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Chapter 3 Part 2 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter, made a deal with dragon to raise her daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fusion,Fantasy,Dragons,Hunter,Cuteness,Fluff

Alkinea wondered.

Time is supposed to be equal for all things, but why do happy times pass by in a flash like lightning magic?

Using the excuse that he needed to prepare to leave, she built warm memories with another person for the first time in her life.

The time she spent joking around with him, acting coquettish as if she didn’t care, the time she felt the warmth of another person, something she had never felt before, except for the faint warmth of her daughter, while being held in his arms, who had suddenly become much closer.

Even the time spent talking about future plans, even if just in words, had flown by like an arrow.

If only she had spent the happy times first and then lived the rest of her boring life, she could have at least reminisced about the joy during that long time.

Surprisingly, the thousands of years she had lived so far felt so wasteful. This was a new sensation, and she felt a strong sense of bewilderment.

He had just been pushed into a makeshift bath in a corner of the cave. Because she had something she wanted to say to her daughter one last time.

Hehe, how awkward.

She slowly stroked the pointed end of the egg. When she was an egg, she felt like she had reacted to the vibrations felt in this part.

Kissing the top of the egg, Alkinea spoke in a soft tone. She didn't want to be remembered as a scary mother.

"From tomorrow, we'll be going on a trip to another world, my daughter. You should be grateful to me. This place is reeeeally boring."

She leaned her head against the egg and whispered quietly.

There's nothing left on the surface. There was a great war. There might be a few blades of grass, but that's about it.

Can you imagine a world where there are no mountains, no water, nothing left? Compared to the outside, this cave is better. At least moss grows here.

"Yeon-woo's world seems quite different from here. Many races live together, jostling against each other. There are dragons there too, and there are also dimensional gates connected to other dimensions."

Aren't you excited? The starry sky seen while lying on a field with lush greenery, climbing mountains that seem to reach the heavens, swimming in the vast ocean.... How wonderful would it be just to imagine it?

"I want our daughter to have many experiences. Knowing something and experiencing it are different, you know. If your dad says he's going somewhere, don't complain too much and just follow him."

Thump, she felt like the egg moved, so she drew a gentle curve on her lips.

You're asking if I don't have to go? Hehe, I've already seen it roughly through Yeon-woo's memories, so it's okay. Mom prefers to sleep in cozy places. If you say I just told you to experience things and now I'm going back on my word, I have nothing to say.

"Don't be a picky eater and trouble your dad. But, if there's no meat, then it's okay to be a little picky."

She felt a little breathless.

"When you go outside, a lot of things will get stuck between your scales. Even if you're polymorphed, make sure to wash yourself clean. It's not good to smell."

Her face contorted.

"You'll probably like sleeping like your mom, so I won't say anything about that. If you really can't get up, you can ask your dad to carry you on his back."

And, and.......

Her vision blurred. Plop, plop, drops of water flowed down the smooth curve of the egg. Oh dear, is the groundwater leaking from the ceiling? That's strange.

"Whatever happens, be confident. You are the daughter of the great Gold Scale tribe. You can do anything, it's no problem."

Sob, a sniffling voice escaped her lips. She didn't want to cry, but tears came out. Honestly, she wanted to go outside with him too. But unfortunately, that wasn't allowed for her.

She wanted to link arms with him and look at the stars, soothe a crying child, and even try breastfeeding like a human.

If it weren't for this place, anything would be enjoyable. She wouldn't feel like she had wasted thousands of years of her life.

"Your dad... is human, so he doesn't know much about... the dragon way... sniff, I'll put everything you need... in your head... so don't be too hard on him if he doesn't know, sniff."

Eventually, with tears flowing so much that she couldn't see, she couldn't help but break down. She hugged the egg and sobbed.

Everything was frustrating. If only he had come a little sooner, there might have been a way for everyone to get out.

If only he had come a thousand years earlier, she might have been able to go outside.

"Ah... ugh, sniff, sob, hic..."

But, but.......

"I'm glad... I can at least send you out. My beloved child."

Because this is a prison. I'm so sorry to think that you have to be trapped in this place because you were born as my daughter.

"I'm happy to think that I can use the rest of my life for you. It's not wrong that you were born."

Yes, Mom truly believes that.


The time had come. Yeon-woo, holding the egg in his arms, blankly stretched out his hand.

In response to Yeon-woo's action, she moved her lips and spoke in a small voice. It was a voice filled with tears.

"Please take good care of Sharl, goodbye."

After that, no more sound came from her mouth. Her body, completely transformed into magic power in the process of returning to nature, did not grant her wish.

'My love.'

The sound wasn't audible. But Yeon-woo knew so naturally that she had said those words.

As if a power outage had occurred, darkness suddenly covered his vision. All that Yeon-woo, who had just blankly reached out his hand, could grasp was pitch-black darkness.

...Within the arms of the man who had completely lost consciousness, only the large egg flickered with a golden light. As if sending a signal, or perhaps expressing anger.

* * *

He was a man with black hair and a refreshing impression.

The man, sighing with a troubled expression, glanced at the boy with light brown hair, who still hadn't shed his childishness, sitting in front of him.

There are things you can say and things you can't.

If only this were a dungeon. He would just close his eyes and say it. But the years of effort the boy had put in were written on his resume, making it even harder for the man to speak.

The boy's body was, to put it simply, completely devoid of magic power.

As a teacher, should he first express his regret?

No, one last time. Let's take one last look. Just in case.

The man lowered his head and placed his fingers on the wrist of the boy, who was hanging his head low, as if to check is pulse. The magic power he had drawn up from within his body flowed through his fingers and into the other person's body. And once, he scanned the inside of the body as if searching.

‘Still nothing…….’

It was time to finally declare that the boy's dream was over. In an industry where a lack of talent meant death, that was mercy.

Kim Hyun-soo, the Star Breaker, thought so and was about to remove his fingers.


There it is...

No, it appeared, is more accurate. Just now.

Surging magic power was felt from near the boy's heart. Just two minutes ago, he was a perfect Unfit.


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