hwang Hae-soo!"

Nam Hae-soo increased his allies by following his grandfather.

"8 years old...?"

"Business investment at 8?!"

"What a great grandson."

However, Nam Hae-soo tried his best to be humble. He shouldn't change the future with his interference.

It was an obvious decision to continue investing safely.

"There's no way. My grandpa is exaggerating too much."

"Oh! It sounds like this old man is lying, doesn't it?"

“I don’t think anyone here thinks that.”

"Oh, my..."

It was true.

It looked like his grandfather was lying just to brag about his beloved grandson.

From the beginning, they had a favorable impression of him, so it only looked heartwarming, and there was no one around to criticize.

That's how perfect the security was!

As Nam Hae-soo gained more trust from his grandfather, he invested more boldly and never failed once.


"Young Master! It's a disaster! The Chairman has passed away in an accident!"


A crisis came to Nam Hae-soo's smooth life.

His father's jealousy and greed, collusion between rival companies and politicians, deliberate accidents...

As money gathered, countless people set their sights on him, and Nam Hae-soo, who was still a minor, defended himself with great difficulty.

For a full 10 years!

He wasted precious time and money in dirty mud fights until he became legally an adult.

"Hae-soo, please have mercy...!"

"We were wrong...!"

"Father, mother, congratulations on your life sentence. Stay healthy."


He sent his parents, who had no love for him from the beginning, to prison.

'I can't forgive you for interfering with my plans!'

He was a special being chosen to change the gloomy future of South Korea.

He will eliminate anyone who gets in his way, even if they are family.

"Chairman Hwang Hae-soo, you've worked hard."

"You've worked hard!"

"You've worked hard!"

He may have wasted precious time and money, but he wasn't idle. He was able to gather people with similar intentions.


If he could exterminate the pests that ruin his beloved country, he would gladly give his only life!

"Are you ready?"


"Of course!"

At the resounding response, Nam Hae-soo smiled with satisfaction.

'I can do it!'

He was filled with confidence and emotion that he couldn't fail if they were together.

"Long live the Republic of Korea."

"Long live!"

"Long live!"

Nam Hae-soo led his comrades and began full-scale activities.

* * *

"I thought we would succeed soon. But as soon as the trash that's eating away at this country felt the crisis, they joined forces to resist."

"That must have been frustrating."

I silently listened to Nam Hae-soo's grumbling.

'It would be unexpectedly easy?'

He seemed to want me to sympathize with him, but my mind was full of the 'plan to wake up from sleep.'

Unaware of that, Nam Hae-soo said,

"I realized then that there are limits to judging by the law. They dragged the investigation, removed evidence and witnesses, and then confidently went to trial. Isn't it really infuriating?"


"So, I decided to gain real power. I invested in defense companies to strengthen national defense and trained soldiers armed with conventional weapons."


The decisive reason why I couldn't overpower Nam Hae-soo.

Even now, it's the same.

'If I move, he'll shoot right away.'

Nam Hae-soo's decision to bring his family along was not out of complacency or trust but confidence in his absolute power!

It also meant that he had changed his policy of not killing me.


"Are you happy with the result?"

My goal is persuasion.

It would be easy and convenient if I could subdue Nam Hae-soo with force, but that's not the only way.


He frowned and gulped down his drink when asked a question.


As soon as his wife silently refilled the empty glass, he drank again.

"I can tell just by looking at your expression."

"You must be much younger than me, without a doubt."

"That's correct."

"...I know it's not adult-like to blame the youth, but I feel like I'm going to collapse from anger! I just couldn't help it."

"Then go ahead."

It was amusing to see him trying to save face as an elder.

Was he planning to kill me like that?

Does he think it will work if he says he never vented his anger after failing every time?

"Why did you impersonate me?"

"What do you mean...?"

"Don't play dumb! You participated in the Olympics as a swimmer and seduced Park Han-hee, didn't you!"

