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Chapter 95 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Return (1)

Sybil remembers.

She remembers the insane man who handed her a bow and arrows and told her to shoot at him.

She remembers the man who pushed her forward, trusting in her fate, as if he knew her better than she knew herself.

"I still don't know much about him."

Sybil clenched her teeth. Those green eyes were brightly shining. Literally, Sybil's pupils sparkled like stars, filled with magical power.

Aten's eyes widened greatly at the sight.

"...A spell..."

Basic Magic Formula 1


Mana Imbuement

With a whoosh, Sybil's mana surged in an instant. She quickly restored the ice wall Aten had created.

"Heck, I can finally take a breath."

In a flash, she filled the gaps in the barrier and Sybil gasped for breath.

Aten couldn't believe what she saw and looked again.

"...She used a spell she hadn't learned, even while using mana."

Adding just one formula was a simple act, but Aten, being a magician, knew how unbelievable that was.

"Right, where were we? Oh yes! I still don't know much about him!"

Sybil forced herself to cheer up and placed her hands on her hips.

"But! He's not the type to run away because he's afraid of dying!"

Sybil's voice was assertive.

Aten turned his white eyes towards Sybil, then looked beyond the barrier.

"Yes, that's right."

Aten nodded. Having witnessed Frondier's moments up to his near death, she could only deeply agree.

"Well, we can't see Frondier coming back from here anyway. We can only hear the news from the knights above the barrier."

Sybil said with a snort, and Aten gave a bitter smile.


As Aten agreed, her gaze slowly drifted to the distance.

Just as Sybil said, Frondier couldn't be seen from here. Frondier had headed somewhere beyond the barrier, and this place was inside the barrier.

Frondier, riding on Cassian, couldn't possibly be seen due to the barrier.

...But then, what is that?

"What's that, Aten? What are you looking at-"

Following Aten's gaze, Sybil also stopped talking.

Their first impression upon witnessing it was, well, a bit sore in the throat. Their gaze was directed upwards, after all.

Something was rapidly approaching from the far sky, higher than the barrier.

It strikingly resembled Frondier, but they couldn't shout out that it was Frondier.

If that really was Frondier.

Because it was flying in the sky.

"Hey, that..."

Several soldiers also spotted it. Their expressions were similar to Aten's and Sybil's.

Something that looked like Frondier was flying through the sky, holding a hammer in one hand.

Instead of feeling joy or delight, they looked at it with a grimace, as if they had seen a strange creature.

The strange creature was holding something like a sword in its free hand, not holding the hammer.

"...What is that?"

The last voice was Ludwig's.

Something like Frondier, holding something like a hammer in one hand and something like a sword in the other,

Struck down from the sky towards the ground.

* * *

As I emerged from the forest, I spoke when the barrier came into view.



"You wanted to drive. Cassian."

"Ah, yes?"

"From now on, you hold the reins. Head towards Tyburn like this."

After saying that, I slowly opened my mouth, gauging the distance.


I scanned the range of Menosorpo with my eyes. This should reach up to the barrier.

Weaving, Obsidian.

Rank - Divine


I gripped Mjölnir in my hand and stretched it forward.

"Wait, just a moment, eek-!"

Selena said something from behind, but it was already too late.

I, holding Mjölnir, steered, and literally soared into the sky.

With Mjölnir in hand, I piloted it and soared into the sky.

Operating the combined form of Mjölnir and Menosorpo. I wondered if it only worked underwater, but fortunately, Mjölnir supported my weight even above ground.

I flew straight to the barrier. The sound of the wind blew past my ears, and the weight of the wind passed over my face and shoulders. The first flight was quite an unusual sensation.

'...Alright. The barrier hasn't collapsed yet.'

I momentarily felt dizzy at the sheer number of monsters, but I was relieved to see that the barrier was intact.

Aten and Sybil must have put in a lot of effort. The knights, soldiers, and prisoners as well.

A 'total offensive' meant that most of the monsters in the vicinity were swarming the barrier. In particular, it is likely that powerful monsters are ahead to break through the barrier.

Perhaps the Ludwig Urfa can deal with the lesser ones, but the numbers are overwhelming.

In other words, if the densely packed powerful monsters could be wiped out at once, the barrier could be defended. It wasn't necessary to kill them all.


Rank - Legendary


At that time, I wove Excalibur in my opposite hand that did not hold Mjölnir,

I had used almost all of Penelope's cloth. Now, the cloth was reduced to the size of a handkerchief.

I held the cloth in my mouth and gripped Excalibur.

[Excalibur ⦁Alpha]

⦁Rank: Legendary

⦁Explanation: The legendary sword used by King Arthur. It is famous for the legend that it was stuck in a rock and no one could pull it out, but King Arthur pulled it out in one breath. This is because the sword chose Arthur rather than Arthur pulling out the sword. It is the closest to divinity among the weapons possessed by heroes.

Detailed Ability >

- Legacy of the Sword: Excalibur absorbs the mana and life force of its wielder and selects a suitable master. The absorbed mana and life force become the power of Excalibur.

Excalibur's ability is simple.

The stronger the wielder's magic power, the stronger it becomes.

It truly is a weapon befitting the strong.

'So where.'

What if I imbued all of this 'handkerchief'-sized Penelope's cloth?

I infused all of my magical power into Excalibur, which I held in my hands. The handkerchief-sized cloth Penelope was holding in my mouth disappeared, and shortly after confirming that it had completely vanished, I shot Excalibur towards the ground.

─And the moment I threw it, I felt it.

This wasn’t an accurate and precise attack like a ‘Fireworks’ at all. It was just a pure sense of destruction and annihilation that swept over my entire body like a wave of air.

Excalibur that had swallowed up Penelope’s cloth, even though it had become the size of my palm.

The blade leaving my hand did not cut through the air as it fell to the ground, but instead tore it apart.

‘Oh, this is.’

Things were bigger than I thought.

Whoosh, the moment Excalibur touched the ground, it devoured all the air.



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