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Chapter 16 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Rene swung her sword horizontally.



The skeletal soldiers collapsed, their necks severed.

However, Rene couldn't advance any further.

She froze in her tracks due to the bizarre phenomenon unfolding before her eyes.

“……They're reviving.”

Rene muttered, her eyes wide open as she stopped moving.

Just as she said, the skeletal soldiers were reassembling themselves with a creaking sound, despite having collapsed once.

Rene looked flustered.

In contrast, I was calmer than usual.

'It's just as I described in the original.'

The skeletal soldiers could not be killed unless their bones were completely crushed.

That's why the territory of those who couldn't be killed was considered to be among the most dangerous.

However, it wasn't difficult if one knew the method of destruction.

“Miss, please go ahead.”


Rene glared at me sharply at my sudden request.

However, I didn't have time to answer her question.


I swung my dagger and disabled one of the skeletal soldiers.

I watched as the bones twitched and then looked at Rene.

“If you listen to me, you can easily conquer them.”


Rene reluctantly began to swing her sword and advance forward.

I followed behind her and kicked the bones that were starting to reassemble.

If I couldn't kill them, it was better to prevent them from assembling.

As I did so, I looked around, searching for 'him'.

'He's most likely at the end. He wouldn't want to die a dog's death either.'

It was as I had expected.

A moment later, at the end of my gaze, was a skeletal necromancer with glowing red eyes, holding a 'crystal orb'.

Kill the intruders.

I smiled in conviction after hearing the necromancer's mutterings.

Since I had identified the necromancer's location, the strategy became very simple.

'But it's quite a difficult situation to use the position exchange.'

The necromancer was able to control the skeletal soldiers thanks to the crystal orb.

Therefore, the problem would be solved if I could just destroy the crystal orb, but it wasn't easy to approach him.

The strongest of the skeletal soldiers would be stationed around the necromancer.

It would be the same even if I used the position exchange.

'If I exchange my position with the crystal orb, I won't be able to withstand the attacks of the surrounding guys.'

I could have used Position Exchange to escape right away, but it was a bit risky.

That's why.

'The time has finally come to use my newly acquired ability.'

After finishing my thoughts, I shouted at Rene.

"Just get me in front of that guy!"


Rene nodded and began to focus solely on clearing a path.

I slowly followed Rene while gathering my mana.

At one point, Rene stopped walking because she couldn't go any further.

The creatures guarding the Necromancer were blocking her.


'It's not close, but...I can reach it.'

I pointed the dagger in my hand.


Then, arrows began to shoot out in all directions from the dagger, not my body.

This was what I gained when Position Exchange's ability reached Stage II.

Exchanging the positions of objects.

However, the distance was very short. It was probably about 3 to 4 meters.

'It's not an ability for assassination, but an ability for thievery, so I gave it to Adel.'

If I increased the distance any further, the balance would be completely destroyed, so I put a kind of 'restriction' on it.

If I had known I would possess someone, I would have given a more overpowered ability, but I never dreamed this would happen.


I shook my head to clear my thoughts and designated the Necromancer's hand.

Since I was right in front of him, I was able to move the arrow without difficulty.


And I switched the positions of the crystal orb he was holding and the dagger.


The crystal orb was now in my hand.

My eyes narrowed with joy.

It was a pity that the distance was short, but it was still a fraudulent ability.

As the stage of Position Exchange increased, the distance would also increase, so the weakness could be somewhat compensated for.

With that, I gripped the crystal orb in my hand.

Ah, no...!

"You can't."

The necromancer reached out, crying out in pain.

However, Rene was blocking his way, so he couldn't stop me.

I smiled as I stared into the Necromancer's wavering red eyes.


The crystal orb shattered into pieces, and the necromancer's form crumbled.

The other skeleton soldiers also collapsed one by one, and soon they all crumbled to the ground.

The battle ended with our victory.

As I was looking at the fallen skeletons.

Suddenly, a faint, hoarse voice rang in my ears.

"Thank you."

A voice filled with complex and countless regrets.

I still closed the eyes of the Necromancer that were filled with a crimson glare.

...Because everyone here was a character that died because of the setting I created.

"It's over."

Rene let out a tired breath as she kicked the skeletal soldiers with her feet.

However, I shook my head at Rene's voice.

"Not yet."

"Is there more?"


That's right.

There was one more thing I hadn't finished yet.

Since I had conquered the Secret Realm, it was time for me to get my 'reward'.

"Follow me."

And so, Rene and I began to walk through the Secret Realm.

We passed the excavated graves and arrived in front of a huge pillar.

It was the base of the cross that had been on the ground.

And in front of the pillar...

"It looks like a treasure chest."

I pointed to the treasure chest with a serious expression.

I already knew that the treasure chest was here, and I even knew what was inside...

'It's better to avoid unnecessary suspicion.'

I looked at Rene and nodded my head slightly before opening my mouth.

"I wonder what's inside. Let's open it and see."

"Yeah, let's do it."

Rene looked very curious about what was inside the chest.

I was a little curious too.

It was a treasure that I had written about, but I didn't know what it actually looked like.

"I'll open it."

I bent down and opened the treasure chest.

A click was heard, and the treasure chest revealed its contents.


I let out a gasp of admiration.

There were piles of gold coins and two magnificent pieces of equipment that caught my eye.

I grabbed one of them and laughed.

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  1. I‘m kinda confused, wasn’t Rene a girl? Why is Rene always referred to as „he“?

    1. Thanks for pointing out. It has been corrected.