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Chapter 100 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

From the New World (3)

I am currently plastered against the airplane window, my face filled with awe as we take off.

I can't believe I'm actually on a plane.

I thought it would feel like a ride at an amusement park, but surprisingly, my body felt heavy during takeoff for a moment, and then it was no different than riding in a car.

As we ascended and gained altitude, the buildings appeared like dots, and I could see the whole of Seoul from Incheon.

I couldn't take my eyes off the tiny airplane window during the entire ascent.

Monica's voice comes from the seat next to me.

"Ban, it takes over 12 hours and 30 minutes to Milan, you need to manage your stamina well. This is your first long-haul flight, right?"

It's not just a long-haul flight; it's my first flight ever.

I even got a new passport for this trip - it's brand new.

Embarrassed about being a novice, I memorized all the tips for passing through immigration, items not allowed in luggage, and Italian etiquette. But I didn't know that first-class passengers don't have to queue and can board early, unlike economy passengers.

And what's with this seat?

Even if I stretch my legs, they don't reach the front seat.

On TV, I only saw planes with narrow aisles, two seats on each side, and either four or three seats in the middle. But here, there are spacious areas with only two seats on each end. It's like the private jets I've seen in dramas used by chaebols. I didn't know regular airlines had such seats.

Ignorance isn't a crime, but I was too shy to ask about everything and just silently followed Monica. However, I couldn't take my eyes off the scenery outside the window during takeoff.

Monica opens a magazine and says,

"We don't have a direct flight to our village. We'll stop in Milan and then go see the site chosen for the store. There's still a long way to go before the opening, but for now, go there, take photos, and start planning."

I am on my way to Monica's hometown, Roseto Valfortore.

The very place I drew as a background when I first drew Monica. It's her hometown that she dreams of reviving. The thought of going to such a fairytale-like village excites me. And even more thrilling is the fact that we will stop in Milan, the city of fashion, first.

'I wonder if it's true that models walk around with their clothes fluttering, and actors like Jang Dong-gun and Won Bin are begging on the streets?'

I'm slightly worried about being treated like an outsider when I arrive in Milan.

The flight to Italy is exciting.

But my first flight was so tedious.

Damn, I've never sat in one place for twelve hours before.

My whole body aches. I woke up seven times to check the time. The endless view of the ocean from the flying plane tires me out.

Finally, the screen attached to the seat in front lights up, showing our current location near Milan Linate Airport, and an announcement plays.

I wriggle in my seat with a bit of excitement, eager to grab my luggage and disembark.

Monica looks at me and laughs.



"We still have about 30 minutes before we can disembark. Calm down."


Embarrassingly enough.

Then why start the announcement so early?

I try to sit still and cross my legs, but my restless heart won't settle. As the outline of Italy starts to appear outside the window, my excitement grows even more.

'I'm really in Italy!'


Wow, I thought the climate would be quite different since it's such a distant country from ours.

But Italy is also hot, similar to Korea's July, around 31 degrees Celsius.

Upon disembarking at the airport, a chauffeur who was waiting for us opens the car door.

Monica, who got into the luxury car, smiles continuously, pleased to see her hometown after so long.

"Milan isn't exactly a city with a lot to see. However, thanks to its strategic location, it's a frequent stop for travelers in Europe. To the west is France, to the north, Switzerland, southwards Rome, and eastwards Venice. It's a city that connects all these regions, making it a must-visit for train travelers."

I know, I've already checked the map before leaving.

Milan is located near the northernmost part of Italy. It's a must-visit for travelers coming from France or Switzerland to Italy.

I look at the cityscape with curious eyes and ask,

"Where's Monica's store going to be?"

"In the center of the Quadrilatero."

What's that, some weird name? Sounds like a quattro cheese pizza.

"Is it a famous place?"

The driver glanced at me through the rearview mirror, understanding my question in English. Hey, it's not a crime to be ignorant, right?

Monica laughed and explained,

"It's in the heart of Milan's fashion district, known as the 'Sanctuary of Fashion'. That's where the potential site for my store is."

Wow, the Sanctuary of Fashion? What kind of place is it to have such a name?

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