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Chapter 102 - Can We Become a Family?

Masha's expression contorted mercilessly.

She had considered sending a maid to the third floor, but hadn't truly believed Navia would be up there.

Wasn't that the case?

How could Navia, of all people, with no qualification whatsoever, ascend to the third floor, which even she herself could not access?

"Why did you come down from the third floor?"

Navia answered calmly.

"Because I was given permission by the Duke."

"So why would someone like you be granted permission?"

Suleiman intended to bellow at her with a fierce look, but Navia shook her head and stopped him.

Masha finally realized why her father had been keeping a check on Navia.

'She's trying to steal my place!'

Navia quietly looked down at Masha.

Masha's face flushed red.

Unable to tolerate being looked down upon by someone of such low birth, parentless and with nowhere to go.

"Are Lady Alvin's words implying that the Duke's decision was wrong?"

"Of course!"

"So, you, a non-direct descendant, are questioning and doubting the Duke of Eseled's decision?"

At those words, Suleiman glared at Masha with cold eyes.

Masha was about to affirm again but hesitated.

"What authority do you have here, Lady Alvin? Should I ask for your permission while I'm at Eseled?"

As Navia continued, Masha couldn't respond and closed her mouth.

Masha couldn't comprehend the political implications of Navia's words.

But instinctively, she felt that something disadvantageous to her was being said.

"Usurpation. And treason, too."

When Suleiman summarized thus, Masha finally understood the implications of Navia's words.

"No! That's not it...!"

Masha felt like she was going to explode with rage.

Navia, her clothes torn to shreds, should have been cowering in fear and deflated in spirit, having only a nightgown.

But now, Navia looked as if she were wearing royal ceremonial robes, exuding nothing but nobility.

'No, she's too stupid to know shame!'

Not knowing how undignified she was, that's why she could be so brazen.

"Just you wait. My father will be here soon!"

With that, Masha screamed and returned to her room.

"Aargh! So frustrating!"

Upon arriving, she further trashed her already messy room by throwing and stomping on things.

"This is all because you didn't hurry up to the third floor!"

Masha irrationally vented her anger on the freckled maid, throwing whatever she could grab.

"I'm sorry, miss!"

Knock, knock.

Then someone knocked and opened the door.

"May I have a moment, Lady Alvin?"

As Navia, the very person who had infuriated Masha, appeared, the maids' faces darkened.

If Masha, in her lost state, were to kill Navia, it would be a disaster.

'It's one thing to torment her, but murder is another story.'

After all, Navia was a noble, and not exactly a criminal, so causing her harm would bring a trial.

Navia spoke to the maids.

"Please, leave us for a moment."

"What? Who are you to decide!"

Despite Masha's sharp cry, the maids quickly left with a relieved expression

It was better to get scolded for not listening to her than to risk contributing to Navia's death, for commoners like them could end up as slaves or even face execution.

Once everyone had left and only Masha remained, Navia smiled mischievously.

"Hey, little one."

Marsha thought she had misheard.

"…You're not talking to me, are you?"

As she asked in disbelief, Navia kindly responded.

"Yes, to you, the little one who knows nothing of the world."

Navia's voice was calm yet condescending as she belittled Masha.

Masha's face flushed red with anger, incensed that Navia, younger than her, dared to treat her like a foolish child.

"Are you insane?!"

Marsha lunged at Navia in fury but stumbled and fell, as if something had tripped her.

It was the shadow manipulation magic Navia had absorbed from Margaret while on the third floor.


Navia smiled gently, like someone admiring a landscape painting.

"This world doesn't always flow the way you want it to. So, shouldn't you always be careful with what you say and do?"

"This trivial thing...!"

As soon as Masha tried to rise up venomously, Navia swiftly approached and firmly grabbed her mouth.

Her red eyes, looking down at Masha, flashed fiercely.

"Didn't I just tell you to watch your mouth?"

She couldn't move, feeling a chilling pressure from Navia, whom she had underestimated.

Suddenly, Navia let go of Masha's lower jaw with an elegant smile.

"Let's not make a fuss and live well together. You understand, Masha?"

Navia turned to leave the room but stopped and said,

"Oh, you should clean your room. It's too messy."


Navia left the room, and the door closed.

Masha, in a daze, soon burst out in rage and screamed.

"I'm going to tell dad everything!"

* * *

Theorban was on his way to Eseled, the carriage filled with goods for Masha.

Having employed servants with his daughter yesterday, he thought Lark might come downstairs given his temperament.

'Suleiman and Margaret, those old folks, must have explained the situation.'

Lark's use of anesthetics had skyrocketed every month.

Given the attitude of the nobles yesterday, Lark seemed to be in a bad state if there was even a day's delay in anesthetic supply.

'Pretentious, despite his condition!'

He intended to sternly warn Lark today and urge him to officially acknowledge his daughter.

Upon arriving at the mansion,

"Uaaaah! Daddy!"

Masha ran to him, tears streaming down her face.

"Masha! What happened?"

She threw herself into her father's arms, sobbing incoherently.

"It was her! She destroyed my room and the Ansier dress…! Waaah!"

Theorban went to the room with his daughter, where maids were busily tidying, but it was still a mess.

"What is all this!"

"Navia did this. She tore my dress! And she, she's been sneaking into the third floor!"


Theorban roared at the mention of Navia's trespassing.

This was clearly a deceitful act!

"Dad, you won't let her get away with this, right? Just kicking her out isn't enough. I want her face torn up like my dress!"

He didn't flinch at his daughter's venomous words but rather agreed as if it was the most natural thing.

"Of course! I must look into this!"

Theorban stormed out of his daughter's room.

That's when he spotted Navia near the central staircase.

"Good day, Count Alvin."

Navia's composed greeting infuriated Theorban.

"How dare you trespass the third floor?"

His words implicitly contained 'how dare you.'

Navia quietly observed the enraged Theorban with her clear eyes.

Her gaze resembled that of a trainer calmly observing a frenzied beast.

'That audacious wretch…!'

As he was about to lash out, Navia spoke.

"Who knows? Suddenly I was allowed. I didn't ask the Duke for his exact intentions."

So you're allowed to go places without special reason, and I'm not?

Theorban boiled with rage, realizing the hidden meaning in Navia's words.

Unable to bear the insolence of a young girl of low status speaking before him, Theorban raised his hand in anger.

"You don't know your place!"


As Navia's body collapsed powerlessly to the ground and her hair covered her face, her beautifully flushed lips twisted upwards.

'I thought I'd let him hit me this much.'

However, she had no intention of just taking the beating. Theobran was too stupid to just let her hide.

'He'll be even angrier if he can't control his body and falls in front of me.'

It was then Navia tried to cast a shadow.


She abruptly looked up at the dull sound.

A large figure in black clothes.

The faint scent of winter.

And the overwhelming, inhuman aura of menace emanating from the entire body.

Lark had suddenly appeared and was kicking Theorban.

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