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Chapter 89 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Navia smiled faintly, sensing the reason behind their vehement reactions.

"Yes. He certainly did say that."

"Oh my..."

"Heh heh."

While they were reacting as if it were unexpected, Minerva, who had stepped away for a while to make medicine, arrived.

"It's really a feast today!"

Eseled's retainers had developed a habit of making quick meals at some point.

The Duke's mansion was always in a gloomy mood, and since they didn't use servants, it naturally became that way.

"With Miss Navia here, the atmosphere really warms up."

Navia found it hard to understand what that meant.

'Why does it warm up because I'm here?'

She would have understood if they said she was messing up the place.

"That's right. Really."

Suleiman also agreed.

Minerva next to him nodded.

Charlotte, glancing at Navia, who was quietly standing with an inscrutable expression, said,

"You pretend not to be, but you're a kind person, my lady"

'No way.'

Kind? Her?

Navia couldn't relate at all.

She was just a pragmatic person.

Margaret chuckled.

"That's just like our master."

When Lark was mentioned, Navia took it lightly, thinking, 'So it was just a casual comment.'

'Just something said in passing.'

Instead of indulging in such meaningless talk, Navia said as she finished setting the meal,

"I'll take this to the Duke."

"You can't carry it alone. It's heavy. I'll help."

Navia saw the tray filled with thickly grilled pork marinated in seasoning, salad topped with lemon dressing, and a richly stewed stew.

Certainly, it was too heavy for an eight-year-old to carry.

"Thank you, Miss Margaret."

Navia wasn't the type of person to insist on the impossible.

"Well, shall we go up?"

They arrived on the third floor.

Instead of Margaret, who was holding the tray, it was Navia's turn to knock.

Knock, knock.

In fact, Lark's room could be opened and entered without permission.

Navia didn't know that such an unconventional thing was possible, so she tried to call Lark to tell him she had something to do.

However, Margaret opened the door with her shadow faster.

"My Lord, have your meal."

Navia looked up at Margaret with an astonished expression.

'Is this okay?'

A voice came from inside.

"Why are you suddenly doing things you didn't do before? Get out of here because I'm not eating."

Margaret approached him with a look of indifference and said,

"Navia made it."


Lark, who was studying magic while writing ancient language with a pen, raised his head.

At that moment, Margaret made a surprised expression.

"Oh my?"

She just realized the fact that she missed last time because she was flustered.

"When did you cut your hair? Oh my, you look more refreshing with short hair."

"It happened."

"Did Navia cut it?"

This time, the question wasn't directed at Lark.

Lark followed Margaret's gaze curiously.

Navia was walking in with a gentle pace.

"Ah, yes. Somehow…."

"Oh my. She can cut hair and cook. Isn't Navia's hard work admirable?"

Lark only moved his eyeballs and looked at the food in Margaret's hand.

Even at a glance, it seemed like a dish that would have been difficult for an eight-year-old to make.

"What a waste of effort."

At those words, Navia lowered her gaze in embarrassment.

'I'm acting on my own again.'

People had to eat, and there were no servants here.

Navia had only hoped that Lark would eat it, not that he would enjoy it.

This was the only way she could repay him for saving her life time and time again.

'It's a problem to want anything in the first place.'

Navia reflected on her mistake. She was in no position to dare to want something.

"I'm sorry."

Navia wanted to take the food and go.

But Margaret let out a sigh and set the tray down on the table.

Navia quickly approached Margaret.

"Lady Margaret, I'll take that."

"It took hours to prepare for the Lord. From removing the smell of meat to marinating, Navia did it all."

Lark frowned upon hearing Navia's apology and his expression grew even more displeased when he heard about her efforts.

"Why did you do such an unnecessary thing?"

He was someone who did not care about eating.

He was also someone who didn't need such efforts.

'Why do you do this for someone like me who can't even take care of himself?'

He sighed deeply as he saw Navia listening to him as if she was being punished.


He cursed himself repeatedly as he saw Navia's expression.

It seemed like he had made a mistake again.


He decided it was better to just eat without saying anything and stuffed the food into his mouth.

"Your Grace."

Navia was about to say it's okay not to force himself to eat but then closed her mouth.

She was worried it might be presumptuous.

Lark almost gulped down his food and said.

"It's bland."

Margaret countered his complaint.

"That can't be. The seasoning was just right."

"You're joking. This is salty."

"Your Grace."

"It's sour and salty, some parts are bland, it's a mess."

Navia resolved to check the seasoning more carefully in the future as she listened to his harsh criticism.

Lark quickly finished his meal.

For someone who complained about the taste, he had cleaned his plate very neatly.

Margaret narrowed her eyes and asked.

"The food was clearly delicious. Are you just being picky now?"

"No, really. So don't make the child cook. Just hire a chef."

Margaret realized why Lark had fussed over perfectly good food upon hearing this.

'He just doesn't want to trouble the servants.'

By then, Navia already looked like she thought her cooking was the worst in the world.

Margaret looked at her master with pitiful eyes and inwardly clicked her tongue.

Lark raised his eyebrows when he noticed her disdainful look.

"What's with that disrespectful look?"

"…Nothing. It's impressive that you finished it all despite the large portion."

Margaret quickly gathered the emptied dishes, which had been cleared in less than five minutes.

"Come on, Navia. Let's go have a delicious meal that suits our taste."

Navia was nervous about Margaret's sarcastic remarks.

'Is this really okay?'

Before leaving the bedroom, Navia bowed to Lark and closed the door.

The child pretended to be calm, but her expression was clearly dejected.

"Ha... What did I do wrong again? Damn!"

His pen snapped in frustration.

* * *

"The master seems to want to treat Navia kindly."


Navia, on her way to the dining room, was puzzled and curious upon hearing Margaret's words.

"He says that, but telling us to hire a chef is quite exceptional. The master doesn't usually keep servants in the house."

Navia was quite aware of the closed nature of this place. She just thought it was simply a financial issue that there were no servants.

But was it actually Lark's decision?

"He always says that the world is full of traitors and yesterday's allies become today's enemies. How pessimistic."

Navia closed her mouth with a surprised expression.

'He thinks just like me.'

Of course, she thought so because she was a returnee, but why did Lark think that way?

'Did Theorbain do something bad to him?'

After all.

He was a person who had swindled a young family head and diverted the family business, so he must have done various other dirty deeds.

However, the notion that he intended to treat her well was still puzzling.

'Could it really be true?'

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