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Chapter 41 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Seeing the strange glances from Lee Soo-hyun and Jo Jae-wook, Jo Sung-hyun blinked his eyes.


"Well, suddenly talking about being dad and responsibilities. It makes me wonder if he ate something wrong."

Ah, Mother...

"So, what are you studying?"


In response to Jo Sung-hyun's words, Lee Soo-hyun looked at him as if it were absurd.

"Then, what, quit being a manager and become a celebrity?"

"No way. It's because of Chaeyoon."

'I'll teach everything about music from A to Z.'

It wasn't a grand idea like that.

It was enough if he could answer what Chaeyoon was curious about.

If a child is curious, and the dad can't answer, isn't it a bit awkward?

The problem was that as long as he didn't know how far Chaeyoon would grow, Sung-hyun also had to learn accordingly.

Chaeyoon was a genius, and as her father, Jo Sung-hyun had to make an effort.

Maybe even more than in his past life.

Jo Sung-hyun felt that he needed to firm up his resolve.

'Let's do well.'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself.

Chaeyoon just smiled brightly.

* * *

Sunday morning.

Jo Sung-hyun woke up a little earlier.

Chaeyoon also opened her eyes quickly.

Acting as if nothing happened, Chaeyoon seemed subtly expectant.

"Dad, let's ride bikes together!"

Chaeyoon shouted in excitement.

Jo Sung-hyun chuckled and stroked Chaeyoon's head.

As if collapsing, Chaeyoon nestled into Jo Sung-hyun's arms.

"Chaeyoon, do you like going cycling with Dad?"

"Totally, totally!"

Chaeyoon answered quickly.

The child really liked music and the piano, but, of course, she also loved playing outside with Jo Sung-hyun.

Jo Sung-hyun was looking forward to it as well.

In his past life, he hadn't properly rested due to work, so spending time playing with Chaeyoon made him happy.

The fact that he would be with Chaeyoon's friend's family also contributed.

They decided to just go out and eat.

The menu was Han River ramen.

Although it was a menu they didn't usually have, since they were already at the Han River, Jo Sung-hyun thought it would be nice to enjoy it.

Youngjoon's family also agreed, and Sung-hyun decided to buy some snacks.

"I'll bring the yogurt that Chaeyoon likes..."


Holding up a snack made in various shapes of sea creatures, Chaeyoon shouted.

Jo Sung-hyun took the snack that the child offered and put it in his bag.

Chaeyoon giggled.

He packed two chocolate bars and some water, and some small snacks, and soon the bag was full.

He could pack more, but he didn't think it was necessary.

Jo Sung-hyun helped Chaeyoon get ready, and washed himself.

He put on comfortable clothes, and Jo Sung-hyun and Chaeyoon went outside.

"The weather is nice."


Chaeyoon nodded his head.

Jo Sung-hyun walked and thought about various things.

Was it because his situation had changed?

After quitting his job, a lot of things seemed different.

He felt like his head was getting stiff from work.

He often found himself thinking about work and then suddenly stopping.

Jo Sung-hyun walked with Chaeyoon and made a sound.

"Should I buy a car?"

He wondered whether he should continue to use public transportation or buy a car.

When he was working, he used the company car or something if he really needed a car, but he couldn't do that now.

It was because he worked for the company that such a situation was created.

But, it was true that having a car would make things much easier, so Jo Sung-hyun had no choice but to worry about it.

In the meantime.

"It's the river!"

They arrived at the Han River.

A place where they made a bike path so that they could ride bikes.

There were quite a lot of bike rental shops nearby.

They decided to meet Youngjoon's family at the rental shop.

They rented two bikes that could carry children and one regular bike.

The dads rode bikes with the kids, and Youngjoon's mom rode alone.

"Chaeyoon, have you ever ridden a bike?"

Youngjoon asked Chaeyoon.

Chaeyoon, with a slightly expectant face, shook her head.

"I haven't. Have you?"

"I have a few times!"


He was smug about having ridden a bike a few times, and Chaeyoon admired him.

Seeing the young children like that, Jo Sung-hyun smiled.

Chaeyoon and Youngjoon were both so cute.

"My dad is really good at riding a bike, so you just have to sit still!"

Youngjoon said confidently, and Chaeyoon quickly turned her head to look at Jo Sung-hyun.

"Dad, are you good at riding a bike?"

"Well, I'm not very good at it."

"Then you shouldn't... It'll hurt if you fall."

Chaeyoon looked at the bike with a worried eye.

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