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Chapter 96 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem

When I opened my eyes, it was morning.

I woke up because my mouth and face felt incredibly stuffy.

Something was placed over my face. No, something was stuffed in my mouth.

"What is this......"

When I opened my mouth to inspect, it was a cloth. A wide and long cloth. I quietly observed its very familiar shape.

"...Ah, Fabric of Penelope."

Come to think of it, it was the last thing in my mouth before I disappeared. It seems it covered my face as I underwent shape regression.


I got up.

Looking around, I was in a guest room where I had been staying.

Yesterday, I fainted while attempting 'restoration'. It ranks among the top five foolish things I've done since coming here.

[You have successfully weaved a new 'legendary' grade fabric.]

[The level of your unique skill 'Weaving' has increased.]

[The 'Restoration' feature has been unlocked.]

[Restoration: Returns the object to its state before it was damaged. However, the original material or a substitute material is required. The amount of mana consumed varies depending on the size, grade, and degree of damage to the object.]

I saw this message when I escaped the forest.

The 'Restoration' feature, previously locked in weaving.

Judging by the description alone, it seems similar to the 'Reversion' that Aten had previously implemented.

However, Reversion is limited to 'living beings', and the mana itself transforms into matter, which is close to a miracle.

Therefore, even for Aten, there is a failure rate. At that time, the fact that she was converting the mana I consumed back into my blood and flesh meant that the success rate was somewhat high, even though it was her first attempt.

In other words, true 'Reversion' means that even Aten's own mana can heal the physical deficiencies of others. It's not without reason that she's an essential character in the protagonist's party.

'On the other hand, Restoration feels like a rewind with a time limit.'

Restoration returns the object to its state before damage. However, the original material must be present.

For example, if the arm of the statue is broken, the arm must still be there. Those that are excessively weathered, worn out, or have a changed material status cannot be restored.

My restoration of the barrier was canceled halfway, but even if I had finished it at the time, the barrier would not have been restored to its original state when it was created.

It must have been worn out somewhere, and there would still be cracks in the corners. It's okay if it just turns into pieces over time, but if it turns into dust, scatters, and turns into mana, it can't be turned back.

"But I still need to restore it."

I turned my gaze to the window.

─Outside seemed peaceful.

Of course, monsters won't just start gathering again after doing something like that in front of the barrier. There probably aren't that many of them in the first place. I was a bit worried, but it seems like it's not too late to restore the barrier.




I called out to Selena, who had been still in front of me.

Selena was sitting upright. I'm not sure if it's seiza* or if she's just kneeling. Her posture was perfect, but she's been trembling since earlier. [T/N: Seiza - Wikipedia]

Obviously, she's never sat in seiza before.

"What are you doing?"

"Um, I'm taking a break.

"Anyone can see that you're in pain and trembling."

"No. It's a very comfortable position."


I got up and approached Selena. Then I grabbed both of her shoulders and pressed them down.


"I'm glad it's a comfortable position. Then I have something to talk about from now on."

"Ah, well, if you could let go of my shoulders……"

"What? It's an important story. If I hold your shoulders like this and talk, you'll listen better."

"That's not true. I'm listening carefully."

"What are you talking about? Even now, you're closing your eyes tightly and turning your head away from me."

"It's not because I'm not listening."

Selena's face was twitching. Even so, she was still maintaining her seiza posture.

It's fun, but let's stop now.

"Okay. I'll talk, so stand up and listen. It's uncomfortable to look down."

"Oh, thank you. Ah, no, I understand."

Selena stood up unsteadily. Her legs must have been numb, so it wasn't very graceful when she stood up.

Selena should be used to torture, but she's acting like this just from kneeling. How many hours has she been sitting like that?

"By the way, why are you doing seiza when it doesn't suit you?"

"I've heard it helps to organize your thoughts when you have a lot on your mind. It definitely seems to help. Sitting like this for about five hours, I can't think of anything else."

...No, that's just because it hurts. It's a posture meant for meditation.

Anyway, five hours, huh. I looked at my smartwatch.

It was 11 AM. Had she been here since 6 AM, doing this?

"So, what were you going to talk about?"

"About your punishment."

I spoke plainly, but I could see Selena's expression harden.

Hmm. It seems like she's appropriately scared of me. Or maybe that's an act too.

"You threatened me with a weapon to my throat. If we were to go by the book, I could kill you here and 'Manggot' wouldn't utter a word. 'Ancient language' is nothing more than your own fantasy."


Selena bowed her head.

"'Manggot' wants not me, but my 'ancient language interpretation skills.' Those were your own words. But do you really think your value exceeds that of my ancient language interpretation skills? Is your life that valuable to 'Manggot'?"


Selena quietly shook her head. I looked at her face.

...I can't read Selena's expression. She's an assassin trained by 'Manggot'. She must be a great actor too.

Perhaps Empress Philly could see through Selena, but I lack the talent and skill to read others.

During the past few days spent together, I felt like I got to know her character a bit.

Her expressions and tone when she's being pretentious, her demeanor when she's protecting me, her tone after dropping the act, her face when she's imagining being tortured and crying, all of it remains in my mind.


If she's an assassin from 'Manggot', all of that could be an act.

After all, 'Manggot' and I are in a relationship of mutual exploitation. Of course, 'Manggot' might believe I'm just swaggering around, thinking I'm in control, but there's no one more scared of 'Manggot' than me.


That's why I've decided.

"Moderate your reports about me to 'Manggot'."

I'll make Selena my ally.

"That's your punishment."

Selena won't be able to refuse this.

Because I'll make sure of it.

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