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Chapter 7 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

As I expected.


The arrow I displayed was connected in a straight line with the mantis.

The mantis was also inanimate like the rock wolf.

I used the position exchange as it was.



The mantis and I changed positions.

When I looked back from that state, I saw the mantis trapped in the barrier without knowing what was going on.


The mantis looked around in confusion.

Then, when it made eye contact with me, it began to rage violently.

Like the rock wolf, the guy was hitting the barrier with his sharp forelegs and screaming.

If I get caught in those forelegs, my body will be torn like a piece of paper.


‘That’s when the guy comes out of the barrier.’

I don’t know how strong the barrier is, but it should be enough to buy me some time.

In the meantime, let’s get away from the guy.

I watched the mantis for a while and then ran away.

……How many minutes passed?

“There’s nothing this time.”

I hardened my expression as another barrier appeared.

Unlike before, a space where no monsters existed.

For the time being, I exchanged the position with the pebble in that space.

However, something felt off as I took a step forward.


I grabbed a rock that was lying around.

Then I threw it far away towards the front of the long stone chamber.

After a while, the moment the rock that was flying in a parabola fell to the floor.


Suddenly, a loud noise was heard and two rocks protruded from the wall.

The rock caught between them turned into a handful of dust.



A trap all of a sudden.

My head was dizzy from the unexpected change.

Fortunately, the activation condition of the trap was not difficult to grasp.

Contact with the floor.

That seemed to be the only activation condition for the trap.

The problem is the distance from here to the next barrier.

It’s impossible to move hundreds of meters at once without any means.

‘Should I try?’

After contemplating for a moment, I picked up the surrounding rocks and held them in my arms.

And then.


I threw the rocks again.

Just before the rocks hit the ground.

I used Position Exchange to move.


My body floated in the air.

Before my body fell to the ground, I threw the rocks that I had gathered with all my might once again.

And then I exchanged positions with the rock again.

‘I only have six rocks.’

I couldn’t gather any more because they were too heavy.

It might not seem like enough.

‘But this is enough.’

So far, the distance between the barriers has been the same.

It was nothing to calculate that distance and throw the rocks.

That’s when Adel’s extensive knowledge comes in handy.

By the time I had used up all six rocks.

“……This is.”

A huge barrier appeared before my eyes.

It was a thicker barrier than usual, and there were even letters engraved on it.

For now, I used Position Exchange to enter the barrier.

Then the letters appeared even larger.

- Welcome to the end.

“What the heck is this.”

I was momentarily dumbfounded.

Welcome to the end?

It was an incomprehensible phrase.

Wasn’t this dimension created to protect the treasure?

Then it should have been a spell to curse intruders, so why does it say welcome.

……Is it because this is the Demon Realm?

It seems like there are quite a few crazy guys here.

Well, whatever.

‘Is this the last one?’

Since it’s the last one, I’ll move carefully.

Let’s see…….

A single black figure could be seen inside the barrier.

I opened my eyes wide and focused my vision.

And then I looked closely.

The last presumed Guardian wasn’t an ordinary monster.

‘Death Knight.’

A skeleton sitting on a huge rock with red eyes.

Judging from the Death Knight, it seemed certain that this was the Demon Realm.

It felt like it was on the same level as Peltz.

But the Death Knight is just an undead. It means it’s inanimate.

Welcome to this place…….


I looked at the Death Knight, who hadn’t even finished speaking yet, and drew an arrow on the ground with a sinister smile like a villain.

No matter how strong it was, what good would it be if I didn't fight it?



Death Knight and I switched places.

What a truly exhilarating victory.

Still, how is it, I won, right?


Intoxicated by victory, I strolled through the square where Death Knight had been.

It was certainly the square where the boss monster had been, so it was very wide.

Plus, behind it.

"A chest?"

It was a treasure box for storing rare items.

A large black dragon carved out of an unidentified ore.

I frowned as I looked at it.

‘If it's a black dragon decoration.’

I felt like I vaguely knew it.

Clearly, I have a memory of seeing it somewhere.

Where did I see it...?

‘It can't be a pattern used by humans.’

Humans regard black dragons as ominous, so it must be something from the Demon race.

'Let's organize my thoughts.'

This place is presumed to be a rare sight created by a high-ranking Demon family.

In that case, the black dragon pattern will be related to it.

Then, was there a family among the high-ranking Demonic families that used the black dragon pattern?

Before I wrote the novel, I had woven all sorts of settings for Demonic families, saying that I would write a charming villain.

However, after writing the novel, I ended up scrapping all of them.

...That's why I couldn't remember them well.

There were so many high-ranking Demons, and they didn't play an important role in my novel.

So if that's what I remember…….

‘The seven highest-ranking Demonic families who were the next best villains after Adel.’

Called the seven sins,

- Sloth.

- Pride.

- Greed.

- Envy.

- Lust.

- Gluttony.

- Wrath.

The Seven Deadly Sins, each of the seven families selected a characteristic of their disposition.

I don't know everything about the seven families.

However, even so, it's not like I forgot all the settings I once made with sincerity.

……For example.

"This pattern is similar to the pattern used by the family of Pride."

Evil and ‘arrogant’ like a black dragon.

In that sense, the Bares family of Pride uses the black dragon pattern…….

Wait a minute.


An artificial Secret Realm created by a high-ranking Demon.

And the black dragon symbol of Pride.

My face hardened at the ominous thought that crossed my mind.

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