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Chapter 25 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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The first turn was Rene's, as Instructor Ares had mentioned earlier.


Rene ignored her teammates and stepped forward.

Her movements were as graceful as if she were strolling through a garden.

I swallowed hard. Her actions seemed devoid of fear.

Was it confidence in her abilities?

I couldn't help but feel bewildered as I watched her, seemingly devoid of any tension.

'All I did was close the distance with the position exchange...'

Rene had already reached the Sword Saint.

The fact that Rene had moved to the Sword Saint's side without any hindrance meant one thing:

The Sword Saint had judged that he couldn't launch any meaningful attacks against Rene as she approached.

There was no other way to explain this scene.


Rene silently drew her sword from her waist.

At the same time.

An ominous black mana swirled from Rene's sword.

It was fundamentally similar to the mana I used, but its power was different.

The Sword Saint frowned.

As if provoked by Rene's aura, he swung his sword, releasing a shockwave.

Rene swung her sword in response.


The shockwave emitted by the Sword Saint was instantly nullified.

No, it was more than nullified; it was shattered.

The black mana imbued in Rene's sword severed the Sword Saint's neck from his body.


The Sword Saint's head fell limply to the ground.

The students in the stands who had witnessed it began to cheer.

- As expected of the Seven Deadly Sins!

- Damn, I knew we could count on them...!!

Unlike their reactions, my mind was in chaos.

I couldn't believe it. I wondered if I had really seen it correctly.

It was a truly incomprehensible situation.

'Even if the Sword Saint was only at a tenth of his power...'

Was it possible to win so overwhelmingly?

I suppose I had underestimated Rene's abilities.


Even considering that, this level of power was ridiculous.

If a mere freshman possessed this level of power, there was no way that Sytan would be defeated by the human realm.

And at this point in time, Rene and the other Seven Deadly Sins hadn't even enrolled in Sytan.


Meanwhile, Fron snorted as she crossed her arms beside me.

"If she's going to defy me, she should at least be able to do that much. It's a shame I didn't get to see her being humiliated by the Sword Saint, but oh well."

What in the world is she talking about?

I furrowed my brows, expressing my confusion.

Does that mean that if all the Seven Deadly Sins' descendants gather, they can face the Sword Saint?

In other words, if the seven of them show up, they can defeat the 'real' Sword Saint...

Unable to contain my curiosity, I asked, "Is that really true?"

"What are you talking about?"

"What you just said."

"Just now, what?"

"That it's normal to be able to defeat the Sword Saint."

I spoke with a face full of tension.

What if I had misjudged Sytan's power?

What if Sytan had become weaker than the human side without my knowledge?

I might have to completely revise my plans for the future.

"What are you talking about? There's no one in the Demon Realm who can defeat the Sword Saint. Maybe the previous Demon King could have done it if he were still alive, but he's already dead."

Fron simply replied as if she couldn't believe it.

"But if all the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins possess strength that surpasses a tenth of the Sword Saint's power, wouldn't they be able to defeat him?"

"Ha, are you making fun of me?"

"That's not what I meant..."

"That pathetic fake doesn't even have 10% of the Sword Saint's power. Anyone with eyes can see that. If you're not making fun of me, then what is it?"

Fron's face turned red as if she thought I was making fun of her, indicating that her words were true.

In that case, does that mean I was struggling against a fake that didn't even have 10% of the Sword Saint's power?

I needed to reorganize the information.

First of all, judging from the mana that Rene emitted, it was clear that she had a greater total amount of mana than me.

'Right now, the amount of mana I have is similar to that of students from high-ranking noble families in the human world.'

Due to the settings in the story, I had assumed that my mana capacity would be similar to that of high-ranking demon students.

However, that was a big mistake.

It's probably a similar amount to the mana of ordinary high-ranking Demons.

That's because I didn't feel any sense of being inferior to Shancie, who seemed to be from a high-ranking demon family.

However, there was a clear difference when compared to the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins.

And it was an overwhelming difference.


The mana Rene had just released was roughly two to three times greater than mine.

It was an unbelievable number that could be compared to the successors of the Six Houses.

It was difficult to consider the amount of mana as the premise of 'strength'.

However, it was not easy to fill the gap in the amount of mana.

Then why did the children of the Seven Deadly Sins were defeated so miserably by the descendants of the Six Houses, the main characters?

'I need to figure this out.'

It would be better to use the information paper when I have spare capital.

Then for now...

'Let's keep an eye on it.'

I got interested.

Not the interest that comes from traits, but the curiosity that naturally arises as a creator.

I watched the battle of the children of the Seven Deadly Sins, who were next in line after Rene, with shining eyes.



"Can't you hear me?! Bow down and apologize right now...!!"

Lightly ignoring Fron's words as her face turned red with anger.

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