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Chapter 7 Part 2 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter, made a deal with dragon to raise her daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fusion,Fantasy,Dragons,Hunter,Cuteness,Fluff

Class 5's professor, Yoo Hayeon, was quite a unique person.

She came in wearing a light tracksuit and slippers, with her hair disheveled and unkempt. Her appearance was enough to catch the attention of the thirty students.

In a voice that sounded like she couldn't be bothered, she briefly, quickly, and cleanly explained that she was a Hunter, this and that, that we would have weekends off, and that classes would start on Monday. Then she abruptly sat down in the professor's chair and told us to introduce ourselves.

Then she lay down with the Harmony Academy pamphlet covering her face. It looked like she was going to use the students' self-introductions as ASMR to sleep.

Naturally, the students exchanged glances as they looked at the unfamiliar faces.

Is she serious?? In the hesitant atmosphere, Yoo Hayeon called out the name of the student sitting in the front row.

I can't figure her out. Even for me, who had met countless eccentrics while working as a Hunter, I couldn't help but feel nervous around her.

It was because she didn't have the attitude a professor should have at all.

What the hell is this? Is it okay for a professor at the renowned Harmony Academy to be like this?

Was it because I had only met professors who, while unique, were still responsible in my past life? Her unique level of laziness was shocking.

It felt like the Confucian dragon within me was awakening.

But surprisingly, as soon as the first student finished their self-introduction, she called out the name of the student sitting next to them. Of course, with the pamphlet still covering her face.

It meant that she had already grasped all the students' personal details on the first day. Is she diligent or lazy? Pick one!!

Anyway, the self-introductions started smoothly. After all, these were the people who would become my future colleagues and competitors. The atmosphere was gradually heating up as people wanted to establish dominance or make a good first impression.

From about the fifth person, there were those who cracked jokes and those who chatted cheerfully, so the atmosphere wasn't too bad.

But still, there was no one I could underestimate.

There were several who would be playing at a much higher level in just ten years. Three of them were particularly noteworthy, including Baek In-hwa.

The fact that all three of them were from the Murim dimension was rare, but coincidentally, it seemed like there weren't many students from Alkeion in Class 5.

A sharp-looking Birdman introduced himself with sparkling eyes. On his back were wings as big as his body.

The white feathers on his head and his sharp eyes were truly eagle-like. He was a Birdman of the bald eagle, famous as the national bird of the United States. Why are eagle beaks yellow?

"Greetings, fellow students. I am Namgung Seong, the eldest son of the Namgung family. Although my skills are meager, I would appreciate it if you could look upon me favorably. Let's get along well for the next year."

It was always fascinating to see human language coming out of a beak. I should be used to it by now. He lightly shook his wings once and sat down. Thunderous applause erupted.

Apart from that, the magical power visible around his body was perfectly suppressed. Only a faint sky blue color was subtly revealed. He's skilled.

'Look at him being humble. That family did a good job with his character education.'

[He's a bit annoying.]

Yeon-woo smiled awkwardly at Shar's sharp remark.

When you think that way, you've already lost, Shar.

And then another person stood up.

"Greetings. I am Jegal Seongryong from the Jegal family. I would appreciate your guidance and advice."

If Namgung Seong's speech was somewhat modernized, this one was typical of a martial artist.

An Eastern Dragonian with long, carp-like whiskers. Among them, he was from the Yellow Dragon lineage.

They were the closest race to dragons among non-dragon creatures, but that didn't mean they were equal to dragons.

Of course, it was true that they were direct descendants of dragons. Their scales and magical power were also overwhelmingly superior to ordinary people.

However, as generations passed, bloodlines became diluted. What they possessed was a degraded dragon heart, so it couldn't be compared to Yeon-woo's dragon heart, which he received from a real dragon.

With a face that looked more like a grandfather than a high school student, he kept glancing at Yeon-woo. He must have sensed something instinctively.

He unfolded and folded his fan once, clearing his throat with a "ahem" and ending his introduction.

And then, as time passed, Yeon-woo's name was called.

Yeon-woo stood up and spoke. It would be good to leave a strong impression, but right now, he was the weakest in the academy. He wanted to pass by without attracting attention.

"Hello, my name is Choi Yeon-woo." [Half-Dragon.]

"...I'm from the countryside, so I don't know much. I would appreciate it if you could point out anything I'm lacking. I'll take it to heart and improve." [If you know something I don't, that is.]

"Instead, I have a little practical experience with monsters, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask." [I might tell you if you bow your head!]

I didn't mean it like that. I can't forgive fabrication, Shar!

Shar giggled at Yeon-woo's inner cry.

And Jegal Seongryong was looking at Yeon-woo suspiciously.

[That Dragonman, Jegal Seongryong, is amazing. It seems like he instinctively sensed that Dad has a dragon heart, right?]

'Yeah, I think so.'

As expected of the Divine Strategist Jegal. And among them, he was the most outstanding talent who was believed to fulfill the Jegal family's long-cherished wish, hence the name Seongryong, which meant "becoming a dragon."

Clap, clap, clap. I sat down amidst the applause. Whew, as I was taking a breather, I felt a sharp gaze from behind. It was Baek In-hwa.

Why is she looking at me so intensely?

As I was remembering the names of promising individuals I had heard of before the regression during the self-introductions, it was finally Baek In-hwa's turn.

When she stood up, gasps came from around her, regardless of gender. I agree.

"...Hello. I'm Baek In-hwa. I came from the Ice Palace. Please take care of me."

It was a very short and uneventful self-introduction, but it was probably the best she could do. As I was thinking that and preparing to clap, Baek In-hwa's gaze turned to me.

"...And he's good at talking."

...Aha, so that's why she had a bad expression?

While the classmates were flustered by the unexpected coming out, Yeon-woo turned around and mouthed "sorry" while bowing his head.

Baek In-hwa, who had been staring at him with a sullen expression, seemed to read his lips and sat down. Seizing the moment, Yeon-woo clapped vigorously, and the slightly stiff atmosphere eased.

She must have thought it was a joke in her own way. Indeed, if you're handsome and pretty, you can get away with any nonsense.

Anyway, except for that little trouble, the first day ended smoothly.

Yoo Hayeon, while snoring, somehow managed to call out the next person after each introduction, and as soon as the last introduction ended, she jumped up and left the classroom.

From now on, it's just hardcore training. As I was thinking that and getting up, two large figures approached me.

"Do you have a moment?"

"Haha, what a coincidence, Seongryong. You and I have always been evaluated as opposites."

Saying that, the two noteworthy individuals, excluding Baek In-hwa, approached me.

...Jegal Seongryong is one thing, but Namgung Seong, what are you doing here?

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