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Chapter 2 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Blank paper.

It simply meant plain white paper.

“What is this again.”

I grabbed the paper and shook it.

Is this really the end?

After a long time, letters suddenly began to be carved on the paper.

『 Did you receive the gift well? 』

A gift?

This is a gift.

I laughed in vain at the absurdity.

After not showing any reaction for three days, he is now calling himself a gift.

“What is the gift.”

The moment I narrowed my brows.

The paper began to write in a regretful tone.

『 Creator, do you not know how to use it? Please answer with Y/N. 』


It was a familiar word.

The only person who would say such a thing is the one who dropped me here.

“You, it’s Adel.”

When I spoke in a deliberately angry tone, words that I guessed were Adel's were written as if to ignore me.

『 Please write one letter out of Y/N on the paper. 』

Even after I spent a long time cursing and ranting, no more words were written.

Only then did I calm down my anger and write the letter 'Y' on the paper as he had asked.

Let's just see what happens.

『 Since you have accepted, I will tell you how to use ‘Information Purchase’. 』

『 If you write your question on this paper, I will answer anything. 』

『 Some questions do not require payment, but others do. 』

『 The payment increases depending on the importance of the question. 』

“Information Purchase…….”

That means I can buy the information I want if I pay a certain fee.

So I thought about it and wrote something down with a fountain pen.

- How to return to reality.

I wrote that and smiled with satisfaction. It said that it would answer ‘anything’, so it wouldn’t be able to pass.

However, the letters that were written right away snapped the string of my reason.

『 None. 』

"It's not available."

A phrase that refused to answer.

The will to never answer was conveyed.

Then, I narrowed my eyebrows slightly and wrote down another question.

I didn't expect it anyway.

- The 'detailed' method of operating mana and the method of using it to handle Adel's traits.

This should be enough.

I put down my fountain pen and looked at the fading letters.

Soon after, the letters began to be written again.

『This is a question that does not require a price.』



『It's difficult to provide information with a simple sentence.』

『I will engrave the 'method of using mana' and the 'method of handling Adel's traits' into your body.』

『Do you accept? Y / N』


It was certainly a question that was difficult to understand with an explanation.

No matter how much I, a modern person, learned magic spells or swordsmanship in writing, there would be a limit.

Maybe I wouldn't even try.


I finished my thoughts and wrote Y.

Then the letters gradually faded away, and something began to fill my head.

I couldn't help but tremble slightly as I knew it was engraving.




A long time passed like that-.

“……This was it.”

A smile came to my lips.

Adel's traits and the way to handle mana.

It was the moment when the problem that I had been struggling with for three days was solved at once.

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