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Dream Breaker - Chapter 81

The Swimming Emperor(25)

"Excuse me."

"Thank you for your time."

The police officers left after thanking us for our cooperation in the investigation. The taekwondo officials and gym managers who had followed them also left.


It was a minor issue, but it ended well when I promised to be more careful in the future.

And now,



It was just Coach Jang Seon-young and me left.

"I heard you went to check Taekwondo skills..."


"Anyone can see that this isn't a skill check!"

"Hmm. The players' skills were lower than I expected."


Compared to the Gomusin Grandmaster who taught me Taekwondo in Nam Hae-soo's dream, even the world's number two is a child's level!

The nickname "God of War" attached to him was not an overstatement.

"Ha... In the future, if you're going to do something, tell me in detail."



"I promise."

I don't want to cause trouble to others in order to achieve my goals. I'm not a devil like Nam Hae-soo who doesn't care about the means and methods.

I'll do it fair and square!

I'll rise through the ranks with my skills.

'But the skill itself seems like a fraudulent shortcut!'

Because if you train your body and mind in a dream where time passes much slower, it will be partially reflected in reality.

Instead, there is a risk that death will also be 'partially' reflected, but it was too weak to break my will.

"Then, let's go straight to the question. What did you talk about with Manager Seo Hye-joo at the hospital yesterday?"

"About a new patient."

"Is that patient also in a deep sleep like Seon-young or Nam Hae-soo?"

"Yes. They said it's been 3 years."

"Oh my... 3 years..."

Coach Jang Seon-young's mood was serious because it was an incurable disease that her own daughter had suffered from.

"We are currently investigating the patient's personal information."

"What's next?"


"Surely, you're not going to dream again?"


"Ha... I guess I'll be called a salary thief for a while longer."

Coach Jang Seon-young grumbled and sank into the soft sofa.

Salary thief.

Because I'm the only player she's in charge of. It was true that she had nothing to do when I was in a dream.

"Isn't that good?"

"No. It was good at first, but that was only for a day or two."

"Are you bored?"

"My daughter bothers me."

The coach gave an unexpected answer.

"I see."

"...Why don't you ask me why she bothers me?"

"I'm sure there's a reason."

I'm not a pervert who would be interested in the private life of a classmate who was my girlfriend in a dream.

That place was an uninhabited island with only two people.

In reality, there are many men who are cooler than me, like the prince 'Leon'.

"Ha... I have a long way to go."

"Don't worry about your salary."


"Anyway, I'll be safe as long as I'm at Elmorangs Hospital while I'm sleeping, but I'll ask you to take care of external issues."

"Like the press or the police?"


"Don't worry about that. I'll do what I can."

"Thank you."

The conversation was pretty much settled.

I was a little surprised when reporters and police came to see me in the morning, but compared to the attention I received in Nam Hae-soo's dream, it's still a level of flattery.

'That's right. I have a long way to go.'

As Coach Jang Seon-young grumbled, there was a lot to do in the future.


"You look like you have another favor to ask."

"Yes. Currently, my Olympic events are the 4000m swimming, and the 10km swimming marathon, right?"


"I'd like to try the 2000m, 1000m, 300m, and 100m as well. Please compare them with the records of other first-team players."

"2000m is possible. But the rest is impossible."


The answer came back as soon as I asked.

Coach Jang Seon-young immediately went into further explanation.

"I couldn't have not known?"

"I heard that your leg strength has improved."

"But as you know, the crawl stroke is more important in arm strength."

"That's... true."

Should I work hard on push-ups in my next dream?

"But you don't have to be too disappointed. You're about the same as the first-team players in the 1000m. It's a problem if you don't win a medal at the Olympics."


"I was going to talk about that anyway. I was thinking of applying for the 2000m qualifying round after consulting with you."

"What about this?"

"If you're lucky, you'll get a bronze medal."


"Don't be disappointed. There are athletes who can't even get a bronze medal and are harassed by their husbands."

"I'm sorry."

Coach Jang Seon-young, it was her own story.

"Oh! I was immature. I didn't mean to make you apologize. Do you understand?"


"The 4000m swimming is a sure gold medal. The 10km swimming marathon is... a gold medal until you retire."

"I guess so."

The marathon is a sport where I have an overwhelming advantage because my stamina is almost unlimited!

The coach added.

"I suggested it before, but how about trying the track and field marathon?"


I answered positively because the more Olympic medals the better.

100km track and field marathon.

Just looking at the distance, which is more than twice that of the old days, you can see how monstrous the athletes of the present day are.

Athletes verified by P's aptitude tester.

A coach verified by P's aptitude tester.

And sportswear and nutritional supplements developed by scientists and technicians verified by P's aptitude tester...

The average level is different.

"Should I find a coach who specializes in track and field marathons?"

"No. I'll crush them with my specialty, stamina."

"I see."

The coach, who knows my stamina well, nodded right away.

"Coach. Wouldn't it be faster and less controversial to go to a marathon competition and prove my skills?"

"Wait. I'll talk to the president."

"The president?"

Why is the president of the University of Physical Education suddenly coming out here?

"Moon-soo is not a student."

