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Chapter 103 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

The exterior of the building looks unmistakably abandoned. Was it used as a village communication office or something? Holding Lea's hand and approaching the building, my eyes widen as we get closer.


The inscription on the building, resembling a Greek temple.

The engraved letters. I freeze upon seeing them.

Letters I never imagined.

Today's Exhibition: Claude Monet, Meets the Scent.

"Why is this here?"

It can’t be.

But inside, I see it. A ticket kiosk.

Just like the one I saw in Korea.

Of course, there could be art galleries in Italy.

But in such a rural village?

In such a secluded place?

With a ticket machine just like the one in the Jongno gallery?

Stunned, I stare at the gallery. Then I remember there's someone here who can answer my questions. Crouching down to meet the eyes of the little girl holding my hand, I gesture and ask her questions.

"Lea! Has this been here for a long time? Have you been inside?"


She doesn’t understand my words.

But her expression. She keeps glancing at the gallery. It must be different from what she remembers. A question mark is visible on the child's face.

'This isn’t the space the child knew.'

I can't be certain, but looking at Lea's expression, it seems right.

Hesitantly, I approach the gallery.

The interior of the building differs from that in Jongno. Unlike Jongno, where staircases to the second floor and basement were visible together, here, there's an entrance like a cave at the back of the building.

To prepare for any potential danger, I first picked up Lea. In case something happened, I wanted to quickly escape while holding her.

"Lea, you need to stick close to me, okay?"


As I cautiously entered the building and stood in front of the ticket kiosk, I was stunned.

"Really, did that art gallery follow me?"

The strange art gallery in Jongno.

That's their ticket machine. How do I know?

Damn, it's written in Korean, how can I not know?

20,000 won for adults, 5,000 won for preschool children.

This is written in Korean.

"Wow, is my mind messed up because of the time difference? Lea, do you see this?"

As I pointed to the ticket machine and asked, Lea, not understanding what I said, reached out and touched the machine. She seems fascinated, as if seeing it for the first time.

I glanced at the cave.

There's a black door. I hope it's not just an illusion.

Holding Lea, I stepped outside the building again to check the writing on the stone slab.

The same text is still there.

"Claude Monet."

No, it's not important who is being exhibited right now.

The problem is that this art gallery seems to be following me.

A chill runs down my spine, and I feel the hair on my body stand on end.

I re-enter the building and push the black door at the entrance of the cave. But it doesn't open. I try pulling and sliding it to the side, but the door doesn't budge.

As I struggle with the door, Lea pats my cheek.


Lea points her finger at a spot. It's the ticket kiosk.

"…Buy a ticket?"

She nods emphatically.

What does she understand and say?

It's not like 'Open Sesame,' where buying a ticket will open the door, Lea.

Buying a ticket at a closed gallery is like throwing money away.

She probably doesn't know what she's saying. She must have been taught by her mother not to just enter places like this. Lea keeps pointing at the ticket kiosk. Oh, I don't know anymore.

"Should I just buy one?"

If I don't, I'll be curious for the rest of my life. Oh well, I can afford to spend 25,000 won.

I'm glad I have some Korean money left over from Incheon Airport, as I exchanged most of it for euros. I put the money in the machine and press for one adult and one child. A receipt-like ticket pops out from below.

"Wow, it actually works."

Hesitating in front of the cave door, I push it slightly with the hand holding the ticket.

"Mom, damn!"

Damn it, the door actually opens.

What is this?

Like a hinge doused in oil, the door opens silently and effortlessly.

As soon as I open the door, music envelops us.

I'm not sure what the music is.

It sounds like an organ, but other instruments are audible too.

It doesn't seem to be a composition well-known to Koreans, but it's very grand and beautiful.

Inside the door is indeed a cave.

The ceiling and walls are made of rough stone, but the floor is clean marble. Moreover, the interior is very bright. If it had been dark and damp, I would have hesitated to enter, but being so clean and bright, my guard is lowered.

I look at Lea, whom I'm holding, and ask.

"Do you want to go in there with me? Are you not scared?"

Lea, nestled in my arms, wiggles her hips like she's riding a horse, urging me to go faster and pointing inside.

I look into the cave with tense eyes.

"Surely, we won't die, right?'

I would have already gone in if I were alone, but I'm worried because of Lea.

In an emergency, I should be able to at least get the child out.

Oh well, let's go in.

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