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Chapter 73 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Final Exam (3)

Frondier had just defeated three more golems when Binkis noticed something was off.

"......It's confirmed."

Frondier's recent attack had made it clear.

Frondier knows where the core of the golem is.

Binkis had placed the core in different locations within each golem she created.

Generally, it was either in the head or the heart, but the core itself was small compared to the golem. Even if an enemy hit the golem's head where the core was located, the small size of the core meant there was a high chance of missing it.

However, Frondier had taken down most of the golems with a single strike. There were a few that required several attacks, but all of them were clearly targeting the 'core'.

It was surprising enough that he could pierce through the golem's sturdy metal in one go, but knowing the exact location of the core was almost eerie. As if he could see inside.

[Frondier! You know where the core is, don't you?]

Binkis called out to him, planning to buy some time to regroup the golems. It was a break for Frondier as well, so the situation was the same for both.

"It's not just the core that I know."

Frondier's response sounded ominous.

Depending on how one heard it, it could even be scary.

[Then what else do you know?]

At that question, Frondier looked at the golem. Binkis, who was using the golem's eyes as her screen, felt as if that gaze was directed at her.

"I also know where the teacher is."


Binkis flinched.

Of course, Binkis was within the field. To remotely control multiple golems, she had to come within a certain distance.

But knowing her location by looking at the golem was absurd. Even the teachers within Constel couldn't do that.

Could it be possible if it was Frondier...?

"It's a joke. How could I possibly know that?"

[This kid?]

Woong, a golem swung its spear. Frondier dodged and created some distance.

"Indeed, this guy has gotten better."

Binkis collected data from the golem that Frondier had defeated, having a rough idea of how the golem was sliced at that time.

The video information captured by the golem's eyes. It was through this that Binkis could gauge Frondier's skill level.

At that time, he was no different from a novice who had just started fighting. The fact that he could cut down a golem was due to wit and ingenuity, and the power of the weapon, not skill.

However, now, Frondier had clearly grown. In this short period.

"Both technique and response have improved. There must have been a good teacher helping him improve his skills all this time. But more importantly."


The judgment that only those who have overcome stronger adversaries and crisis situations possess.

Frondier already had it all.

"But I know a way."

Frondier said.

[Huh? A way? What way?]

"A way to find out where the teacher is."

Saying so, Frondier raised a hand.

From his hand, strands of magical power were Weaving, and an arrow floated in mid-air.

It was a scene they had seen continuously up to now, but its principle was still unknown. They had never seen such magic before.

"A unique skill... or perhaps divine power?"

How has he managed to hide something like this until now? If it were me, I'd be itching to boast about it.

But then, Frondier pointed the arrow towards the sky.

"Teacher. Do you know what 'Fireworks' are?"

[…Ah, what?]

Immediately after, the arrow was shot towards the sky.

The shot arrow divided into dozens, hundreds of pieces in the air, spreading out like the Milky Way, and then fell to the ground like lightning.

The sound was like a torrential downpour. Binkis certainly remembered seeing this sight before.

"It's Fireworks! It really was Frondier!"

A large-scale attack by monsters on Constel.

The miraculous technique that annihilated the monsters fleeing after blocking their attack was reproduced in front of his eyes.

Of course, there was suspicion that Frondier was not the original owner of the technique. He was not seen during the attack, and there was an incident where he set a new record in the personal training room before that.

But no one truly believed it.

To think that Frondier, of all people.

[...Wow, that's impressive. But how do you plan to find me with that?]

"You might not know this, but Fireworks track their target precisely."

At those words, Binkis recalled. The monsters hit by the Fireworks had all been struck in vital spots like the head or heart, places that would undoubtedly result in death.

It made no sense to think that someone could aim hundreds of arrows at vital points individually. Considering the direction the Fireworks came from, it was also from an incredibly long distance.

In other words, every arrow of the Fireworks was 'guided.'

"And unfortunately, I don’t know how to 'slightly' miss. That's just how these arrows are."

Binkis's face turned pale at that.

Binkis was no ordinary person either. Despite being closer to a research position, she was a competent magician and summoner himself. She could counter most attacks without needing a golem.

─The truth was, he couldn't think of a way to fend off a simultaneous attack where countless arrows targeted vital spots, regardless of the type of monster. Whether it was possible to block arrows that could fatally wound any monster with a barrier was uncertain.

[You, you, are you threatening me? You're a student and I'm a teacher!]

"What are you talking about? Right now, I am a 'Pro' here to save victims from monsters, and you, teacher, are 'playing the role of a monster'."

Frondier was giving back the very warning that teachers had always emphasized to students during the final exams. If they thought the teacher would go easy on them, they would be swallowed up.

They needed to discard their half-hearted attitude and engage seriously. Of course, naturally, a student beating a teacher was unthinkable. The matchup was designed to be the worst possible, to ensure that wouldn't happen.

Except for Frondier.

Excluding Frondier, who had no data on him and whom everyone had underestimated.

[You, you! If you really do something like that, it won't just end there! Don't you remember the midterms? A drone is filming you in real-time! If you actually cause casualties,]

"Ah, about that, would you take a look at this?"


Binkis looked at the screen showing Frondier, whom Frondier was pointing at somewhere with his finger.

There was still a drone filming Frondier, quietly hovering in flight.

So what about it?

"It looks the same, right? I swapped it with a fake."


"After hearing how a man named Renzo infiltrated during the midterms, I thought it was a pretty good idea."

[?? ...?!]

Binkis turned pale, unable to say anything, merely flapping her mouth open and closed. The sound of her breath and hiccup-like swallowing was transmitted instead by the microphone installed in the golem.

Binkis looked at Frondier again.

The Frondier in the screen was just smiling brightly.

From the eerie smile resembling a crescent moon, the same voice flowed as before.

"So, where are you, teacher?"

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