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Chapter 6 Part 1 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter, made a deal with dragon to raise her daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fusion,Fantasy,Dragons,Hunter,Cuteness,Fluff

Entrance Ceremony.

Someone might say, what's a twenty-five-year-old doing at a high school entrance ceremony? But this moment wasn't that simple.

Unfulfilled goals aren't easily forgotten.

The fact that Shar chose this moment as the point of return must mean that entering the academy was a significant moment even for the twenty-five-year-old me.

Thinking about it that way, it didn't matter that he was twenty-five years old.

Right now, he was a fifteen-year-old aspiring Hunter. So wouldn't it be right to act accordingly?

Perhaps it was because he gained the magical power he had always desired, giving him peace of mind.

Yeon-woo, who had always been somewhat playful, had loosened a screw in his head.

While lost in thought, he felt an absurd emotion from Shar, who was perched on his head. Is this what dragons mean by understanding with the heart…?

But the reality was simply that their minds were connected. They had promised to respect each other's privacy and not eavesdrop, but occasionally their thoughts would be transmitted like this.

Stepping into the large auditorium where the entrance ceremony was taking place, Yeon-woo's jaw dropped.

What's so big?

The size was enough to fit an entire soccer field, leaving Yeon-woo speechless.

He had seen the exterior when he was dispatched as a guard, but it was his first time seeing the inside. Somehow, the interior felt bigger than it looked from the outside.

The annual Harmony Festival was said to be held using various gimmicks of the architectural structure of this auditorium, so he was looking forward to that as well.

After all, if the scale is large, anything you do is half done.

But Yeon-woo wasn't just surprised by the size.

A rough sensation rubbing against his skin. The spirit and magical power emanating from the crowd filling the auditorium caused the air to tingle.

‘What the…’

[Certainly, the level is high. I'm sorry to say, but they're all a step above Dad. They're quite good for their young age.]

Shar spoke with an evaluating gaze.

Ironically, the one who was so confidently evaluating them was the youngest, which made Yeon-woo laugh, but he couldn't help but feel nervous.

‘The effort I put in for half a day yesterday is the minimum here….’

It meant that one couldn't enter without being able to freely control magical power.

From that perspective, he must have been below the level during the interview, but it also meant that the purity of the magical power produced by the Dragon Heart was tremendous enough to cover that part.

He thought that wasn't a bad condition.

Looking around, there were countless races gathered together, too many to count.

Yellow lizardmen, giants, orcs…. It wasn't that rare these days, but it was still his first time seeing so many different races in one place.

Everyone here must be a prodigy among their respective races. The Harmony Academy was a place where you couldn't come unless you were at least that good.

The emotions displayed by the spirited young people turned into colorful magical powers, embroidering the atmosphere with various colors. Yeon-woo was captivated by the dazzling, chaotic sight, like a palette.



In the highest seats of the auditorium, where one would have to tilt their head back to see from below, there were three people.

“It's a spectacle, isn't it?”

It was a boy with white hair.

Despite looking the youngest of the three, his way of speaking was somehow the oldest, and his impression was faint.

Even if they met for the first time, it was as if they had met somewhere before, with an ordinary appearance that was second to none. The boy's first impression was like fog.

The three of them had already finished their initial assessment of each other, but it wasn't just one person who wanted to hold off on evaluating this boy.

The boy smiled as he stroked the dark scabbard. It was a very fresh smile.

“Yes, it's hard to find this many talented children gathered together anywhere in the world.”

The young man with jet-black hair replied pleasantly. It was always a good sight to see talented raw stones gathered together.

He sincerely thought so. He believed without a doubt that there would be a monster among them who would surpass him.

Kim Hyun-soo, the Broken Star, had a refreshing and handsome face that reminded one of a windy grassland.

With his personality, skills, and personal history, there was nothing wrong with this young man. In a way, he was the most noteworthy person among them.

This was because all the citizens believed without a doubt that he was the future of Korea, despite his young age.

“Even the Dragon Phoenix Garden wasn't like this! It's going to be an interesting year!”

The red-haired giant, who looked the oldest, was also not someone to be ignored.

Hyeok Mu-ryeon, the Fist King. The scars engraved on his bulging muscles hinted at the life the man had lived. His pride as a martial artist and overflowing passion were evident in his gaze.

Perhaps among these three, he was the most sincere as an educator.

Although his methods were somewhat rough and practical, he was the only one who looked at the young boys and girls below and thought about how to beat them up, this one in this way, that one in that way.

If they heard him, they would be horrified, thinking they might die at the hands of the Fist King.

The temperature in the auditorium was rising steadily, despite the adequate air conditioning.

The magical power that the young bloods couldn't control due to their overflowing emotions heated the space. The reactions to this were also varied.

The boy clicked his tongue, the young man looked troubled, and the giant nodded as if it should be this way. Their tendencies were revealed in these aspects as well.

“But that's right. There are quite a few high-level ones among them. This year will be quite rewarding.”

“Yes, I'm especially looking forward to the young lady from the Ice Palace. Even in this atmosphere, she hasn't lost herself and is calmly controlling her surroundings. It would be interesting to see her with a thermal camera.”

“Haha! Hunter Hyun-soo knows something! Right! Our martial arts lineage may be small in number, but our talent is certain!”

Hyeok Mu-ryeon slapped Kim Hyun-soo's back with his palm. Even with magical power surrounding him, the impact was considerable.

As expected, the name Fist King wasn't just for show…. Thinking so, Kim Hyun-soo focused only on enduring the pain.

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