I chuckled and replied.

"I'm actually a swimmer in reality. In fact, my performance is excellent. If I'm not capable, I can't even go to the Olympics."

"...What about Park Han-hee?"

"She confessed her feelings to me first and started following me."

"Don't lie!"

“Get rid of the prejudice that just because you were dumped, everyone else will be dumped.”


At my perfect logic, Nam Hae-soo's expression contorted.

"First of all, you've already married another woman, and trying to kill me out of jealousy seems like an abuse of power."


"Isn't it?"

"...Han-hee is a good woman."

"Ah, yes."

Wouldn't his wife sitting next to him feel upset if he suddenly said that?



The way she poured the drink without being shaken didn't seem to be the case.

"That's right."

"So, if I have to give up because I married another woman, I can just change the law."

"Oh! That's an idea...!"

It's a really amazing idea.

"People might criticize it as ethically wrong. But look at the reality of this country. Parents abandon their children because life is hard, or they irresponsibly commit suicide."


I somewhat sympathized because I had a similar experience.

"Instead, it's better for the rich to have more spouses and raise more children. Isn't that right?"

"...Having a lot of money doesn't mean you raise children well."

“I didn't mean to persuade you.”

"Oh, yes."

I was completely ignored.

"When the whole nation's attention is focused on the Olympic opening ceremony, South Korea will completely remove its rotten roots and be reborn!"

"...Is it a rebellion?"

"It's awkward to say. Call it a great revolution."


I glanced at the cruise ship floating on the water.

If all his words were true, he wouldn't spend all night talking with me at such an important time.

As soon as the mission is over, the snipers will shoot me all at once.

"Kang Moon-soo, there's only one way for you to live."

"What is it?"

"Help Park Han-hee to like me."

I knew it.

"Are you serious?"

"Do I look like someone who would joke in this situation?"

"That's not the question."


"Park Han-hee - no, she's already your wife. How can I help then?"

"Not now."

"No. She's still your wife now. She's waiting for Nam Hae-soo to wake up."


Nam Hae-soo's eyes narrowed like a snake as he looked at me.

"Have you forgotten already? I told you that I'm a shaman commissioned by the International Swimming Federation."


"It's not nonsense. You just didn't admit it."


Nam Hae-soo stared at me as if he was going to pierce my face.

I announced to him.

"This world is your dream."


"It's the delusion and fabrication of Nam Hae-soo, who wanted to change history."


"In reality, the children and the alliance are fighting for the wealth accumulated by the emperor of swimming. Mrs. Park Han-hee is watching from afar-"

"It's a lie...!"

With a bang!

Enraged, Nam Hae-soo kicked the chair and stood up.

'Here it comes...!'

An intuition I knew from dying many times.

I twisted my whole body.


Numerous bullets grazed my skin, splattering blood.

"Nam Hae-soo! Open your eyes... huh?"

I saw Nam Hae-soo with a bullet through his head.

With a thud.

His body collapsed.

What's happening?

"Oh my!"

The wife, who hadn't said a word until now, let out a scream.

A completely unfazed face.

She pretended to be scared when her eyes met mine.

"Please save me! My husband was killed by Kang Moon-soo!"


The newborn baby, startled by its mother's cry, woke up and began to cry.

"I'm not the one- Urgh?!"

Thwack! Ping! Thwack-!

The trajectories of the bullets flying from the cruise ship were aimed precisely at me.


The reason was obvious.


'I'm going crazy...!'

It didn't matter that his wife and subordinates had betrayed him.

The problem?

"Nam Hae-soo!"


I desperately called out, but there was no way the man, with half of his head, including his brain, gone, could be alive.

What's going to happen now?

If I could go back to the past like Song Seon-young, it would be a relief...



A chilling sound came from Nam Hae-soo's body lying on the floor.

A familiar shiver.

'Could it be...?'

And then, a suspicious phenomenon unfolded before my eyes.

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