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Chapter 21 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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The Demon Realm was defeated by humans and will continue to be defeated.

If so, how were the humans able to achieve victory against the Demon Realm, which is teeming with powerful beings?

To explain this, we need some common knowledge about the human world.

The bloodlines of the Six Families each develop abilities limited to their family's unique talents.

For example.

'Since Adel has abilities related to assassination.'

Arsene's ancestors would have also possessed talents related to assassination.

On the other hand, the 'Nina' family, known as the strongest of the Six Families, possessed a talent that was not particularly distinctive.

[ Sword ]

That single word is the Nina family's talent.

Not magic, brute strength, or even spiritualism, but simply 'Sword'. That alone.

Because of that modest talent, they were often considered the weakest of the Six Families before the Great Human-Demon War.

However, after the war, that evaluation completely changed.

The martial arts that the Nina family's lord demonstrated during the Great Human-Demon War.

'......It was incredible.'

Every time the lord's sword flashed, the necks of the demons would fall with a thud.

Watching that swordsmanship was like witnessing a masterpiece, leaving even some demons in awe.

With just that one talent, the protagonist's father was called 'Sword Saint'

'Sword Saint's skill was among the top five of those who fought in the Great Human-Demon War.'

In the novel, I set Sword Saint as the second strongest after the Demon King.

To help readers understand the protagonist's strength and build anticipation.

In short, the protagonist's father, 'Nina Sel', is one of the strongest on the human side, and from now on, we have to face such a figure.

"That human is Sword Saint."

"Is he planning to humiliate us?"

I wasn't the only one who recognized Sel's face.

The complexions of several students hardened.

The students who recognized Sel were showing fear.

Some clenched their fists as if they were resentful and trembled.

'Are they the children of the Demon families that Sel defeated…….'

The war that took place ten years ago, when the students were just little kids, but it would not be easy to forget Sel.

Sel's martial arts and cruelty, which were limited to the Demon race, were enough to make even humans gasp.

Of course, those with weak mentalities had already been filtered out during the mental strength test, so none of the cadets showed any strong signs of resistance.

However, the weight of the word 'Sword Saint' was immense.

'I might as well take the mental strength test again.'

If I were to take the mental strength test again now, I might actually die, but the chances of survival would be higher than facing the Sword Saint before me.

Ares opened his mouth, his eyes fixed on the cadets' reactions.

"Naturally, I don't think any of you will be able to withstand the full power of the Sword Saint. He will only exert '10%' of its power."

Ares paused and muttered softly.

“If we could replicate the Sword Saint's skill, we wouldn't have lost.”

However, Ares quickly returned to his original expression.

After hearing the explanation, Rene tilted her head and asked.

"Wouldn't 10% be too easy?"

"No way."


"Well, even if a monster is weakened, it's still a monster, isn't it?"

I shrugged and replied.


It's only a tenth of the total, so you might think it would be easy.

However, that was only true for ordinary powerhouses.

It was as if a human capable of destroying a nation had only been given enough power to destroy a single city.

Was it possible that all of the current cadets had passed a test of such ridiculous difficulty?

'That's impossible.'

As Ares had said earlier.

It was likely that the majority of them would pass the second test.

There was no reason for the instructors to deceive the cadets.

However, they would never have been able to defeat Nina Sel.

That meant that there must be a condition for passing this test.

I had to focus on figuring out that condition.

'I'd like to use the information paper, but...'

The number of remaining gold coins was pitifully low.

I needed to save them for questions that were truly necessary in the future.

In addition, there might be a limit to the number of questions I could ask.

The identity of the information paper seemed to be Adel himself, so it wasn't an entirely unreliable hypothesis.

'I need to consider all the possibilities and act carefully.'

So I had to try to overcome this without relying on the help of others as much as possible.

I stared at Sel, who was standing there lifelessly like a doll, and repeated the thought in my mind.

After a short while, Ares opened his mouth.

“Then, I will now form groups. With your current skills, you won't be able to handle even a fraction of the Sword Saint's power.”

The cadets frowned at Ares's words, but no one objected.

His words were all too true.

"I will form teams of four. For fairness, the top eight performers in the first exam will be assigned to different positions, and the rest will be placed randomly."

As soon as he finished speaking, the cadets' eyes sparkled as they turned to the Seven Deadly Sins' descendants.

Their gazes were like those of people looking at walking lotteries.

Naturally, I received a few glances as well.

However, the meaning behind those gazes was completely different from the ones directed at the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins.

It was as if they were looking at a dud they wanted to avoid, and I smiled wryly.

'I guess I can't expect to get on the bus.'

Since the top eight will be assigned to different teams...

In the end, it all comes down to luck.

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