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Chapter 9 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Rene opened her mouth with an unpleasant expression.


Judging by the fact that she was putting her sword down, it seemed that she had judged that I was not an enemy.

Or maybe she judged that I wasn't even a slight threat.

My mana was several times less than hers, so she must have thought I was weak.

As expected, the Bares family is arrogant.

It’s a bit bitter…….

However, I can’t show my true feelings on the outside.

I tried to keep the smile on my face and said,

"I'm quite skilled, you know?"


This woman just laughed.

It’s good that my acting as a servant of the Bares family worked perfectly…… But I don’t feel good being ignored like this.

And it doesn’t seem like Rene has completely erased her suspicions yet.

Perhaps because she can sense that the amount of mana in my body is small, she doesn’t think of me as an escort knight.

Then I have no choice but to show her my skills.

In order to add credibility to my role as an escort.



Rene tilted her head as I stretched out my finger.

Even so, the fact that she didn’t show any reaction seemed to indicate that she was confident that she could handle anything that happened.

She continued to ignore me.

I forced a faint smile and initiated the position exchange.

The moment the arrow that appeared touched the sword Rene was holding.


My body and the sword’s positions were swapped.


Rene’s sword fell to the floor with a loud noise, and my body arrived right in front of Rene.

And her left hand, which had been holding the sword, ended up holding my right hand.


Rene’s eyes widened in surprise at the sudden teleportation.

I stared at Rene and said in a sad voice,

“What do you think?”


Rene didn’t answer for a while.

Instead, she stared at her own sword that had fallen behind me and bit her lower lip.

Her expression looked like she was angry, so I gulped.

I hope I didn’t go too far…….

Just in case, I grabbed her right hand to prevent Rene from attacking me, and I felt strongly that it was the right decision.

While I was trembling in fear, Rene let go of the hand she was holding.

Only then was I able to breathe a sigh of relief.

"This is why I was assigned as your escort, Lady Rene. It's useful for protecting you."

That was quite a decent excuse.

Since I showed her the Position Exchange, Rene must have realized that my talent is related to movement.

Rene seemed to understand, but she didn’t relax her expression or ask me any more questions.

Well, I guess that’s enough to convince her.

“Let’s get going now.”

I said to Rene in a low voice.

I wanted to get out of this secret place as soon as possible.

I had to run away as fast as I could before my lies were exposed.


Rene didn’t answer me.

She didn’t talk much and her expression rarely changed, so it was hard to figure out what she was thinking.

I felt very uncomfortable in this situation…….

I continued speaking to break the awkward silence and get her away from me.

“Once you get out, go straight to the Lord. He’s waiting for you.”


Rene’s body trembled at the word ‘Lord’. It was as if I had touched a nerve.

I wondered if she had some kind of bad relationship with the Lord, but then I shook my head.

Anyway, once we got out of this secret place, we would go our separate ways.

It would be better for both of us if we never saw each other again.

“I have other tasks that the Lord has given me, so I should go somewhere else right away.”


“Do you understand?”


A smile flickered across Rene’s face as she answered me.

Was she the emotional type?

I moved away from Rene and approached the door that seemed to be the exit of the secret place.

And as I grabbed the doorknob, I thought to myself.

‘I’ll run away as soon as Rene goes to Crete.’

I had to get out of here quickly.

That was the only way I could survive.

I couldn’t die in vain in this place after I managed to escape from Peltz and come all the way to the Demon Realm.

I turned my head back to Rene to make sure, and opened my mouth.

“Do you understand? Once you get out of the secret place, go straight to Lord Crete……”

Just as I was about to finish speaking.

Rene, who had been following me, froze.

At that moment, I felt that something was wrong.

I followed her gaze.

As I slowly turned my head…….

‘Oh, crap.’

A crazy situation unfolded before my eyes.

The residents of the Demon Realm, with their black hair and black dragon horns, were holding weapons and glaring at me with eyes as cold as ice.

They looked down at me with icy gazes.

And in front of them,

A man wearing a robe with the Black Dragon crest and exuding an overwhelming aura was observing me.


A single word escaped Rene’s lips as her eyes met his.

If he’s Rene’s father.

The lord of the Bares family.

I know that name.

The Seven Families of the Demon World were an early setting that I had worked hard to create, so it’s impossible not to know.

The arrogant head of the Bares family and Rene’s father’s name.


He was waiting for me, who had come out of the Secret Realm.

The moment Crete and I made eye contact.


A laugh that sounded like admiration escaped Crete’s lips.

At this, I trembled, feeling an indescribable fear.


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