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Chapter 10 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Bares Family’s office.

Crete stared at Rene with frozen eyes while sitting on a chair.

Rene lowered her head as if she was intimidated and waited for Crete to speak.

“You’ve finished the last task your father gave you.”

Crete uttered indifferently.

Rene nodded her head slightly.


“That means you’re trying to claim your qualification to enter the academy from me.”


An institution established in the Demon World to nurture talents who would invade the human world.

Rene had attacked the secret passage in order to gain the qualification to enter there.

Normally, she would have been able to proceed with the admission process right away, but Crete had ordered her to conquer the Secret Realm under the pretext of testing her qualifications.

Rene nodded her head.


It would have been considered rude for Rene to continue to answer in short sentences, but Crete didn’t think much of it.

Rene, who had developed mutism after her mother left.

The fact that she was even able to speak in short sentences was a welcome development.

“Can’t you give up?”


Rene didn’t answer Crete’s words that urged him to give up and closed his mouth.

Crete inwardly smiled at Rene’s resolute attitude.

It was like the feelings of a parent watching a child they had put by the water.

Crete’s appearance was not reflected well in Rene’s eyes.

Because it seemed like he would never acknowledge her.

Rene, who was aiming the blade of revenge at the humans who killed her mother and friends.

Crete, who was trying to take away the knife, Rene was holding.

The conflict between father and daughter continued endlessly like parallel lines.

As a subtle silence flowed between them,

“What do you think? Is he useful?”

Crete suddenly asked.

Rene didn’t answer rashly and thought for a moment before finally recalling the face of one person.

Crete was asking about the boy who seemed to be his peer that she had encountered in the secret relm.


Rene closed her eyes for a moment and recalled the appearance of the boy.

At first glance, he was 'weak'.

The amount of mana he possessed was also insignificant. It was difficult to sense the atmosphere unique to the strong.

Decisively, the way he smiled with his eyes floating sickeningly looked very sinister...…


The one move he showed,

Ruthlessly shattered the first impression that Rene felt.

As if using Teleportation, he charged at Rene and snatched away her sword.

Rene couldn't read any of that series of actions.

The boy even handed his arm over to Rene.

His intention to show the difference in their abilities while trying to reassure Rene was obvious.


It was a very disgraceful memory for Rene, who was called a genius in battle.

In addition, the fact that Crete didn't seem to have much faith in her bothered Rene.

'Does Father think of me as a greenhouse flower?'

'Why would he attach a strong person who can't even read his presence as her escort?'

Rene nodded her head as several questions came to mind.

"That person is strong."

"I see."

Crete nodded his head with a satisfied smile and said.

"In 2 months, you will be able to achieve what you desire."


Rene's eyes widened as if what was to come had finally arrived.

"You may leave now."


Rene left the office with a much more relaxed expression than before.

Now, only Crete remained in the silent office.


Crete leaned back in his chair and became deeply absorbed in thought.

The subject was the boy who had suddenly invaded the secret relm a few days ago.

The boy had entered the Secret Realm and had been inactive for several days after that.

That's why he thought he was just a wimp who couldn't even conquer the Secret Realm and ignored him.

Anyway, he was sure to die.

But, he showed his daughter amazing skills and conquered the Secret Realm.


"I didn't think he would succeed in the Selection."

He made the Eye of Arrogance, which was originally supposed to go to his daughter, his own.

If he were an ordinary person, his head would have exploded and he would have died the moment the Eye of Arrogance touched his body, unable to withstand the intense magic.

However, the boy was acknowledged by the Eye of Arrogance.

Crete neither got angry nor questioned him about it.

Rather, he thought it was better for that child to possess the Eye of Arrogance.

If her daughter had possessed the Eye of Arrogance, she wouldn’t have been able to use even half of her power.

Perhaps she might have been devoured by the Eye of Arrogance and lost her power.

Among the successors of the Bares family, only about five people received the approval of the Eye of Arrogance and became its owner.

Even among them, there were very few who could properly handle the Eye of Arrogance…….

But that guy.

“How interesting.”

He's worth using.

Crete smirked and defined Adel in that way.

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  1. Why does Crete and Rene's gender keep changing so much? When introduced Crete was refered as a female then later on it was a confirmed he was a man and now Rene is refered as.a man even when she is a girl... Is the translator having a.trouble or there isn't any editor/proof reader?

    1. Thanks for pointing out. I have updated the chapter. Issue is I don't have proof reader, due to which I have to do both and am updating whenever I find any mistake.

      Again thanks for pointing out.