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Chapter 99 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

The next morning.

Constel's 2nd semester finally began.

The students spent their time during the break in various ways.

Some took time off to relax and unwind, but most of them focused on improving their skills through personal training.

Their skills having improved, their expressions and eyes were filled with more confidence than before.

- Did you hear?

And on the first day back today, the students listened eagerly to rumors that had been circulating during the break.

- I heard Aster Evans studied under Pro Rank 1 Eden Hamelot.

- What? I thought Senior Ellen was his intern?

- That's right. Both of them. Aster apparently asked him. And hear this.

- Yeah?

- He mastered Aura, apparently. And he can use it whenever he wants.

As usual, the rumors centered around famous people.

Aster Evans was the most talked-about protagonist of the rumors, but there were a few other characters with their stories circulating.

-Inies succeeded in combining the three elements.

-What? Elodie? I heard she was having a headache because of her output control practice.

-It seems she decided to increase her destructive power instead. I heard there's a 'rival she can't afford to fall behind.'

-Who could possibly be ahead of Elodie?

Rumors breed rumors. The air passed from mouth to mouth becomes weighty, swirling around those at the center of the rumors like the wind.

"It's been a while."

Aster Evans, who walked to school today, tasted that air as well.

With slightly longer hair, his expression was more relaxed than before. The strength he had gained during the vacation was his foundation, giving him more confidence than before.

Aster looked around. He missed the sight of students of similar age, all dressed in uniforms, walking together.

He also felt the gazes of the passing students. He had grown somewhat accustomed to them before the vacation, but today's gazes felt hotter than ever.

'It's because of the rumors.'

Aster naturally knew about the rumors about himself. And they were true.

Aster could now freely use his aura, thanks to the rigorous training with Eden Hamelot and his sister, Ellen. Well, not thanks to, but because of them.

And most of the rumors circulating this time were likely true.

The protagonists of the rumors during the vacation were mostly people Aster knew, and from his perspective, the stories weren't too absurd.


-Did you hear that?

Rumors are always exaggerated and inflated.

Behind a massive truth, countless rumors are born.

-They say the Tyburn Barrier has been rebuilt.

-Back to its original form, you say?

The Tyburn Barrier has been rebuilt. This was an undeniable truth. Aster even confirmed it through Wizard View.

There was something stirring even beyond Wizard View about the brilliantly restored wall.

-But the guy who restored it...

-Ah, come on. I've heard it too, but it doesn't make sense.

-Why would he go to Tyburn during the summer vacation?

But rumors are always a mix of exaggeration and distortion.

Aster thought this as he climbed the long hill leading to the Constel main building.

The massive truth that the Tyburn Wall was rebuilt and the countless inflating rumors that followed.

Among them, the most exaggerated and famous seemed to be the talk of the town in Constel lately.

-Did you hear about that?

And then, Aster saw.


Following Aster, or perhaps because of that exaggerated story, another man was becoming the talk of the town.

-That guy, I mean.

"Ah, Aster. Hi."

The protagonist of the rumors, as always, raised his hand to greet Aster. Aster raised his hand in response.

"You're alive, Frondier."

"You really thought I was dead, huh?"

Despite it being a light joke, the gaze naturally drifts towards one particular topic.

──Rumors say he’s been seen with a woman.

Aster saw her. And it was the moment to verify the most plausible among the rumors swirling around him.

“Um, who's the lady next to you?”

Aster asked, looking at the woman in a school uniform standing next to Frondier.

“Ah, yes. She’s my escort. She’s starting at Constel today.”

The woman bowed slightly, speaking in a somewhat enticing voice.

“Hello. My name is Selena. Please take good care of me.”

Her gestures and smile were somewhat seductive, and even through her uniform, it was evident, or rather, it seemed she was dressed to make it known, her figure.

“……I see. An escort.”

Dressing up and calling that an escort.

‘Frondier de Roach is seen with a woman.’

At least one of the more minor rumors seems to be confirmed as true.

* * *

“……An escort, huh.”

In the principal's office, Jane looked back and forth between Frondier and Selena with a cold eye.

She had heard that someone would bring rumors like a wind from the very first day of the semester.

But she never thought that wind would hit her.

“Yes. It would be nice if she could be in the same class.”

“You can’t just decide that on your own, you know.”

Classes are generally assigned starting from those with fewer students. If we start accommodating everyone’s preferences, there would be no end to it.

Frondier glanced sideways as if thinking and then said.

“……It seemed like Aten got to choose freely.”

“Hey, you, don’t make dangerous statements?”

Jane exclaimed, surprised. After all, Aten had wanted to be in class 5, where Frondier was, and he actually got into class 5.

But Aten is royalty. In front of her, school rules become trivial.

“So, where will Selena be placed?”

“Well. Right now, Class 2 is the one lacking students.”

Class 2. Where Aster, Elodie, and other key named characters are gathered.

Frondier’s mind raced. On second thought, being an escort doesn’t mean much within Constel. Maybe it’s better to send her to Class 2 to gather various information?

Moreover, if she’s in the same class as him, already having someone like Aten there, and someone as visually appealing as Selena by his side, the already bad reputation would be completely shattered.

……Though it seems to be shattered already, but at least this could serve as a patch.

“Class 2 is fine.”

“……Alright. Frondier, you go back to your class, and Miss Selena, follow me. I need to hand you over to the Class 2 homeroom teacher.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

I was the one who spoke. I stood up and waved at Selena, meaning to wish her well. But then, Selena quickly looked back and forth between me and Jane.

“……Really, to a different class? Me?”

“That’s what I said.”


I don’t know why she asked again, but since there was no further question, I just shrugged my shoulders and left.

As I was leaving the principal's office, Selena was looking at me with endlessly anxious eyes.

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