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Chapter 71 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Navia let out a deep breath, bearing the weight of the genuine feelings Suleiman had poured out.

It was something that had to be done anyway.

Even if she hadn't heard such words, she was only trying to do what she needed to do.


Just as Suleiman had accepted Navia's help, she too accepted the help he requested.

The feeling wasn't too bad.

Navia spoke again.

"Then please buy some wood."


Suleiman had indeed talked at length about forests and trees.

But that wasn't to ask for real trees to be bought...?

'Heh, must be a joke. Or maybe a metaphor...'

Navia drove the point home.

"Poplar trees, please."

* * *

Theorban paced back and forth, waiting for a message from the imperial palace.

Agnes, being the wealthiest family in the empire, would undoubtedly pay a hefty compensation.

"They'll surely hand over magic stones too."

Magic stones were more precious than jewels.

Greed flickered in Theorban's eyes.

"Master, the messenger has returned."

Soon, the long-awaited messenger entered his office.

But the report was nothing like he had expected.

"What? Lark might take in that unknown foster daughter!"

Was that base creature, who idly spouted nonsense, coveting my position?

A wave of dizziness from anger swept over Theorban.

Is this what they mean by a rolling stone dislodging a fixed one?

Then the messenger continued his report.

"Her Majesty the Empress mentioned the letter you sent, but Count Geneger insisted it should be discussed internally first."

"That old man...!"

Suleiman not being helpful was expected.

But he hadn't anticipated using that lowly girl as a shield against him.

'Ha! So that's why they didn't lock her up in the dungeon, treating her like a guest instead? To defy me!'

Theorban's face boiled with rage.

'Just get rid of the shield. Good thing I sent a maid to Eseled. My arrangements weren't wrong!'

Dealing with a powerless, weak child was easy.

But he couldn't be completely careless.

'The old men sitting in Eseled might be plotting something.'

Theorban repeatedly let out annoyed sighs.

"If I knew she would be trouble, I would've just cut her throat at first sight."

Now, eliminating Navia was not a choice but a necessity.

'I was considering an assassin anyway.'

But with the monster Lark in that house, he doubted the assassin's success.

'Even if not, I can act through the maids.'

Theorban fumed, recalling the troubles and humiliations Navia caused him.

He felt only crushing her pretty face would satisfy him.

'The only reliable fact is, Lark doesn't care about anything other than the third floor.'

So, things should be tidied up before the compensation arrives.


Benny and Sairen woke up sluggishly the next morning.

"Ugh, I feel weirdly groggy."

Sairen shivered at the pitch darkness around her as soon as she opened her eyes, grumbling about her bad mood.

Benny also felt uneasy right from the start of the day.

"What can we do? To leave here, we need to quickly deal with that girl we saw yesterday."

They casually discussed how they could ruin Navia.

"If we're too harsh at first, it won't work. Start with something minor and gradually tighten the noose, that's how you drive people crazy."

As Benny smirked, Sairen changed clothes and tidied up, taunting her.

"You always have such a nasty temperament."

"Oh, like you're one to talk?"

There was a reason they were directly tasked by Theorban.

They were adept at subtly tormenting people.

"So, what should we do?"

As Sairen pondered, Benny suggested.

"How about we catch a rat and put it in her room?"

Then Sairen grimaced.

"Ew, a rat? I hate those!"

"Pfft! Coward."

"You're going to catch it then?"

"Fine. What's so scary about a little rat?"

Benny giggled softly as today's plan was quickly decided.

"Hehe. This will be fun."

* * *

Navia, feeling helpless, suddenly realized she needed to quickly regain her strength.

It would help her recover from her wounds faster and increase her activity.

Always keeping in mind the possibility of being ousted before the one-year term agreed with Lark, she had to act.

Fortunately, meeting Minerva was a stroke of luck.

Minerva had a particular knack for creating things.

Her ointments, anesthetics, and restoratives were effective enough to be felt with each use.

'This is what they call a genius.'

Then, the maids entered the bedroom.

"Have you woken up, miss?"

Their ingratiating smiles and cheerful demeanor seemed friendly towards Navia.

Navia greeted them with an innocent face as she got up.

"Mmm, good morning."

"The weather is nice today! Just a few days ago, it suddenly rained and then snowed."

Navia just smiled with the corners of her mouth.


The maids, oblivious to her meaningful expression, opened the curtains to let in more sunlight.

Sairen glanced around and muttered while hugging herself.

"Even with sunlight, it's still dark in here."

Navia watched Sairen like a hunter eyeing prey.

'Come to think of it, she was particularly scared of this place compared to Benny yesterday.'

Sairen frequently checked to see if her clothes were stained.

'She must be quite fearful.'

Navia liked that in a person; it meant they had many weaknesses.

"Time for breakfast, miss."


While Navia focused on her meal, Benny, pretending to tidy the bedding, slipped in the dead rat she found early in the morning.

'I wonder how surprised she'll be when she finds a dead rat as she's about to lie down?'

The thought was so amusing that Benny had to bite her lip to stop laughing.

After finishing her meal, Navia tried to clean her body with a wet towel.

Seeing this, Sairen's eyes sparkled as she approached Navia.

"Oh, let me help you."

Sairen pretended to wipe her body thoroughly with the towel, planning to aggravate her wounds.

How could Navia not know her dark intentions?

She would have let it be, but recovering from her wounds was important, so she declined.

"No, I'll do it myself."

"You can't even reach your back. Let me do it."

However, Sairen ignored Navia's refusal and snatched the towel.

Navia wanted to sigh.

She had anticipated their attempts to torment her, accepting the possibility of further injuries.

Still, pain was not something to be welcomed. She would avoid it if possible.

Now, with no one to help her, resistance was futile.

'I'm not Agnes's foster daughter anymore, nor am I related to Eseled.'

Thanks to Lark's indifference, Navia was still treated as a lady, but originally, she would have been imprisoned as a criminal.

So, she had no choice but to endure. The opponents were two adults; she couldn't overpower them.

Just as Navia was about to reluctantly nod, there was a knock.

Soon, the door opened, and Minerva entered with a medical bag.

Minerva spoke with a stiff expression.

"Good, morning, miss."

Her tone sounded like someone being controlled, struggling to speak clearly without stuttering.

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