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Chapter 50 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family


Jo Sung-hyun woke up to the sound of Chae Yoon shouting that.

He must have fallen asleep after making the kimbap and lying down on the bed for a moment.

Chae Yoon seemed to have gone to the living room without waking him up.

Jo Sung-hyun first picked up his smartphone and checked the time.

9:59 a.m.

It was one minute before 10 o'clock.

He had stayed up until dawn and made kimbap by himself, so it was understandable that he was tired, but he didn't expect to be unaware until Chae Yoon got up and went to the living room.

Jo Sung-hyun got up, brushing his hair back.


In the meantime, Chae Yoon noticed that Jo Sung-hyun had gotten up and ran to the bedroom.

"You'll fall."

He said that, but it seemed that his words didn't reach Chae Yoon.

She opened her mouth and started to chatter.

"Someone made kimbap and left!"

"Daddy made kimbap in the morning."

"Hehe? But Daddy was sleeping!"

Chae Yoon pointed at Jo Sung-hyun with her finger and said.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled and hugged Chae Yoon, who came close, and kissed her on the forehead.

"Daddy made kimbap in the morning and went back to sleep."

"Daddy... where are you going?"

Chae Yoon glanced at the kitchen where the kimbap was and asked.

She seemed anxious that Jo Sung-hyun might leave.

"I was thinking of going to the park with Chae Yoon, but..."

"Daddy is the best!"

Before he could finish asking her if she wanted to go to the park with him, Chae Yoon shouted.

Chae Yoon smiled brightly and pulled Jo Sung-hyun's hand, as if she wanted to go out quickly.

"Do you like going to the park that much?"

He wondered if she liked it that much, and Chae Yoon nodded her head without hesitation.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled and got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom.

"Let's wash up, pack some kimbap and other snacks, and go."

"Jelly too?"

"Yeah. Jelly too."


Chae Yoon, who had been reluctant to wash up last night, quickly took the toothbrush that Jo Sung-hyun offered and started brushing her teeth.

"You have to do it well."

Chae Yoon answered with a nod to Jo Sung-hyun's words.

She had a toothbrush in her mouth, so she couldn't answer.

He washed her face and brushed her teeth, and then Jo Sung-hyun packed the kimbap.

"What else? What do you want to take?"

"Orange juice!"

"Okay. Let's pack some orange juice for our Chae Yoon."

"Daddy, caramel macchiato?"

"No, I think water is fine for me."

Chae Yoon asked, and Jo Sung-hyun shook his head and answered.

He packed some other snacks as well.



At Jo Sung-hyun's words, Chae Yoon repeated them and headed to the front door with a cheerful smile.

"Should I help you?"

"Chae Yoon can do it."

Chae Yoon was struggling to put on her shoes, so Jo Sung-hyun asked, but she refused.

It took a while, but Chae Yoon succeeded in putting on her shoes.

Jo Sung-hyun held one hand with a bag and the other hand with Chae Yoon's hand.

It was time to go to the park and play.

* * *

About 20 minutes away from Jo Sung-hyun and Chae Yoon's house, there was a large lake park.

It was a park built around a lake, and there was a playground for children, and in spring, there was always a flower festival that attracted a lot of people.

There were no flowers in autumn, but there were other things instead.


Chae Yoon spotted the fallen leaves on the ground and ran excitedly.

She still held Jo Sung-hyun's hand and dragged him along, so Jo Sung-hyun had no choice but to follow her.

Chae Yoon held up a leaf as big as her face and exclaimed with a hehe.

"The leaves are huge."

"They're bigger than Chae Yoon!"


"Yeah! If I hide behind the leaves, you can't see Chae Yoon!"

Chae Yoon covered her face with the leaf.

Jo Sung-hyun chuckled.

She must think that if her face is not visible, she is not visible.

"Really, I can't see Chae Yoon? Where did our Chae Yoon go?"


Chae Yoon removed the leaf that was covering her face and said cheekily, in response to Jo Sung-hyun's teasing words.

She giggled and played with the leaf for a while, then found a bigger one.


She proudly held up the bigger leaf and called him, and Jo Sung-hyun smiled.

She played with the leaf for a bit more, then eventually put it back under the tree.

She couldn't carry it around all the time, so she had no choice.

Jo Sung-hyun was relieved to see Chae Yoon put down the leaf.

It might have been a completely unnecessary worry, but there was a thought about what if there were bugs or insects on the fallen leaves.

The park was quite large.

Just walking along the walking path around the lake would take over an hour, and walking along the wider path would take even longer.

Without any urgency or need to rush, Jo Sung-hyun and Chae Yoon strolled leisurely.

"It's a beard...."

On the way, when Chae Yoon saw a large willow tree, she muttered as if she found it fascinating.

Upon hearing the term "beard," Jo Sung-hyun glanced at the willow tree and couldn't help but chuckle.

In a way, it could be seen as resembling a beard.

"It's really big."

The willow tree was indeed huge, and Jo Sung-hyun was in awe as well.

It was so big that the lake couldn't be seen beyond it.

They walked past the willow tree and continued along the lake for a little while.

Quietly holding hands with Chae Yoon, Jo Sung-hyun suddenly heard a strange sound from her.


In response to Chae Yoon's voice, Jo Sung-hyun looked down at the child.

"What's wrong, Chae Yoon?"


Pointing her finger, Chae Yoon gestured towards a distant spot.

Finally, Jo Sung-hyun understood what Chae Yoon was amazed by.

A large fountain.

And conveniently, there was a sign next to it indicating the name of the fountain.

'Singing Fountain'

Just by looking at it, it was something that Chae Yoon would enjoy.

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