"Well... that's true."

"I looked into the former coach's contract, and it says that it's renewed every year."


"The problem is that this contract is full of loopholes."

"...That can't be."

I read the contract carefully, but I don't think the former coach cheated?

Coach Jang Seon-young said.

"When the former coach was fired, you were no longer obligated to renew your contract."


"And in the first place, this contract, Moon-soo doesn't seem to have taken swimming seriously. Am I right?"

"How did you know?"

I was fired from my part-time job at a convenience store, and my only goal was to get free food and lodging until I got a job.

'It's different now!'

At the time, I didn't think I could catch up with the skills of the first-team players.

So I planned to pretend to work hard and then run away.

"Because the coach has the sole discretion to renew the contract."

"Is that strange?"

"It's one of the precautions to prevent the transfer of players. But even if the treatment is poor, you can't leave at will."

"At that time, I should just do it roughly and use the free accommodation."

"What if they don't let you?"


I hadn't thought of that.

"Listen carefully. If you don't have the talent, it's not a bad contract. They give you various conveniences for free to a student who hasn't even entered the university."


"But if your talent is revealed, the situation changes. You're in a situation where you have to beg to break the existing contract in order to get better treatment."

"...I guess so."

It was not the time to worry about taekwondo and track and field marathons.


I learned that one wrong choice and judgment in society can ruin your life.

"From now on, be sure to consult with me whenever you write or decide on a contract. Moon-soo is an athlete. A coach is a profession that helps athletes focus on their training. Take advantage of the coach."


"Moon-soo, you're lucky."


"While you were proving your skills, the International Swimming Federation was planning to reinstate the former coach."

"Huh! Then..."

"That's right. The loopholes in the contract that I mentioned will disappear."

If the coach wants, I have to renew the contract every year without fail.

"The former coach's fault is too big to call him now, but when public opinion dies down and is forgotten. So... he was planning to quietly return just before the one year mark when the contract renewal was due."

"I had no idea."

"I didn't know either."

"But how did you find out about this, Coach?"

"Be sure to thank Mrs. Park Han-hee, who loves you like her own child- no, more than her own child."


I didn't think I'd be rewarded this way.

"The lady blocked the federation's plan in advance."

"That's a relief."

I brushed away my surprised heart.

'It was really dangerous!'

I, who am infinitely generous in my dreams, am an ordinary person in reality.

Because the one and only life does not tolerate failure and mistakes. Like Nam Hae-soo, you can't turn back no matter how much you regret it for the rest of your life.

"But don't let your guard down. The former coach's dismissal was changed to probation. The federation could reinstate him, ignoring the lady's wishes."


"That's why I'm going to see the president."

"Wasn't it a marathon?"

"That too. I'm going to pressure you into giving up your athletic career completely."

"Is that okay?"

"Yes. Your aptitude is a shaman."


"You won't be able to live as an athlete because you're tied to a contract, but you were a part-timer in the first place, right? If you say that you're going to focus more on your main job as a shaman, they won't be able to do anything."

"What if they push me even if I explain?"

"Then it's a public opinion war. If you participate in the Olympics, the federation and the school killed an athlete who was sure to win a gold medal."


"So don't worry."

"Yes. Thank you so much. I got to see you again, Coach."

I thought of Song Seon-young's mother as an aunt who was confident in her body.

Swimming skills are a bonus.

"If you're grateful, measure the 100km marathon record quickly."

"Yes. I'll find out the fastest marathon competition and participate."

"Too late. I'm scheduled to meet the president tonight."

"No matter how..."

There's no marathon competition today?


"Yes? Yes."

Director Jang Seon-young, who took out her smartphone, quickly called somewhere.


「Mom. Why?」

Song Seon-young's voice came from the smartphone.

"My dear daughter. Are you busy?"

「I'm busy... but I have time to talk to Mom for a while.」

"I had a favor to ask, but I guess it won't work if you're busy."

「Mom, is it okay to call during work hours? I feel like you are going to be called a thief again.」

"I'm not worried about my nagging daughter."

「If you're going to say something strange, I'm hanging up.」

"You'll regret it if you hang up."

「What is it?」

"Moon-soo said he needed your help."


I never said such a scary thing!

「...I can't help it.」

"You're busy?"

「When and where should I go?」

"Wait. I'll text you the time and place."


The call ended.


"I have an appointment, so I have to go to the taekwondo gym from now on. So Seon-young will help you with the 100km track and field marathon."


"Yeah. Any problem?"

"It's a bit much for you to call your busy daughter because of me..."

"It's okay. It's a joke. You heard it right? She's coming right away."

"That's true..."

Is it really okay?

The coach playfully pushed my back and said.

"Hurry up and change into your tracksuit in the locker room. Be sure to bring your running shoes."

"That... yes."

"Do you hate Seon-young coming?"


"Then what's the problem?"


I don't know either.

"Leave the detailed preparations to me and Moon-soo, wash up and perfume... Ah! No. It's not that important, but my daughter likes the scent of hyacinth."


"It's the name of a flower."

"I see."

Song Seon-young's favorite perfume.


I recorded this in my head as information that I don't need to remember.


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