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Chapter 47 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Chae Yoon ended up sleeping in.

Last night.

She had fun rolling around on the bed, saying she would protect Jo Sung Hyun, and slept later than usual.

Jo Sung Hyun, who was waiting for the child to wake up and looking up more information about the concert, ate toast with her when he woke up.

It was a simple dish of bread dipped in egg and fried in a pan, but Chae Yoon ate it deliciously.

Chae Yoon, who finished her toast, lay down on the sofa.

"It's not good to lie down right after eating."

"But it's comfortable..."

"Do you want to sit with daddy?"

Chae Yoon quickly got up and sat down at his words.

Jo Sung Hyun sat next to Chae Yoon, and the child leaned on him.

"Are you full?"


Chae Yoon nodded her head.

The child was much more comfortable with him than when he first came back.

Thanks to that, Jo Sung Hyun also became much more comfortable with the child.

Chae Yoon, who had been leaning on Jo Sung Hyun for a long time, started to doze off.

She seemed to be sleepy again after eating.

Jo Sung Hyun laid the child's head on his arm and leaned his body on the sofa as if he was lying down.

This peaceful time was so sweet.

It was so precious that he couldn't trade it for anything.

How long had it been like that?

Chae Yoon soon woke up and started to play 'Do you want to play with the fallen leaves?' on the piano, feeling excited about the concert.

Jo Sung Hyun, who saw the child playing the piano, got up from the sofa and headed to the kitchen.

To do the dishes that he had put off earlier.

He only made a simple toast, but there were quite a lot of dishes.

He finished the dishes while listening to Chae Yoon's performance and picked out the clothes to wear for the concert.

It was easy for Jo Sung Hyun, he just had to wear a white shirt and a suit jacket, but he didn't know what to dress Chae Yoon in.

He was wondering about this and that, and before he knew it, 20 minutes had passed.


Jo Sung Hyun, who was rummaging through Chae Yoon's closet and looking at the clothes, sighed.

His fashion sense was not that great.

Really comfortable clothes, moderately comfortable clothes, uncomfortable clothes.

These were the three categories of Jo Sung Hyun's fashion.

A baggy sweatpants and a short-sleeved shirt were really comfortable clothes.

Casually wearing a suit was moderately comfortable clothes.

And a full suit was uncomfortable clothes.

Jo Sung Hyun didn't have to look good anywhere, and he just thought he had to look neat, so he didn't try anything fancy.

'But, Chae Yoon is different.'

He always wanted her to look pretty wherever she went, so Jo Sung Hyun was always worried about Chae Yoon's fashion.

While he was worrying about that.

"Chae Yoon likes this."

Chae Yoon came over and pointed to a piece of clothing.

A tee with a combination of white and gray.



Chae Yoon silently nodded her head and expressed her opinion.

She soon started to choose a skirt as well.

In the end, Jo Sung Hyun did the worrying, but he didn't have the decision-making power.

Was Chae Yoon's fashion sense good, or did she just look pretty in Jo Sung Hyun's eyes?

'But... she's pretty.'

* * *

On the way to the concert hall.

Jo Sung Hyun and Chae Yoon took a bus to the concert hall.

The child was still a little unsteady, so she held onto the bus tightly, and Jo Sung-hyun placed his hand on her back, worried that she might fall.

They safely got on the bus and sat down on the seats.

They had to sit on a one-person seat because there was not enough space, but Chae Yoon seemed to like sitting on Jo Sung Hyun's lap.

She hummed a tune and looked out the bus window, and Jo Sung Hyun stroked her head and opened his mouth.

"Chae Yoon."


"You have to be very quiet when you watch the concert."

"Quiet? Like this...?"

Chae Yoon lowered his voice and said.

Jo Sung Hyun kissed the child's head lightly and continued.

"It's polite to watch the performance quietly unless you really need to say something."

"Heh... what if Chae Yoon wants to go to the bathroom?"

"It's best to wait and go during the break time, but if you can't hold it, just whisper and we'll go out and come back together."

He knew how hard it was for a young child to be patient.

But he still wanted to teach her the basic manners first, and hoped that Chae Yoon would follow them as much as possible.

They drove for about 30 minutes by bus and walked for about 10 minutes, and they finally arrived at the concert hall.

Jo Sung Hyun was not very familiar with places like concerts either.

He just thought of the pop music concerts he had been to several times and looked for his seat.

They sat in the seats they had booked, and Chae Yoon looked around with curiosity.

Everything was amazing.

And her eyes stopped at some point.

"The piano is huge..."

Chae Yoon muttered, looking at the grand piano in the center of the stage.

Jo Sung Hyun glanced at Chae Yoon.

"Chae Yoon, do you want to play that piano?"

She hesitated for a moment and nodded her head slightly.

Chae Yoon loved the piano so much, and he was also very interested in the grand piano at the instrument shop last time.

It was not unreasonable for her to like the piano in the center of the stage.

Jo Sung Hyun thought about the answer.

Should he ask her if she wanted to buy it?

Or should he tell her about the realistic problems?

Or should he just say okay and move on?

While Jo Sung Hyun was thinking about that, an announcement came on.

"It's starting now. You have to be quiet. Okay?"


Chae Yoon answered in a very small voice, and swallowed her saliva as if she was nervous.

Jo Sung Hyun smiled and turned his head to look at the stage.

The orchestra came in.

And then the pianist, Jung Se Yeon, appeared.

She bowed to the audience and took her place in front of the big piano.

The conductor raised his baton.

The performance began.

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