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Chapter 5 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

『This is information that requires a price.』

『Please pay the price of an artifact of Relic-grade or higher, or 100 gold coins or more.』

“As expected.”

I gripped the fountain pen tightly.

That’s why I didn’t want to use paper.

In the case of engraving Adel's traits and talent, it was essentially my own body, so he gave it to me for free.

But the gate from Arsene forest was something that could potentially shake the entire world, so it was inevitable that it would require payment...

That was the problem.

‘Where am I supposed to get an expensive artifact or money?’

The only things I had on me were paper, a fountain pen, and a dagger.

The dagger was just an ordinary weapon, so it wasn't worth much, and although the fountain pen was quite expensive, it was nowhere near enough to cover the price that the paper had mentioned.


I clenched my lower lip in frustration.

Just then, as the pungent smell of blood filled my mouth, my head suddenly cleared and I was able to come up with a solution.

One thing.

‘There’s only one way.’

It was a bit of a gamble, but since there were no other good options, it was worth a try.

I would exploit the loophole in the paper guy’s conditions.

‘Let’s give it a shot.’

I stared intently at the leaping Peltz and made up my mind.


Peltz’s sword and my dagger clashed.

Excruciating pain shot through my hand as if it was going to be torn apart.

As expected, there was an overwhelming difference in strength that I couldn’t make up for.

“To think you would block my sword. You’re quite impressive for your age. It was a good decision to come here yourself.”

"You're not bad yourself. Your swordsmanship is decent, but your mouth is even better. How about changing your profession?"

"You're quite the talker."

Perhaps because I had provoked him,

Peltz's aura, twice as ferocious as before, sent shivers down my spine.

Unlike me, who was on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion, his swordsmanship was becoming sharper as he adapted to the Arsene Forest.

He had monstrous stamina.

Just as I was inwardly marveling at him,

"Are you not going to use that strange technique anymore?"

A vein popped up on my forehead.

The bastard was mocking me.

Peltz knew that I was out of mana and could no longer freely use Position Exchange, so he was saying such things.

In fact, I could use it one last time.


That was my last resort, so I had to save it until the very end.

"Shall we finish this?"

Seeing that I wasn't moving, Peltz swung his sword lightly.


I hurriedly raised my dagger to block his attack, but I was ultimately overwhelmed by his strength and sent flying backward.

"How boring."

Peltz brushed off the blood on his sword and slowly approached me.

The composure of strong.

I took advantage of that tiny gap to observe the sword Peltz was holding.

Was it made of white iron? The pure white blade contrasted with the gold ornaments. It looked valuable even at a glance.

Even to the naked eye, it looked valuable.

In fact, Peltz’s sword was a famous sword given to him by Duke Leon himself.

“What’s the end of this?”

I slowly got up, coldly staring at Peltz’s sword.

“Why should I die?”

Even if it’s a long shot.

At least not in this place.

“No, you will die.”

Peltz jumped high as he cut me off.

His will to kill me before I could do anything was clear.

As soon as I saw that.


I threw the dagger on the ground and unfolded the paper.

And Peltz’s sword pierced my paper.

Literally, the sword ‘entered.’


I smiled as I heard Peltz’s shocked voice.

Peltz’s sword did not pierce the paper, but entered the paper.

The sword completely vanished.


Finally, letters began to appear on the paper.

『Sufficient payment has been received.』

『The payment is judged to be ‘slightly’ more than requested.』

『I will guide you to the Demon Realm Gate in the Arsene Forest.』

A red line was drawn.

It was the path that would guide me to the Demon Realm.

I immediately picked up the dagger that had fallen to the ground and squeezed out my remaining mana to perform a position exchange.

I got out of Peltz’s range and ran, kicking off the ground.


A path that unfolded concisely.

The red line became thicker as I accelerated.

“Stop right there!”

Peltz forgot that his sword had disappeared and chased me fiercely.

All that a bare-handed guy can do to me is punch me.

But even that attack would be fatal to me.


I clicked my tongue and manifested the darkness attribute.

I shot a black drop of water that formed on my finger at Peltz.


Peltz flinched at the black mana that got in his eye.

Originally, he could have dodged it just by shaking his head.

But since he was panicking, I was able to hit him by luck.

It was literally good luck, so I had to use this gap to distance myself.

‘Let’s run.’

Just a little more.

There’s not much left now.

Before I knew it, the destination of the unfolding red line came into view.

“That’s it.”

The red lines were entwined around a huge tree, drawing an oval.

I realized that it was some kind of magical device.

“This is the gate to the Demon Realm…….”

I opened my mouth as I moved along the line, which was less than five steps away.

One step.

Two steps.

And the last step.

“You bastard!”

I smiled at Peltz, who noticed something unusual and ran towards me.

Before I knew it, my new body passed through the red gate, and an unknown force pulled me in.

“Well, see you later.”

* * *


The man who mocked his own name with a sarcastic tone disappeared.

As if he never existed-.

Peltz muttered in vain, staring at the place where only a huge tree remained.

“That bastard……”

He went to the Demon Realm.

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  1. How can you be so lazy with your mtl to not keep the names consistent? Do you not go over it once before posting?

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