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Chapter 87 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Barrier (4)

Sybil's steed, Cassian, was tied up in the stable next to the lodging.

Sybil and Aten stayed in the clearing for training.

For whatever reason, it was good that I came alone.


Upon seeing me, Cassian made a light sound. It felt a bit eerie as if he was observing me.

In the game setting, Cassian is one of the finest horses in the central region. There are few horses in the whole world that match up to him.

Cassian's most notable feature is his exceptional intelligence. While other horses boast mobility, acceleration, and top speed, Cassian prides himself on his sharp mind. Of course, he is also sufficient in mobility and the like.


I raised my hand in greeting.

A fine horse chooses its rider, and the smart Cassian is much more selective.

For Aster, the protagonist of this game, and Sybil, who is favored by fate, he has allowed them on his back, but I wonder how it will be for me.

‘They say it's important to make eye contact and approach before reaching out to touch a horse.’

If you reach out with your hand first, they become wary. They get scared even if you disappear from their line of sight. So, it's essential to make eye contact and walk slowly towards them,


But Cassian turned his gaze away.


It was a clear act of ignoring me. An appeal to disappear from his sight, as there's nothing more to see.

Hmm, it was indeed good to come alone. If Sybil had seen this, she would have teased me for days. Or perhaps, Aten's sympathetic eyes would have hurt more. Anyway.

“Hmm, I really need you though.”

My plan can only be possible because Cassian is here. If Sybil hadn't come here, I wouldn't have even conceived such a plan.

I used the 'analyze' skill on Cassian.


- A renowned horse of the central region. The most common habitat is 'Howald'.

- Capable of performing all the movements required for current equestrian techniques.

- If the owner loses consciousness, it autonomously decides to secure the owner's safety.

As expected, it was all information I already knew.

The only thing I hadn't known was that Howald was the largest habitat area. Howald is the region I had attended the noble council because of the counterfeit Mistilteinn before.

Howald, Howald…

I quietly observed Cassian. He was equipped with basic tack and a saddle, but that was it.

I'm not sure who gave Cassian to Sybil, but they probably didn't expect she would bring him to Tyburn.

"Are you cold by any chance?"

As soon as he heard my words, Cassian quickly turned his head back towards me. It was a strong affirmation.

The horse understood my words. I felt a strange sensation at the fact, but that was a problem for later.

I loosened the tie around my neck.

'Penelope's Cloth' provides warmth to the wearer, so just covering the horse with it should keep him quite warm.

Purr, purr.

The horse nuzzled his head against me as I draped the cloth over his back. It seemed to be effective.

"Hmm, this cloth wasn't originally meant for this."

But it should be fine for one night.

I lightly patted Cassian's neck and then turned away.

Cassian is a smart horse. It won’t get lost or anything.

…More importantly.

"Tyburn is quite cold."

I shrugged my shoulders against a chill I hadn't felt before and continued walking.

* * *

The bell signaling a monster attack rang out loudly again.

Only a day had gone by since the last battle.

I eradicated the monsters using the combination of the bow Khryselakatos and the arrow Iocheira, just as I had done before.

The eyes of the knights who saw this changed. At first, when I used this “firework,” they simply looked stunned, but now they looked at me as if I were a monster.

“…This is bad.”

Though it seemed I was dealing with the monsters easily, a problem had arisen for me.

My weaving level wouldn’t increase.

After the number of simultaneous weavings reached 10, there was no level-up at all.

I thought it was due to a lack of time and practice, but given the situation had come to this, such assumptions were meaningless.

"Leveling up isn't what's important. What's important is 'recovery.'"

I’m leveling up in order to unlock the 'recovery' that's locked in the Weaving.

This way, we can rebuild this dilapidated barrier now, and it will prove useful in many ways in the future.


That's when Sanders approached me.

"Don't you think the frequency of monster attacks is too rapid this cycle, even considering how often they occur?"

"…You're right."

Sanders had noticed, as I had expected.

Probably all the knights had noticed. The cycle of attacks happening again after just a day's break is definitely not normal.

"We might have been discovered."

"Discovered… you don't think."

Sanders's face went pale.

I felt the same way.

"It's possible they've realized the barrier is vulnerable, and that's why I used the 'firework.'"

Of course, the enemy commander wouldn't know the true nature of the 'firework.'

But the sudden change in the situation. A weapon that prevents the monsters from even approaching. If such a drastic change occurs, they could guess something happened on our side.

"…Then, their commander."

"Will probably launch a full-scale assault."

Fireworks have its limits. There's a limit to how many can split off, and while they target vital points, monsters with strong durability can withstand them. If they can respond, some will manage to break through.

Until now, the enemy has only sent minions to hinder the barrier's repair. The fact that they're all swept away by a single firework proves it.

But if real monsters of considerable size attack, it's a different story.

We'll be outnumbered, and there will be enemies we can't pierce with arrows. Then, the Fireworks will only reduce the number of enemies by a very small margin.

And once they reach the barrier, it will soon fall, and it's game over once multiple entry points are formed.

'It's a divine weapon, but I am not a god, after all.'

Truly strong people determine their power with 'aura' and use it to unlock the true power of their weapons.

I was still just a pig, no, a human sloth, wearing an overly expensive pearl necklace. [T/N: A korean idiom usage: "A pearl necklace on a pig's neck" This is for people who don't fully understand the value of something and no need to give them something precious or good.]

"How’s the barrier side? And the child, Sybil?"

"Sybil will be there on time. Even if it's a full-scale attack, it won't start right away. The strategy of pouring ice on the wall will work."

Sanders was relieved by my explanation.

I swallowed the rest of my words at that sight.

The wall covered with ice is naturally weaker than the original wall. Leaving aside whether Aten and Sybil can maintain it, it can't be helped if it breaks from an attack from outside.

Then Aten will have to use her magic again, and in that case, the time they can hold out will be shorter than expected.

'And it's not good that Aten and Sybil, who are important forces, can't use their abilities because of the barrier.'

Aten is a valuable ice magic user, and Sybil is a strong sword master who can use aura at a young age.

When the monsters launch an all-out attack, each force is valuable, but the barrier blocks it.

"By the way."


"Your outfit is different than before."

Sanders said, looking at me.

I put on thick clothes one after another to keep out the cold. My face was covered by a deep hood. It was so deep that my face was not visible unless looked at from the front.

In fact, this is a normal outfit. Most of them were dressed similarly, but I had been wearing clothes that were too light until now.

"It's colder than I thought when I stayed here for a long time."

Fabric of Penelope had protected me until now. I left it to Cassian for a while, but the cold of Tyburn was worse than I thought.

"Well, you've been wearing too thin clothes."

Sanders smiled and tapped my shoulder.

I felt a sense of closeness in his eyes as he looked at me.

I don't know why it wasn't like that until now.

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  1. Pearls on pigs is a derivation of the phrase "cast pearls before swine", not specifically Korean. It originates from the Bible.

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    2. "cast pearls before swine" means
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    3. I was going to post this as well. Its from Mathew 7:6 "Don't cast pearls before swine" It's not a korean saying at all actually.

      It means not to teach the gospel those who would reject or blaspheme, but in a modern sense its don't give things that would be wasted on the recipient.

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