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Chapter 11 Part 1 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

The Hunter's Guild was relatively quiet. It was lunchtime, and since hunters were human too, most of them wanted to rest on weekends.

A beautiful receptionist with a bright smile sat at the counter, and to the right were six self-service kiosks. Unless it was a high-rank request requiring formal verification procedures, most could be completed at the self-service kiosks.

Yeon-woo approached an empty kiosk and held his student ID card to the reader.

Beep, the screen changed with a sound. Only F-rank requests were illuminated. When he touched it, the screen split into two parts.

The upper part was for herb gathering and monster subjugation. It was a collection of miscellaneous tasks that someone had to do, called standing requests.

The lower part contained requests similar to the one where Yeon-woo met Alkinea in his previous life. They were consignment requests, entrusted to the Hunter's Guild by the client.

[There are only suspicious requests….]

‘That's how it usually is.’

F-rank, the rank assigned to newly registered hunters, was in an ironic position.

The death rate of F-rank, which should only have the safest and easiest requests, was the highest among all ranks.

There was a reason for this. The client wanted to pay as little as possible, and the hunter wanted to receive as much as possible.

The moment a high-rank hunter was set as the minimum requirement, the compensation jumped, and if there were several people, it jumped again.

Of course, the Hunter's Guild had guidelines to ensure that the conditions were met in the most reasonable way possible, but cases like unexplored gate investigations, where information available from the outside was extremely rare, became a problem.

Of course, the Hunter's Guild also made various efforts to reduce the death rate by providing support in various ways, but….

Then which request should he take? Since he had worked as a porter at this point in his previous life to gain experience, he couldn't remember anything unless it was a really famous incident. He had little time to read newspapers or watch the news.

But when he thought about the days when he was working as a porter, something seemed to come to mind.

The porter position was basically sought after by two types of people. Adapters who wanted to experience the gate before officially starting their hunter activities.

And those who didn't have magic or had little magic, so they didn't work as hunters, but still jumped into the gate at the risk of danger because the pay was good anyway.

Naturally, the latter accounted for more than 90% of the internal ratio. It was understandable that most of their conversation topics were related to money.

And among the money-related topics they shared, the most frequent one was the story of another porter's life reversal.

Most of the stories were about who went into which gate and hit the jackpot, or who dug up a magic stone the size of a rock there.

‘There was something around this time…?’

In the vague memories, the voices of the old men chatting during a short break come back to life. Mr. Park bought a sports car, oh my, how did that gentleman make such money? Apparently, he dug up a magic stone in that remote mine.

It seems that Mr. Park is on the insincere side, as I recall him lamenting that what's the point of working hard every day when one stroke of good luck could end it all.

Actually, maybe my memory is good…?


It seemed that memory enhancement was also the power of the Dragon Heart. What the hell was the Dragon Heart? Even elixir of immortality wasn't this good….

But the northern mine. It wasn't a clear clue, but he didn't think it was impossible to find. Yeon-woo pressed the consignment request section and scrolled down.

It wouldn't be an exploration-type request. Thinking it was a gathering type, he sorted the categories, and only requests classified as gathering remained on the screen.

Among them, he found a few that seemed like the right ones. He just checked the request information and left it for now.

Gates that were always open could be entered even without accepting a request, as long as the gate rank and hunter rank matched.

Since it was a bit of a distance to accept a group request and it would take time for people to gather, it wouldn't be bad to just go in and dig up magic stones and come out.

Still, in order to fulfill his original purpose of completing his first request, he needed to accept a request. The problem in this case was that if he left it to the guild, he would have to wait until enough people gathered. It would be convenient if he knew a high-rank hunter.

Yeon-woo looked around the Hunter's Guild. There was no way he knew anyone like that....

As he was thinking about what to do, the guild door opened and someone familiar came in.

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