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Chapter 93 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Immediately after Lark shouted at her to leave, Navia returned to her room.

"What did I do wrong...?"

Like before, she couldn't understand what about her had angered him.

Was it just because he disliked her?

If that's the case, she understood.

Throughout her life, being criticized for everything from her appearance, background, to personality, she realized people didn't hate her for any clear reason.

They just hated the fact that Navia was living and breathing near them. Just loathsome and contemptible.

'But it seemed like he was having fun.'

Navia shook her head.

She should have just delivered the food and left.

'Why did I ask the Duke to have breakfast with me? Foolishly out of my league.'

She really didn't understand her place.

'Navia Eseled.'

Navia laughed self-deprecatingly.

Her cheeks even flushed at the thought of having dared to dream, even momentarily, of bearing the name Eseled.

'I spoke nonsense, thinking things had improved.'

"Still, what he said yesterday should still hold, right...?"

Yet, that was not purely for her own benefit but also for the sake of Eseled.

'...I should go downstairs first.'

If Lark saw her, he would become even angrier.

It would sour the atmosphere of the house again, something Navia didn't want.

Navia began to pack her belongings calmly.

Fortunately, her belongings were just pajamas, a scarf and apron she used when she was a barber, one gold coin, and five silver coins - all manageable in one go.

Navia gazed at the letter she had exchanged with him, then left it there.

After neatly folding her clothes and holding them in her arms, she quietly descended to the second floor without making a sound.

Thus, she returned to her original room, the third on the left from the central staircase. She didn't sit on a chair or lie on the bed, just stood there.

Navia felt her cheeks, which had been pleasantly tingling until now, start to sting painfully and brushed them weakly with her hand.

She felt choked up inside.

"Is it indigestion?"

Her chest felt tight, so she gripped her clothes as if to tear them.

'There was certainly too much sandwich.'

"I should have eaten moderately."

Navia recalled Lark, who ate the sandwiches she left without any concern for cleanliness.

...It was like having a father.

"Get out now!"

Navia shook her head as if to shake off the memory.

'I'm not hurt.'

It was just a little troubling.

She was worried he might tell her to leave because she was a nuisance, just that.

Besides, compared to the numerous insults Wood had hurled at her, Lark's words were gentlemanly.

'Anyway, shouldn't I stay out of sight until the Duke's mood improves and proceed with the business?'

By proving her worth, things would be okay then, right?

"Is this too naive a thought?"

Navia mocked herself.

Since when did you start thinking so laxly, Navia?

You need to constantly prove yourself.

No one wants you.

Navia closed her eyes for a moment and rubbed her temples.

Instead of foolishly being elated, she should have proven her usefulness.

'I need to be of help. And quickly.'

Navia, sensing urgency, grabbed the silver coins and stepped outside.

She couldn't afford to be relaxed even for a moment.

She had to live not just diligently or industriously, but desperately, always.

"Miss Navia?"

Margaret, having seen off Suleiman on the first floor and ascending the central staircase, spotted Navia and approached with a puzzled look.

"Miss Margaret."

"What brings you here?"

Navia replied calmly.

"Thinking of Charlotte, I thought it better to stay on the second floor."

At that answer, Margaret looked at Navia calmly.

With a deep gaze that seemed to know everything, Navia uncharacteristically wanted to look away.

Why did she feel that way? She couldn't understand herself.

"Did something happen?"

At that question, the feeling of heaviness in her chest intensified.

Navia responded with a smile.

"No. Nothing happened."

Really, what just happened was nothing at all. It was not something to fuss over or be sad about, just a trivial matter.

But why does my chest feel so tight?

'Should I take some indigestion medicine?'

Navia wanted to thump her chest with her fist, but she stayed still, thinking that such an action would make Margaret worry.

Yet, her face had already turned pale.

"......Your face is pale."

"I guess it's because I ate too much breakfast. I feel a bit tight in my stomach."

"I'll bring you some medicine. Can you wait a moment?"

Navia shook her head.

"It's okay. I think I'll feel better if I move around a bit since it's just indigestion. Oh, and I'm going to step out for a bit."

Then Margaret gently suggested.

"Shall we go together then?"

Facing Margaret, Navia felt like she really became an eight-year-old child.

Perhaps it was because Margaret was such a tender person.

Navia didn't want to disappoint someone who was showing her such undeserved kindness.

It should have been a priority to prove her usefulness sooner.

"It's okay. I'll be back soon."

Margaret looked a bit worried, then pulled out a beautifully embroidered purse from her pocket.

"Then, just in case, take some money with you. Use this."

"No, I have money."

Saying so, she showed five silver coins in her open palm.

"Then you can put those silver coins in here and take it with you."

Margaret opened the purse, put Navia's silver coins inside, closed it tightly, and handed it back.

Navia, somewhat taken aback, received the purse and then stopped as she was about to hand it back.

Instead, she thanked Margaret for the allowance that wasn't a payment.

"Thank you......"

Her voice was slightly choked, but it flowed out as if it was nothing serious.

"Then, I'll be back."

As Navia was about to leave, Margaret stopped her.

"You should wear a coat! It's too cold outside, and if you go out in just that dress, you'll catch a cold."

But since there was no coat, Navia was about to say it was okay when Margaret called a shadow bird and sent it fluttering away. The bird quickly returned with a child's cloak.

"It's old, but it should fit you perfectly."

The style of the cloak was definitely different from the current fashion, but it was so well maintained that no other signs of age were evident.

Navia didn't know whose cloak it was, but it was clearly precious to Margaret.

She had given it to Navia to wear.

"I'll wear it neatly and return it to you."

"No, you can keep this cloak, Navia."

"But it's a precious cloak to you, Miss Margaret."

Margaret looked slightly surprised and then smiled gently.

"You are very kind, Navia."

Navia, unable to agree with the praise, just bowed her head.

"......I'll be back."

Navia, following her plan, left the mansion and went to a small bustling area nearby. It took her an hour to walk there.

Navia caught a cab, her cheeks red and frozen in the cold air.

"Please take me to the Campanella Theater on Zenodic Street."

Navia boarded the carriage and sank into silence.

There was no better way to prove her usefulness than to fill a lack or remove a weakness in someone else.

In Eseled's case, the lack was money, and the weakness was the sedative herb.

Navia planned to use the herb to stop Theorban from interfering with her plans.

"We've arrived. Please get out."

The coachman acted respectfully, even though a child had rented the carriage without any attendant.

Navia's appearance and demeanor were not ordinary, as if she were a princess from some country.

'Probably a child from a noble family who sneaked out to play.'

As Navia stepped out of the carriage and paid the fare, she shifted her gaze and saw a massive stone building.

It was the Campanella Theater.

Navia's business wasn't at the theater. She planned to sell information at a coffee house attached to the back of the Campanella Theater.


Navia collided with someone as she turned a corner.


Just as she was about to fall backwards helplessly, a firm hand safely caught her.

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