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Chapter 72 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Final Exam (2)

Aten and Quinie narrowed their distance, cautious of the golems that crawled up from all sides.

[Hehe, did you fall into the teacher's trap? Well, you couldn't have avoided it!]

Binkis seemed to be in a good mood.

It was similar to how a child feels when they touch an expensive robot for the first time. Not much different, in reality.

Quinie, back-to-back with Aten, shouted to Frondier.

"Frondier! Is this the golem you were dealing with?"

"It looks a bit different. It must be an improved version. I see some with weapons other than spears."

The two had never faced a golem before, but it didn't look easy at a glance.

According to what was heard, Quinie had incorporated Azier's technology into the golem, which would make it a formidable enemy if true.

[Hehe, this Azier Mk. 2, you see. It’s not just Azier’s signature techniques, but it focuses on the basic principles of the spear techniques he uses.]



A harsh sound seemed to cut through their tension.

In front of Frondier, a sword was stuck in the head of the golem carrying Edwin.

The simple, undecorated sword felt somehow antique and reminiscent of old methods.

‘That sword is…!’

Quinie’s eyes widened.

She knew the identity of that sword. It was a sword that had drawn the attention of all the famous nobles during Mistilteinn gathering.

‘It’s Gram!’

How did Frondier come to possess Gram?

She couldn’t see the drawing process properly because she was distracted by the surrounding golems, but it was certain that Gram was stuck in the golem’s head.

‘Did the head of the Roach family give Gram to Frondier?’

According to what Quinie knew, Frondier was a child put forth by the Roach family.

She had heard that the head of the family, Enfer, devoted all efforts solely for Azier.

But that was actually misinformation, and they were also paying attention to Frondier?

Frondier pulled the sword out of the golem with a diagonal slash. The golem's face was mangled beyond recognition as the sword was forcibly removed.

[Hey, Frondier! What did you do….]

Even before he could finish his sentence, Frondier's sword completely severed the golem's neck.

Edwin, who was falling from above, was caught by Frondier, who was faithfully standing below.

"You could have just landed."

"But I’m a hostage."

Is this honesty also a manifestation of one's character? Frondier smiled bitterly and entrusted Edwin to Quinie.

"First, the hostage's safety. Aten and Quinie, take the hostage and run away."

"What about you?"

"Saving lives is the priority, but after that, those monsters must be exterminated."

Quinie looked at Frondier with a suspicious gaze at her words.

"...You're going to do it alone?"

"Yes, I prefer it that way."

[Hey, who said we'd let you?!]

Just then, one of the golems in the surroundings mimicked Binkis's voice. It seemed like she switched to a different golem whenever one was destroyed.


The 'Gram' that Frondier was holding melted and flowed down. Frondier did not even try to hide it. Quinie stared blankly at the sight.

She had seen that liquid before. It was the identity of the fake 'Mistilteinn'. What was it called, a 'viscoelastic' metal?

"I may not be a match for all the teachers."

Although Frondier has grown a lot, there's no doubt that he's still not up to the level of Constel's teachers.

Except for Binkis.

If it's Binkis, who mainly focuses on summoning and golem linkage, Frondier can compete.

He knew almost all of the attack patterns of the golems.

"If I'm lucky, I can become Binkis's natural enemy. So go."


Quinie couldn't completely shake off her doubts, but she took Edwin and left with Aten.

Of course, if this was a real battle, she would never leave Frondier behind, but the opponent was a teacher.

Surely she wouldn't kill Frondier?

[Who said you could just leave?]

Two golems blocked their path.

Quinie raised her fan. If Frondier could draw the attention of most of the golems, with her ability, she could force a breakthrough.


But it seemed that even that was unnecessary.

Right after Frondier chanted something, two spears materialized out of thin air in front of Aten and Quinie.

With a crash and a crack, they pierced through each golem's head and heart.

As if that was the end, the two golems collapsed, defeated.

"...What, what is this,"

"Let's go."

Frondier's words were gentle yet firm.

Quinie and Aten, though startled, nodded and then ran off with Edwin.

[Frondier, getting a bit too arrogant? Used to live quietly like a mouse during academic times. Where did 'Human Sloth' go?]


Indeed, he was. Different from the Frondier of before.

The starting point of all offensive means, Weaving. The source of creating matter, Obsidian. And now, Menosorpo.

Unlike before, Frondier didn't hide but showed everything.

...What significance does the ripple have for 'Frondier de Roach'?

There was no need to think about it.

It was more than just a failure in the exam, it was a dropout from the academy.

The possibility of protecting this world would converge to zero, and the result would be the disastrous end of humanity being slaughtered by monsters.

That is, in this situation, something like a ‘moderate result’ could not be considered.

That's why.

Frondier manifested four short swords around him.

The four swords, floating in all directions, spun around like tops. At a glance, it was clear that touching them would mean more than just the end. Even if it was a golem, the pride of Binkis.

Let's slightly change the perception of 'Frondier' known in Constel.

Even if it's not the actual power level, make them think it could be.

"I've grown tired of that nickname."

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  1. Thanks for a good chapter

  2. Why does getting expelled result in the world ending? His info would be harder to use, but every time he went through the academy using Aster he failed anyways. With his current contacts he’d gain more freedom in his movements and be able to interfere more. It’s also weird that Enfer can just get him expelled from a place that’s supposed to be equal for everyone.

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