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Chapter 11 Part 4 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Baek In-hwa, Due to the characteristics of the Ice Palace, which mainly focused on footwork and movement techniques, she wasn't a swordsman, but she had experience holding a sword to learn how to deal with them. This meant she wasn't completely ignorant about swords.

That's why the sword path Choi Yeon-woo, who was the same age as her, had displayed was somewhat shocking. The chill she had felt in that moment was definitely not an illusion. The sword that descended so naturally looked like an inescapable guillotine.

Even after asking herself how to respond and coming up with several countermeasures, the fact that they weren't perfect sent chills down her spine.

But that boy had caught such a blow with his bare hand. She had heard him say through voice transmission, "I'm just testing, so don't interfere," but who the hell was this boy?


At the sudden sound of clapping, Yeon-woo and Baek In-hwa looked over. The boy was grinning.

“Alright, let this old man introduce himself. This old man's name is Yuri. No surname, just Yuri. I'm from the Alkeion continent.”


There was something familiar about his origin and name. From the Alkeion continent, there was someone who had received the name of a star through the sword. 'Myriad Sword' Yuri. Of course, it wasn't a well-known fact at this point in time.

He had met him once in his previous life, and he remembered being surprised because Yuri looked like a young man in his twenties. This was because Yuri was a veteran hunter who had crossed over through the gate over 50 years ago.

Considering that the dimensional gate leading to the Alkeion continent had opened about 70 years ago, it meant he had come over quite early.

And judging from the circumstances….

‘I think it's really Myriad Sword?’

Yuri didn't boast about it himself, but he didn't hide it either. The fact that he had reached the realm of reverse aging.

He thought that if the Yuri he had seen back then were to become ten years younger, he would look like this. Black hair and black eyes, a face so ordinary that it felt like you could have seen him anywhere in the world!

He had thought reverse aging was one thing, but reverse child transformation was nonsense, but seeing him like this, he might have really reached the realm of reverse child transformation. But it hadn't been confirmed that he was really Yuri yet.

He decided to ask directly.

“If you don't mind me asking, are you Myriad Sword, the head of the Hunter Department…?”

“That's right.”

“My, Myriad Sword……!?”

Yuri's blunt reply and Baek In-hwa's exclamation that followed. Even for Baek In-hwa, who rarely showed emotion, Myriad Sword was a surprising name.

The fact that he was Myriad Sword was a good thing. What would he have done if he had been some unknown weirdo? Well, Myriad Sword was also a weirdo, but at least he knew his identity.

‘But why did he come to us…?’

Baek In-hwa was one thing, but Yeon-woo was just a bottom-ranked student at the academy.

There was no reason for Myriad Sword of all people to come looking for him. And the person Myriad Sword was interested in wasn't Baek In-hwa, but him.

What the hell was going on??

“Don't be so nervous. I have no intention of harming you. This old man just came to find a disciple.”


Yeon-woo couldn't shake off the ominous premonition. Could it be? Disciple? Me?

“Yes, young man. Would you like to learn the sword from me?”

“Can I think about it over the weekend and give you an answer!?”

Baek In-hwa gave Yeon-woo an envious look, but he had to answer quickly.

He had been singing, "I wish there was something to train in~" just a while ago, but Myriad Sword… Myriad Sword wasn't someone he could approach so lightly.

“Are you out of your mind…?”

Baek In-hwa muttered, but Yeon-woo didn't care.

He had heard so many rumors about Myriad Sword in his previous life!

Honestly, even Yeon-woo thought the only possible future was to accept the offer, but even though he knew what would happen, it was mentally difficult to accept it right there on the spot.

“Do as you please. If you decide to become my disciple, come to the head of department's office then.”


Yeon-woo let out a sigh of relief and relaxed. It seemed like the situation was coming to an end, but Yuri spoke again.

“Then let's get back to the main point. Baek In-hwa, you were going to teach the young man movement technique, right? Can this old man teach him instead?

The only movement technique you know is the Ice Palace's, right? You can't teach him that.”

Baek In-hwa thought for a moment and nodded.

Indeed, the Ice Palace's movement technique must be a secret technique of the family. That's why she must have been hesitant about what to teach and what to leave out for Yeon-woo. After all, if you missed even one part of a martial art, it could become completely unusable.

At the same time, she might be hoping to learn something on the side by watching Yuri teach Yeon-woo movement technique.

Even though Baek In-hwa wasn't a swordsman, Yuri was a strong individual who wasn't restricted by the type of weapon.

The sudden start of the movement technique lesson was a welcome event anyway. He would gradually get used to the knack of running with magic power in his legs, but movement technique was something different.

To Yeon-woo, who was looking at him with sparkling eyes, waiting for Yuri's explanation, Yuri smiled and said.

“Then let's try running first.”


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