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Chapter 69 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"She inspected the original piece of fabric she had cut earlier once again. To her astonishment! The fabric was lying in the same size and shape as before it was cut. That's when she realized it. The cut piece had disappeared and returned to its original form. No matter if it was cut, torn, or the threads were pulled apart, over time, it returned to its original state. She realized that this fabric was cursed!"

The auctioneer's voice rose, and the tale of the cursed fabric concluded.

The participants' interest cooled.

Everyone was thinking the same thing.

Elodie whispered from the side.

"...Maybe it's just enchanted with a restoration spell?"

"Exactly. That's what everyone here is probably thinking."

But no one asks the auctioneer. Even if they did, getting a straight answer would be difficult.

The value of an item is solely for one's own eyes to judge. That's the rule of this auction. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

"But if, the item isn't enchanted with restoration magic."

"If it's not?"

"Then it's even worse. The price would drop even further."


"Because it's genuinely cursed and utterly useless."

Upon hearing Revet's words, Elodie paused for a moment then realized.

"...Ah, right. Because it can't be tailored."

"If it returns to its original state no matter if it's cut, torn, or the threads are pulled apart, then what use is there for such fabric? Probably the reason that lady put it up for auction was because of that. She must have wanted to deceive someone by attaching an intriguing name to it."

Elodie nodded in agreement with Revet's words.

Indeed, it's useless for anything. The fabric, in itself, holds no meaning.

Meanwhile, the auctioneer announced the starting bid. The price was 100,000 Quir. Though it was significantly lower than the other items that had been auctioned, no one raised their hand.

Revet whispered.

"Not even if they called for a quarter of that price would anyone buy it. The nobles gathered here aren't that foolish,"

Revet's speech halted.

"Number 139! 139, 100,000 Quir! Any more?"

The auctioneer shouted excitedly. It was clear that he was thrilled, perhaps because he hadn't expected anyone to bid. In a positive light, it was fortunate that it was sold; in a negative light, he had duped someone.

Elodie's and Revet's heads turned in perfect unison. At the end of their gazes was Frondier.

Frondier was holding the sign for number 139.

"......Was he that stupid? Frondier."

"Don't say that. It must be useful to him somehow."

"Hmm. Well, it's not that expensive. He probably just wanted to experience the thrill of purchasing something."

Revet seemed to convince himself.

He didn't think for a second about how Frondier would use it. Even he couldn't be that foolish. He must have just wanted to get a taste of the auction.

If that was his thinking, then 100,000 Quirs wasn't that expensive. It was probably the lowest price item that would come up for auction today.

The auctioneer called out the bid amount three times, and the 'cursed cloth' became Frondier's.

Of course, no one envied him.

......And time passed.

The long-awaited moment had arrived, and Elodie unconsciously straightened her posture.

"Now, then, this is the final item for today."

The gazes of the entire audience followed the item as it was brought to the center.

The cloth was removed, and some people gasped in admiration.

"The metal of marvels, Viper Steel!"

The atmosphere among the audience grew tense with the auctioneer's confident voice.

The main reason for this was Viper Steel's enormous size. With that size, you could easily forge two, no, three proper weapons from it.

Amidst the uproar, Elodie spoke.

"Can I really buy it? It's incredibly popular."

"Of course. Your competitors don't matter. It'll go to the one with the most money."

"......That's true."

"So Elodie, I'm leaving this auction up to you."

Elodie's eyes widened at that.


"Yes. It's your item, so it's only natural. Experience an auction for once."

Revet then extended the sign to her. Elodie hesitantly took it.

Revet cautioned her with a note of advice.

"Also, keep an eye on Frondier. He might not seem like much, but he's brought a substantial amount of money for Viper Steel."

Elodie nodded in agreement. Indeed, this time Frondier seemed to regard Viper Steel with a somewhat adventurous gaze.

...Finding such nuance in his sleepy eyes might currently be a feat only Elodie could achieve.

"The starting bid is five million quir. So,"

A starting bid fifty times higher than that of the "cursed cloth." But it was not a price that would stop there.

Everyone lifted their signs, and the price skyrocketed.

Elodie participated eagerly. She did not agonize deeply, nor did she look around at the others. Her hand just went up flippantly without much thought.

Revet watched this, barely holding back his laughter.

In truth, an opponent like Elodie was the most burdensome for the others.

Not having a great desire for the item itself, yet holding up the sign in an inscrutable manner as if just there for fun. No one knew how long her ignorant hand would keep rising.

Of course, Elodie didn't raise her hand every time the price went up.

But unlike others, the reason Elodie didn't raise her hand was simply out of laziness. It was merely the logic that someone else would likely raise their hand anyway.

And during that time, Frondier remained still.

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